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Belly Weight Loss diet

9 Amazing Foods that Help you Lose Belly Fat

Some foods are called superfoods, the reason being, they benefit our body and mind in a number of ways apart from providing...
Peaceful Mind

5 Rituals For A Peaceful Mind and Body

The human race is chaotic and unorganized at times we fight every day for the proverbial peaceful mind and body. One thing...
11 Ways to loss weight

11 Ways to Loss a Bunch of Weight

THE WEIGHT LOSS INDUSTRY is a multi-billion dollar money grab. Companies like the Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig print money giving suggestions on how to lose weight with really no guarantees that any of it is going to work. This industry has a lot to do with our obsession with losing some weight.
Carbohydrates are not the Problem

Are Carbohydrates good for us?

Are Carbohydrates good for us- YES!. For years, my father read heavily about how to stay healthy for himself and his family....

Sinuses: What Are They, Why Do You Have Them, and How Can You Take...

Many people suffer from sinus infections, but you may have questions about what sinuses are and why you have them. Most importantly,...
Impossible Burger or Beyond Meats


The Impossible Burger and the Beyond Meat burger are two food products coming from technology companies that are focused on duplicating the taste of beef by utilizing plant-based alternatives.
Keto Diet

A Beginner’s Guide to the Ketogenic Diet: Plus a Diet Menu Plan

If you've contemplated losing weight over the last four or five years you've probably heard of the Ketogenic diet. Similar to the...
Diabetes Causes 2019

What to know about Diabetes…in 2020

What you need to know about Diabetes Whenever the pancreas (the perilous controller of different blood sugar levels) completely...

The Surprising Science Behind Food Addiction

what once started as emotional eating soon becomes food obsession and finally food addiction. Admitting to loneliness or sadness is the first step to recovery.” Look at the positive points in your life