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7 Tonics, Teas and Powders for Weight Loss You Can Buy on Amazon

Tonics Teas Powders

Being overweight is considered to be one of the major health issues faced in the United States and the world in general. When an individual is inactive and overweight, they may experience certain health issues and stand the risk of having deadly complications. From high cholesterol to heart attack, atrophied muscles to nerve damage, being unfit, and overweight is a severe problem.

Luckily, individuals who desire to lose weight and stay fit can exercise to lose weight. The only problem, however; is the lack of consistency and effort. Although many individuals want to adopt a healthier lifestyle and shed pounds, less than 27% of those individuals who wish to lose weight will actually achieve their goals. 

With many individuals lacking the time to go to a gym or a fitness center, it’s tough to start working out or adopt a good weight loss plan. Fortunately, you can purchase weight loss and fitness products for yourself. A person can easily use these products to assist your weight loss plan. In this post, we have rounded up the seven of the best weight loss tonics, teas, and powders on Amazon that can help you lose weight, stay fit, and enhance your overall health. 

Tonics, Teas, and Powders

SlimFast Original Meal Replacement Shake Mix Powder

Losing weight and staying fit is as easy as ABC when you choose to activate a SlimFast Plan. One of the major rudiments of this clinically proven fitness and weight loss program is substituting two daily meals with the SlimFast Original Meal Replacement Shake Mix Powder that is known to have a great taste. 

Weight loss could also taste good! In fact, this Amazon fitness product has received several awards from Men’s Health & OK! Magazine and the Chef’s Best Taste Award for its exclusive-tasting recipe. These meal replacement shake mix powder can also be utilized as an ingredient in other recipes. 

Zero Tea 14 Day Detox Tea

Zero Tea consists of essential ingredients that have been clinically proven to assist your body with its detoxifying process. This 14-day Detox Tea is a delicious mixture of natural and organic teas and spices that help with cleansing while stimulating your energy and metabolism levels. Zero Tea assists your body in flushing excess water known for making you feel bloated and sluggish without the severe laxatives that other popular detox teas contain, it is the ultimate way to cleanse and calm the body internally. 

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Pills 

Apple Cider Vinegar pills have been utilized since 5000BC as preservatives and condiments for their multiple beneficial properties. Recent systematic studies have revealed the many benefits of this prehistoric super-food. A randomized controlled trial in 2009, revealed that daily consumption of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Pills significantly helps in lowering BMI, visceral fat, body weight, waist circumference. But, it is vital to top-quality ingredients are utilized.

Burn-XT Thermogenic Fat Burn

Burn-XT Thermogenic Fat Burn is a top-class fat burner for both men and women. Each capsule consists of an active dose of the most commanding Thermo fat-burning elements available. It has a synergistic formula that helps in burning fat, increasing energy, preserving lean muscle, suppressing appetite, boosting metabolism, and improving mood. Maximize weight loss and see results on time with this all-powerful weight-loss and fitness product. 

Furthermore, with this product, you can be sure to conquer your day and easily crush your workouts with enhanced focus, jitter-free energy, as well as an improved mood. In case you are searching for the best weight loss product that works, your search ends here. Keep appetite and food cravings in check with these innovative weight loss pills. 

Aerobic Life Mag O7 Cleanser Capsules

Mag O7 is an outstanding product in the Detox and Cleanse Category. Mag O7 is a special and also an effective overnight and weight loss product that utilizes MOXiO3 (an exclusive process and formulation of magnesium and oxygen), to carefully cleanse your digestive system. Over twenty years on the market, the Mag O7 Cleanser Capsules is utilized and promoted by several Health and Wellness professionals, enthusiasts, and nutritionists. When compared with other digestive cleansers on the market, Mag O7 has shown to be the best weight loss product. It discharges oxygen, which travels the entire digestive tract stimulating a healthy gut balance. 

