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Mental health and Exercise

Exercise is Great for your Mental Health!

In a study of about a hundred participants, 95% of patients with mental health issues started feeling better after beginning exercising, while 63% reported feeling excited or very excited.
Taking care of your body

Be Your Healthiest You: Ways to Make Sure You’re Properly Taking Care of Your...

Taking care of your body, it can be easy to get bogged down by the realities of life to the point that...
Meat Health

Meat…What’s New Concerning your Health?

Is Meat Really Good For You? This question attracts a lot of controversial answers. Meat has been an integral...
Healthy Choices

Finding the Balance: How to Make Healthy Choices When You Work a Full-Time Job

Sticking to a set diet and workout routine can be quite challenging when working over 30 hours a week. With some creative...

Water You Waiting For – Health Benefits of Hydration

There is no more vital substance on this planet than water. In fact, approximately 71 percent of the earth's surface is covered...
Davis Goggins

Uncomfortably Healthy-Meet David Goggins

Before I start this article on David Goggins I want to let people know-Goggins’ story is a mental story not a physical...
Ice bath, Cold Shower

13 Reasons Cold Showers and Ice Baths enhance your Health

Cold showers and ice baths have numerous benefits for your health. A cold shower typically enables an improved flow of blood, which...
Gut Bacteria Whole Body Health

Gut Bacteria and Whole-Body Health

Over the course of 10 years, I have taken a Probiotic tablet for good gut bacteria. Sometimes I've gone on yogurt sprees...
Cardio on the Treadmill

9 Ways Cardio Exercise Improves Your Health

'Cardio' is a term used to refer generally to exercise that increase and improve cardiovascular indexes like heart rate and blood...

Detoxifying your Body for Better Health

I have detoxed a few times in my life, mostly from feeling full for days on end. The feeling of never getting all of the waste out of the body sucks. I've also detoxed to prepare for a medical procedure (Colonoscopy), not a detox I can recommend.