When the Weather Permits, Bike to Work


Good Weather

Many people balk at the idea of biking to work because of the threat of inclement weather. However, with the right planning and gear, you can handle a host of weather challenges while out on the road.

Although clear skies and moderate temperatures are ideal for commuting to work on a bike, be sure to be prepared with a rain jacket or hat to shield you from the elements. You should never attempt to bike to work during icy conditions. Snow packed trails are generally navigable if your bike is equipped with the proper tires.


There are a host of advantages to consider when debating if you should start to bike to work. Biking to work when the weather is nice has several benefits such as saving money, avoiding the hassle of parking, and keeping you in shape.

In addition to all the health benefits, biking to work is a great timesaver. While you may initially think you are losing time because it is slower commute time, you need to consider that you are multi-tasking and getting your daily exercise at the same time.

By killing two birds with one stone and combining your commute with your workout, you will give yourself more free time each day. When more people bike to work, it also alleviates overall traffic on the road.

This is an advantage for all commuters, not just the ones who are choosing to bike to work. Biking to work also eliminates the hassle and cost of finding parking. It is easy to find a bike rack or other place to lock up your bicycle. Once you consider all the benefits of this lifestyle choice, it is easy to see why so many people decide to travel to work on their bicycle.

Know the Risks

There are inherent risks any time you hop on a bicycle. However, with the right knowledge and gear, you can mitigate these risks so that your commute is safe and productive.

The number one rule to follow is to always wear a properly fitting helmet. It is also a good idea to wear a reflective vest to increase your visibility to drivers, especially when traveling at dusk or dawn.

Being alert by not wearing headphones will keep you focused and in control. Be sure to take the time to learn basic road rules and know how to best share the road with vehicles.

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