Dr. Emil – PM Fat Burner, Night Time Appetite

The Dr. Emil PM Fat Burner Suppressant is known to be a calming appetite and sleep aid suppressant because it is designed with essential ingredients for calming the body and mind while also promoting faster and better beauty sleep. It also assists in controlling late-night cravings and appetite. 

This weight loss product is free of harsh and hostile stimulates and meticulously designed for avoiding unfriendly side effects, like nausea, jitters, and insomnia, which are popular in most fat weight loss and fat burner supplements. 

Zero Tea 14 Day Detox Tea, Weight Loss Herbal Tea

Zero Tea assists the body by releasing metabolism, stimulating proper digestion, and helping with the optimization of your digestive tract. It consists of ingredients that accelerate the body’s capability to process excess fats, promote blood circulation, and provides vital antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. 

Zero Tea is made with ingredients and elements that are clinically proven to assist your body with the best detoxifying process. This 14 Day Detox Tea is a delicious mixture of natural and organic spices and teas which cleanse while also boosting your energy and metabolism level.

  • Bottom line

As you can see, these seven (7) weight loss tonics, teas, powders offer their individual benefits to stimulate weight loss and also improve your health. Note that the most effective weight loss products are the ones you use regularly. 

Before you purchase, it is essential to assess your interests whenever it comes to work out plans and exercise and select the product that best suits your goals. The weight loss products mentioned here are all valid options for any workout plan that will put you back on track towards achieving your weight loss and fitness goals. 

Spice Up Your Life with the Health Benefits of Turmeric


It is no surprise that turmeric is consistently being touted by health professionals as an exceptional nutritional supplement. The benefits of this spice are vast. From boosting heart and gut health to providing effective oral remedies, this supplement is an invaluable addition to any diet.

As the main active ingredient in turmeric, curcumin is responsible for these advantages. Here are three of the primary health benefits of turmeric.

Heart Health

As heart disease is the number one health complication in the world, taking steps to prevent heart disease is one of the best things that you can do for your body. One of the ways that turmeric boosts heart health is by improving the function of the lining of the blood vessels. The curcumin in turmeric reduces inflammation and oxidation of the heart.

As a powerful anti-inflammatory agent and antioxidant, the potency of turmeric cannot be discounted when looking to improve your overall heart function.

Gut Health

One of the more recent applications of turmeric is its use in treating people with IBS symptoms. While there are no known cures for IBS, using turmeric has been shown to help some people experience relief of the major symptoms like bloating, stomach cramps, constipation, and diarrhea. The turmeric should be taken in pill form to bring about relief.

It is important to be judicious in the amount of turmeric that you take to treat IBS. If you ingest too much of the spice, the symptoms might get worse.

Oral Health

Turmeric is a natural antibiotic for toothaches and will help to mitigate the swelling and provide relief from the pain. As an extremely medicinal spice, the antiseptic, analgesic, and antibacterial properties of curcumin work to stop tooth pain while also helping to prevent infections and abscesses in the teeth.

To use turmeric to ease tooth pain, you will need to make a paste using water. Use a cotton ball to rub the paste into the sore tooth. Mixing the paste with raw honey will help to make it taste better.

Once you understand how this spice can improve your overall well-being, it is easy to incorporate it into your health regimen. Because the curcumin content of turmeric is not high, the most effective way to use the spice is in supplement form. This potent supplement can improve your short-term health struggles while providing long-term benefits down the road.

The Magic of Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds look as if they are making their way into most Americans and people around the world’s diets. There’s a good reason for this: chia seeds are a versatile nutritional source known as a superfood.

Don’t be fooled by their small size; chia seeds are a concentrated nutritional source, that will help most people in their health journey. I personally use Chia Seeds in my after workout smoothie, my wife buys this brand and it’s great.

As reported by the USDA, two tablespoons of these seeds consist of less than 140 (one hundred and forty) calories, about five grams of protein.

The seeds consist of all the nine vital amino acids which cannot be produced by the human body.

