What to Do About Terrible Tooth Pain


Suffering tooth pain is one of the worst things you can experience. It can be even worse if a younger child or family member is suffering from mouth pain. Thankfully, there are some tactics you can do to alleviate and fix your toothache. Here are some expert recommendations.

Temporary Pain Relief

These are by no means perfect solutions to toothaches, but if you are unable to find a dentist in time, these can be great ways to ease pain until you can. Pain medication is something you should first try. If you do not have pain medication, you can try saltwater rinsing.

By mixing a half-teaspoon of salt into a glass of water, you can alleviate pain by swishing the water around in your mouth. This is a great alternative for kids if you do not feel comfortable giving them medication. If you are still looking to numb, you can use an ice bag and place it against the sore area of your mouth.

Find a Dentist

Finding a dentist is the preferred way of tackling painful toothaches. If you already have a preferred dentist, call them immediately to get an appointment. If not, there are a few different resources you can use to find one.

Checking online for a dentist is practical and timesaving. If a dentist lists membership in professional organizations on their profile, it could be an indication of a good fit. You might want to ask close friends and family members for recommendations for dentists. These suggestions can be the most useful to you.

Daily Tooth Care

While this may be more preventative, occasionally your teeth will hurt because they have something irritating them. By ensuring daily dental care, you will have a lower chance of toothaches which will ultimately save you money.

Tooth Pain

Make sure you are brushing your teeth every day. Dentists generally recommend you brush once in the morning and once in the evening. Flossing should also be done regularly, and will clean the impossible to reach areas your brush cannot. If you have a retainer, make sure you wear it regularly, as not wearing it can cause your teeth to shift into painful positions.

There are many ways to fight off toothaches. However, most of them can be prevented. Treat your teeth with respect by scheduling cleanings and daily efforts to keep your oral hygiene in good health. If you do have one, contact your dentist—he will be able to help you feel better.

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