Sugar is the Enemy-7 Reasons Why!

Sugar is the Enemy
Sugar isn't good for your health

We’ve all been lied too…Sugar is the enemy…For years, decades or longer health officials, the government, and so-called independent researchers have told people to avoid fats to avoid carbs.
This led to a new industry of low-fat foods and drinks. Also 0 Carb food and beverages, but we are finally figuring out with new research that the culprit is really SUGAR!

Some of the adverse effects of Consuming Sugar

Sugar can cause many health complications you would really rather avoid. Contrary to some opinions that sugar is only dangerous for diabetic people, even people who have no such current health conditions can be at high health risks with high sugar consumption. Sugar is one of the leading if not the no.1 link to weight gain. Being obese is a leading cause of numerous ailments in life.

Foods with Hidden Sugars

Both added sugar and hidden sugars in foods like cereals, yogurts, crackers, alcohol mixers, instant oatmeal, Nut butter like Nutella along with Granola Bars and sauces like Barbecue and Honey Mustard. Everyone knows sugars are in your pastries and cakes and can be harmful if consumed in excess leading to a lot of health problems. The problem is the foods that the sugar is snuck into, this is where more questions need to be asked.

Common Misconceptions about Sugar

There’s a common misconception that you do not have to watch your sugar intake if you are not suffering from diabetes or high blood pressure. However, that is not always the case, and just because you do not have these medical conditions does not make it safe for you to take lots of sugar.

Sugar and Diabetics

WebMD states, “if your blood sugar stays over 240, it is too high. High blood sugar usually comes on slowly. It happens when you don’t have enough insulin in your body. High blood sugar can happen if you miss taking your diabetes medicine, eat too much, or don’t get enough exercise. Sometimes, the medicines you take for other problems may cause high blood sugar. Be sure to tell your doctor about other medicines you take”.

This could be you, even if you’re currently healthy. Whether you’re diabetic or not, whether you have lifestyle-related disorders or not, it’s probably time for you to rethink your consumption of sugar and possibly even let it go for your own sake. There are more than a thousand reasons you should reduce your sugar intake, but we will discuss just a few.

Sugar is our Enemy
Sugar isn’t good for us…

Reasons Sugar is Not Good for Your Health

It puts your liver at significant risks, every cell of our human body needs sugar. Our bodies break the foods we eat into two kinds of sugar: fructose and glucose. Glucose is the sugar that the body cells need while fructose, on the other hand, gets into the bloodstream and does not have so much importance to our bodies. Now, the liver metabolizes this fructose and converts it into glycogen which is stored and can be used at a later time by the body to fulfill energy needs. However, if the quantity of stored glycogen, as well as fructose, becomes too high in the blood, the liver turns these into fat. This will, in turn, inhibit or slow down the normal functioning of the liver. This situation can also put you at risk of the fatty liver syndrome and even cardiovascular diseases as well as diabetes complications.

Is Sugar linked to Cancer?

Sugar is linked to weight gain, one of the leading causes of cancer in people. So it’s safe to say that there is a link between Cancer and sugar. You probably already know that insulin is very vital to the regulation of cell growth. Now, high consumption of sugar can lead to elevated insulin levels, which can, in turn, put you at the risk of breast, prostate, and pancreatic cancers.

Sugar also Increases your Risk of Heart Disease

Sugar actually does have the power to damage your arteries and heart and increase your risk of heart disease or attack. Even fructose, the sugar found in fruits and honey can actually improve your LDL or bad cholesterol, increase insulin levels and blood glucose as well as also constrict your arteries. These can actually increase obesity at the abdomen as well as increase your risk of diabetes and heart diseases.

High levels of fructose in the blood can hinder the natural circulation of insulin and leptin, decreasing the quantity of those hormones circulated and increasing hunger levels by increasing the concentration of ghrelin which is the hunger hormone. This increase in hunger levels can, of course, increase your risk of obesity and make it more robust for you if you’re looking to lose some weight.

Sugar increases your hunger levels

Eating more sugar would often mean higher levels of glucose in your blood. With higher levels of glucose, your pancreas secretes more insulin to enable the glucose to get into your cells. Now, with the higher levels of insulin being emitted, the cells of your body could become immune to insulin leading to insulin resistance. Seeing as this happens when there is high glucose in the body, it could be a starter for diabetes as well as other metabolic problems.

Sugar and Alcohol Addiction

You may have noticed that people who are deep into drugs and alcohol also have an obsession with sweet foods like and junk rich in sugar like desserts and pastries. Well, the thing is, when you consume sugar, it releases the happy hormone, dopamine. This hormone is a neurotransmitter and can increase your desire for sugar, which releases the hormone as well as other addictive substances. The link is in the fact these other addictive substances like alcohol also release dopamine, which enhances mood and enables addiction.

 Sugar is the Enemy
Gummy bears are made of a lot of sugar.

Sugar and your Dental Health

Sugar is one of the biggest causes of cavities. Besides, you or someone close to you may have had the experience of toothache after chewing sweets and having remnants in your teeth. The thing is, when you do not rinse sugar remnants out of your mouth, it provides a conducive environment for harmful bacteria to live and grow.

Will Sugar Age you?

Increased sugar levels can have adverse effects on the collagen in your skin. This will naturally result in wrinkles as well as cause spots that can take away the shine of your skin and make you look older than your real age. If you want to avoid fast aging, you probably also want to cut down substantially on your intake of sugar.

Will Sugar raises your chances of Obesity?

It’s easy to link sugar and obesity. We’ve already established earlier that sugar reduces satiety and increases hunger levels. Of course, this increase in hunger levels will compel you to eat a lot more, and this can result in abdominal obesity, especially if they are carbohydrate-rich foods. This obesity can, of course, result in issues like renal disease and heart diseases.

Of course, obviously. We already noted that too much insulin in your blood can make your cells resistant to insulin. When this happens, the pancreas which secretes insulin will lose its ability to emit as much insulin as the body needs. With the less production of insulin, glucose levels get to hazardous high levels. The typical result of this situation is diabetes.

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  1. One of the biggest improvements someone can make to their health is by cutting out sugar. It’s actually what I first started with when I began eating healthy many years ago… and made a huge difference!


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