Chia seeds are excellent sources of fiber, providing nearly eleven (11) grams in a single serving. They mainly consist of soluble fiber; the seeds tend to enlarge and form a gel whenever they come in contact with H2O (water).

When digested, this gel will add bulk to your stool, assisting in keeping you regular. The seeds will also help in making you feel fuller and preventing constipation.

Types of Chia Seeds and Products

There are several types of chia seeds, and each one has its distinctive nutritional value. Below are the types of chia seeds and what you should know about them:

Black Chia Seeds

Black Chia seeds come from a Chia Plant with purple flowers. These seeds are not black, but instead, they come in various shades of brown. They are known to have a high protein value, antioxidants, and fiber.

White Chia Seeds

White Chia Seeds come from Chia Plants with white flowers. However, these seeds will either be gray, yellow, or white.

As for the nutritional distinctions between the two colors of seeds, the white seeds are a little bit higher in protein as compared to the black seeds, however; the black-colored seeds are higher in antioxidants and fiber.

A typical health food store will sell a mixture of these two seeds so that you could enjoy the benefits that both offer.

Chia Seed Oil

Chia seed oil is offered by the Raw Food World, which keeps much of the Omega-3 fatty acid and minerals of the original chia seeds, but in a more concentrated form. It is being used to grow hair and incorporated it into skincare routines. We have a favorite Chia Seed oil that my family uses to follow this link to check it out.

Naturally Grown Chia Seeds

These types of chia seeds are grown on small agricultural farms in their organic habits, both chemical-free, and pesticide. Health-works sell out naturally grown chia seeds, as well as many other health food vendors.

Chia Seeds is a Superfood for a reason.

Chia Seed Nutrition

Chia has been utilized as raw material and food for medicinal purposes as early as 3500BC. For decades, chia seeds were used as a staple in the meals and diets of tribes in the Southwestern United States and Mexico and have also been utilized as a major source of energy during conquests and long journeys.

The seeds, which initially entered the contemporary market adorning small clay figures, have now been recognized and known for their numerous nutritional benefits.

Carbohydrates, Calories, and Protein
Chia seeds, just like every other nuts or seed, are highly concentrated sources of calories. Surprisingly, three tablespoons consist of 179 calories.

For an individual on a 2,000-calorie per day diet, this is simply over 11% of the daily value. A single serving offers six grams of protein and fifteen grams of carbohydrate.

Vitamins and Minerals

These seeds pack several amounts of calcium in a little serving. Three tablespoons are serving consists of 233 milligrams of calcium.

The recommended calcium intake for adults is 1,000 milligrams daily. The total amount of calcium in a single serving of chia seeds is, however, slightly lower than the total amount present in a cup of milk.

Furthermore, a single serving of chia seeds contains 2.8 milligrams of iron, and other essential nutrients like potassium, zinc, phosphorus, and magnesium.

Eating Chia Seeds

Chia can be sprinkled over cereal or salads, poured into yogurt or mix into almost all kinds of recipes. For years now, the world of witness a massive explosion of chia seeds in various products including, snack bars, granola bars, beverages, chips, and crackers.

These seeds do not require to be ground and don’t go bad the way other flaxseeds do.

Sources of Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are derived from a plant known as “Salvia Hispanica L. and were at a particular time a primary food crop in Guatemala and Mexico. As early as 3500, these plants were cultivated as a good source and were offered to Aztec goods for religious ceremonies.

Chia seeds are often called “superfood.” An unregulated terminology was more vital in the field of marketing than in the field of food and nutrition.

Chia Seed Markets and Trends

The chia seed market was precious valued at $66.5 million in 2018, and the Chia seeds market is predicted to authorize and register a CAGR of about 5.8% for it to attain a value of $88.1 million in 2024.

These seeds do not follow the usual commoditization trend, since the market isn’t too big yet, where supply is somewhat unstable, and there is also a lack of information and awareness of the top-quality standard demanded by big industries.

But, as more consumers are getting aware of chia seeds and all its benefits, the market will more likely experience a tremendous increase in the future, worldwide.

The increased demand for multi-cereal products and ancient nutritional grains as essential foods are accelerating the demand for chia seeds. These seeds are high in protein and gluten-free.

The gluten-free property is expected to generate a strong demand among potential consumers that suffer from gluten intolerance (a celiac disease), or those individuals who just avoid gluten due to their lifestyle choices.

Scope of the Report
Chia is a native of Guatemala. It can be easily grown in the dry, long climate of South American nations, such as Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador, among others. About 80 percent of the amount of chia supply in the world comes from Latin America. It’s one of the most sought after small seeds because of its many benefits.

How to Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease


A lot of conditions relating to heart disease can be prevented with a healthy lifestyle and diet. Of course, genetics are also involved and can raise your risk, but many cases allow you to make the changes that you need to in order to prevent and treat heart disease.

Whether you’re at risk for high cholesterol, high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack or congestive heart failure, there are some very important things that you need to know. Let’s take a look.

Get Sufficient Exercise

Try to exercise at least four times per week to reduce your chances of developing heart disease significantly. If you can manage more, that will be even more beneficial.

The exercise you do should include any aerobic or weight-training activities that increase your heart rate. You can do all kinds of great things for your heart and overall health when you get moving and sweating.

Change Your Diet

Your diet is extremely important, especially if you’re at risk of heart disease. Keep a close eye on cholesterol levels, salt intake, saturated fats, and trans fats. Stick to a diet that is full of fruits, veggies, whole grains, and lean proteins.

You’ll also benefit from cutting out red meat and replacing it with fish or chicken. If you have dietary restrictions that you don’t quite understand how to follow, work with a nutritionist to come up with a diet plan.

8 Ways to Reduce your Heart Disease Risk

Learn the Warning Signs of a Heart Attack and Stroke

It’s important that you know what’s going on with your body. There are some very common warning signs of a heart attack or stroke that could end up saving your life if you recognize them.

If you’re experiencing pain in your chest or shoulder, shortness of breath, confusion, dizziness, weakness on one or both sides of your body or you cannot speak, you need to find help right away. Get treatment as quickly as possible.

If you’ve had a heart attack, your doctor will likely prescribe medication to lower your chances of having one again. According to Stewart J. Guss, blood thinners can help prevent blood clots, strokes and heart attacks.

Reduce Stress

Stress is something that can greatly increase your risk of heart disease, according to the University of Rochester Medical Center. You need to make appropriate changes in your lifestyle so that you’re not feeling so stressed out all the time.

Make sure you shut down for the day at a certain time. Give yourself time to unwind before falling asleep. Find ways to pamper yourself. It could be something as simple as taking a warm bath at the end of the day. You could also treat yourself to a massage.

It’s important that you learn how to take care of yourself from a heart perspective. Heart disease is the major leading cause of death. Fortunately, there is a lot that you can do to make sure you aren’t a victim.

Talk to your doctor to find out ways that you can reduce your risk. Also, speak with your doctor about what your risk is for developing heart disease during your lifetime. Knowledge is power.

Working 9 to 5: How to Reduce the Risk of Repetitive Motion Injuries

Repetitive Motion Injuries

While many people tend to associate the idea of work injuries with one-time events such as falls or sprains, a great number of people suffer from repetitive motion injuries that set in overtime. If you’re not sure what these injuries and their symptoms are, then read on for some valuable information and ideas about how to protect yourself.

Repetitive Motion Injuries

Also known as repetitive stress injuries, repetitive motion injuries are damages caused to muscles, ligaments, tendons, or nerves as a result of repeating the same motion over and over again.

Unlike sudden injuries with an obvious catalyst, repetitive motion injuries have the tendency to creep up on people who don’t take preventative measures ahead of time. These injuries also tend to build and worsen as people unwittingly continue to put their bodies through the same repetitive strain.

Repetitive motion injuries can be caused by small-scale repetitive motions like typing as well as motions that require more exertion, such as repetitive heavy lifting. A prime example is carpal tunnel syndrome. Repetitive stress injuries can also be caused by poor posture, sustained unnatural positions, and vibrations.


The symptoms of repetitive motion injuries can include pain, numbness, and tingling in the affected area. As the injuries continue to be aggravated over time, symptoms can compound to include swelling, clumsiness, and more extreme loss of sensation.

Other symptoms of repetitive motion injuries may include throbbing sensations and noticeable tenderness in the affected area, which are often accompanied by a loss of strength or motion in the area.

Repetitive motion injuries also tend to extend symptoms to other areas of the body. For instance, if you sustain these injuries in the ligaments and tendons of your hands, you may experience pain and soreness that extend up through your wrists and forearms.

Similarly, if you sustain a repetitive stress injury in your shoulders as a result of poor posture at your desk, you’ll likely experience lower back and neck pain along with headaches.

Exercises and movements to ward off Repetitive Motion Injury

Solutions and Prevention

When left untreated, repetitive motion injuries can cause permanent damage to the affected areas. However, you can take a few simple steps to prevent these injuries from happening and ease any symptoms you might have already developed.

To help reduce the risk of repetitive motion injuries, you can incorporate ergonomic office furniture, maintain a healthy posture, and take regular breaks throughout the day. Another good way to combat repetitive motion injuries is to incorporate regular stretching whenever possible.

If you’ve already developed some symptoms of repetitive stress injuries, then you can help negate some of the effects by changing your posture, giving yourself time to rest, and using ice to reduce inflammation. Splints, braces, and physical therapy exercises are also good options.

Keep in mind that these injuries tend to build up over time and can creep up on you as a result. Take preventative measures by performing tasks in a variety of different ways in order to avoid repetitive strain, by maintaining good posture, and by taking breaks to let your body rest.

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When the Weather Permits, Bike to Work

Why Stress is More Harmful to Your Health Than You Think


You might think that chronic stress is just a byproduct of living in today’s fast-paced society, and for the vast majority of people, that’s undoubtedly true. When you have a million and one things to do and only 24 hours in the day, it often seems as though there’s simply not enough time or energy to accomplish everything on your list.

Between family obligations, work deadlines, long commutes and society’s highly competitive nature, it’s exceedingly easy to get wrapped up in the craziness and stress of it all. If you suffer from persistent stress, it’s time to get it under control for good. Why? Because stress is more damaging to your health than you might realize. How? Take a look.

Stress Compromises Your Immune System

Your immune system regulates the health of your entire body. From fighting pathogens to regulating your body’s production of red and white blood cells, the immune system is what protects you from falling victim to the billions of microscopic, harmful organisms surrounding you every day of your life. Research has demonstrated that when you’re overly stressed this critical protective system takes a hit.

Stress suppresses your immune system’s production of lymphocytes, also known as white blood cells, which function to engulf and dispose of harmful foreign invaders. As lymphocyte production decreases, you become more susceptible to common illnesses and allergy symptoms.

Your risk of developing more serious chronic conditions such as heart attack and stroke also increases. On top of that, stress often drives sufferers to cope by using substances like tobacco and alcohol, both of which compound the issue by further depressing immune system response.

Causes Dangerous Behavior

When you’re under substantial stress, your likelihood of practicing risky behaviors increases significantly. Even something as simple as road rage can be incredibly dangerous. As previously mentioned, coping mechanisms like alcohol, tobacco or illicit drugs encourage unhealthy behaviors that are common among individuals who suffer from unrelenting stress.

Substance use can impair your ability to make sound decisions and also drive you to commit risky acts such as driving under the influence. Additionally, stress generates a unique cognitive response that makes you more irritable and prone to questionable or aggressive behavior. Moreover, stress often leads to inadequate sleep, which further impairs your decision-making skills.

Regulates Hormone Secretion

Under chronic or acute stress, your body’s production of the stress hormone cortisol drastically increases. Why does that matter? Cortisol helps regulate your body’s “fight or flight” response, and when levels of this stress hormone are high, both your body and mind are in a constant state of overstimulation.

This relentless overstimulation can affect blood sugar regulation, metabolism functioning, and memory formation. High cortisol levels may also lead to increased systemic inflammation, which puts you at higher risk for weight gain and developing chronic diseases.

There’s no doubt about it. Stress is an incredibly damaging and debilitating force in a person’s day-to-day life. If you find yourself constantly stressed, try implementing small, daily changes that can help mitigate your body’s stress response.

Incorporating healthy dietary choices, regular physical activity and mindfulness practices can help you overcome the damaging effects of your daily stressors.

Why You Should Encourage Your Kids to Play Sports


Oh, to be a kid again. Remember playing outside, carefree with your friends? You’d stay out until dark, dreading the sound of your mother’s voice calling you inside for dinner.

Those fond memories will stay with you forever, but unfortunately, today’s children no longer have the luxury of unsupervised, outside playtime. Modern-day crime rates, child predators, and young bullies often keep kids out of the park, off the neighborhood basketball court and away from the joys of just being a kid. However, encouraging your child to get involved in team sports can make a world of difference in their or her daily life.

Exercise is Essential

A number of factors keep kids from getting regular physical activity these days. Whether it’s budget cuts at school, forcing PE classes to fall by the wayside, or the prevalence and (perceived) necessity of electronic devices, kids are getting less and less activity every year. Not surprisingly, child obesity rates are up, too.

In fact, as of 2018, the CDC reported that nearly 19 percent of children and adolescents under the age of 18 were overweight or obese — which translates to nearly 14 million children! In just 10 years, that number has climbed 10 percent. 

Exercise is critical for your child’s ongoing health and wellness. How can you encourage regular exercise? Through sports! Sports strengthen your child’s bones, build their muscle mass, strengthen their heart and help maintain a normal body composition.

Plus, regular exercise helps your child’s brain release feel-good endorphins, helping them feel happier on a daily basis! According to Greene Broillet & Wheeler, dehydration is a major risk for young athletes. Always be prepared with adequate water and electrolyte-infused beverages to ensure your child performs their best.

Increases Self-Esteem

Studies have found that your child’s self-esteem is already very well established by the age of five; however, you can help them build on that with regular team-building activities like group sports! Through sports, your child develops mastery of a skill set, allowing them to build confidence as they improve.

Building strength and endurance also bolsters children’s self-esteem as they learn how to control their bodies and use them to perform complex tasks. And, while youth sports are more about comradery than competition, winning a game can work wonders for building self-confidence.

Encourages Lifelong Habits

According to Michigan State University, team sports encourage your child to develop lifelong healthy habits like regular exercise, healthy eating and getting adequate sleep. Due to the physically demanding nature of most team sports, your child learns how to cope with physical stressors by unconsciously optimizing their daily routine.

You can only tell your child to eat their vegetables so many times before your words start falling on deaf ears. However, if your child understands that healthy eating will help them perform better during their next game, you can bet you’ll notice changes in their day-to-day eating habits. 

The same idea applies to sleep. Sports are tiring, so instead of staying up late playing their favorite video game, your child will naturally nod off at an appropriate hour. And, because endorphins produce a sort of natural “high,” your child will quickly get used to the feel-good reaction they get after a bout of intense exercise.

Eventually, they’ll even begin to seek out more physical activity to replicate the feeling. Because many health-related habits become ingrained during childhood, these beneficial tendencies often continue through adulthood.

Encourages a Regular Routine

Youth sports encourage early routine development—something research has demonstrated can persist even into adulthood. As an adult, your routine governs your day. It gives you stability and helps you be more efficient with your time. And just like your routine helps keep you on track, a routine will help your child, too.

According to Edutopia, sports help your child develop valuable time-management skills, decision-making skills, and collaborative skills that will help them grow as a person, not to mention, provide them a valuable advantage through adolescence and into adulthood.

Team sports are a fantastic addition to your child’s life for a wide variety of reasons. Not only do they encourage physical development, but they improve mental, emotional and cognitive development as well. Talk to your child about the importance of getting involved in a team sport. You might be surprised at what a difference it can make in both of your lives!

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How to Plan the Perfect Strength Training Routine for Your Body

Strength Training Routine

The perfect strength training routine varies from person to person. The components are the same across the board. What varies is specific training moves, food portions and required time set aside for recovery. Your perfect strength training routine will also be determined by what you are trying to accomplish.

10 Myths and Legends of Lemon Water

Lemon Water

Lemon water isn’t just an energizing drink to consume while in the restaurant. There are several health benefits included in a glass of lemon water.

For instance, lemon water ‘has’ helped people with their diet, but not necessarily for anything the lemon is doing, but -because the lemon made the person drink more water because they enjoyed it. Adding lemon in your water can make it a fantastic one-two punch.

Here’s what’s TRUE about the health benefits of lemon water?

Adding lemon to your water can help in keeping you hydrated. People who often find water tasteless, adding lemon can add flavor, helping in people drinking more water and avoiding dehydration.

The right hydration with lemon water can assist an individual in controlling the number of calories he/she consumes. Researchers from Sugiyama Jogokhan University have discovered that nutritional lemon polyphenols help to suppress body weight gain as well as body fat increase.

The antioxidants contained in lemon water have the capability of effectively slowing down the utilization of bad cholesterol. This reduces the level of an individual to atherosclerosis and plaque buildup within the arteries.

Furthermore, drinking enough water that contains lemon can also assist with constipation.

Getting the approved and recommended glasses of water a day (which is usually 8 glasses per day) can assist in softening the stool, thereby making removal easier.

Drinking the proper amount of water might also assist the stool in leaving the colon. Lemon water acts as a liver stimulant and assists in digesting your food by aiding the liver in producing more bile.

Also, the substances in lemon are believed to help in dissolving gallstones.

To flush these chemicals away, the kidneys need an adequate amount of water to assist in discarding waste products from your blood through urine.

For those people bothered with looking their best, adding lemon to your water can assist in making your face appear younger and your skin more vibrant.

Lemon water can also help your skin work better while using sunscreen, keeping it protected from excessive sun damages.

Antioxidants found in lemon water do not only help in decreasing blemishes but also reduce and fade wrinkles as well.

Lemon water could also be used for reducing the appearance of age spots and scars by detoxifying the blood.

Lemon Water

Other benefits of lemon water:

  1. Gives your immune system a boost
    Vitamin C is believed to be the immune system’s jumper cable, and lemon water is full of vitamin C.

The amount of vitamin C in the body is one of the initial things to drop when you are stressed, this is the reason why experts recommend consuming additional vitamin C particularly during stressful days.

  1. The Perfect source of potassium
    As mentioned earlier, lemon water is high in potassium, and potassium is superb for good health conditions, and nerve and brain function.
  2. Help digestion
    Lemon water does not only encourage healthy food digestion by releasing toxins in our digestive tracts, but it also assists in relieving other symptoms of indigestion like burping, bloating and heartburn.
  3. Purify your system
    It assists in flushing out the toxins found in your body by stimulating enzyme function and enhancing your liver.
  4. Freshen your breath

It helps in relieving gingivitis and toothaches. Its critic acid can wear away tooth enamel, either holding off on brushing the teeth after consuming lemon water or brushing your teeth before taking lemon water.

What’s Myth about the Health benefits of lemon water?

There are several other health claims and beliefs surrounding adding lemon in your water, however, most aren’t backed up by scientific evidence.

Some have even gotten disproved. Below are some myths about the health benefits of adding lemon in your water:

Myth 1: The fiber in it assists in weight lose

Lemon contains a kind of fiber known as pectin, which assists in reducing calorie intake and appetite. But, lemon water is essentially filtered, and also heavily diluted, which leaves it with just traces of pectin.

Even a complete lemon contains only 2 grams of fiber. There is no scientific evidence that lemon water can assist in weight loss than normal water.

Myth 2: It alkalizes the Body

According to advocates of the alkaline diet, good foods leave an “ash” within your body which influences the pH in the body, how alkaline or acidic it gets.

Adding lemon to your water is believed to be alkalizing. But, neither the pH within the blood nor the blood cells can get altered by what you consume


Myth 3: It Tackles Cancer

This claim is believed to have emerged from alkaline diet myths and it is built on the belief that cancer cells can’t survive in an alkaline environment.

In as much as cancer cells do prefer the cells surrounding them to be acidic, research has revealed that they can also grow in alkaline environments.

Furthermore, cancer cells generate their own acidic environment, and consuming alkalizing food does not stop it.

Myth 4: It Detoxes and Cleanses

Water assists in eliminating waste from the body via healthy bowel movements and urination. But, nothing contained in lemon water enhances this process.

In fact, most people claiming beverages or foods detoxifying or cleansing your organs are simply not true.

Myth 5: It increases your IQ

Drinking or adding lemon to your water might assist in making you feel more focused and concentrated in the morning, however, it can’t increase your IQ.

Myth 6: It has Organic Diuretic Effects

This might be true to a little extent, however, it is also misleading, thus making it worth mentioning.

Any meal that consists of potassium is known to accelerate and improve urine output, which means literally all vegetables, fruits, and dairy products. Furthermore, the more lemon water you drink, the more you may want to urinate.

Bottom Line

Adding lemon to your water is undoubtedly very beneficial to your health, however, the majority of claims are exaggerated and speculative. In most cases, these claims have been proven to be misleading and false.

Is Sugar and Weight Loss Compatible?

Sugar and Weight loss

I’m like everyone else, I thought fat was what made me fat…but sugar fooled us all– Sugar and weight loss have nothing to do with each other. For years, the Sugar Industry, medical professionals, the government, and so-called independent researchers have told people that fat was making people obese. 

These findings led to low-fat food and drink labeling on tons of processed foods that came inboxes. From there we these industries pros told us we need to start a Zero Carb labeling on our food packaging, who knows if these foods were zero carbs. But we live, and we learn, recent studies point to sugar as being the culprit in a lot of our weight problems around the world.

Sugar’s Health Effects

Sugar can cause many health complications you would really rather avoid. The biggest problem with sugar is that it gives the body no nutritional value. Sugar is one of the leading if not the no.1 link to weight gain. With weight gain, there is a domino effect of health ailments that will accompany obesity. They include diabetes, heart disease, raise your risk of cancer. Sugar also will eventually lead to depression for the overweight person.

 Beware of Hidden Sugars

Both added sugar and hidden sugars in foods like cereals, yogurts, crackers, alcohol mixers, instant oatmeal. One hundred percent juice labeled products are a big source of hidden sugars. Nut butter like Nutella along with Granola Bars and sauces like Barbecue and Honey Mustard are loaded with sugars. 

Pure Sugar

Benefits of Healthy Living

According to Health Magazine, there are so many benefits to leading a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Exercise brings about a sense of happiness, relaxation, and improved self-esteem.

You experience improved sleep due to a regular exercise program. Exercise lowers your risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Lastly, living a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise boosts your endurance while a healthy diet gives your body all the nutrients and vitamins it needs to perform each day.

While losing weight might seem impossible, the truth is that it’s not that tough. Challenge yourself to be consistent, health and weight loss is all about performing in a consistent pattern. 

In this case, your taking care of your whole body, you’re eating healthily, your staying active, this will limit your stress, but also make sure you get a good night’s sleep. Your body will thank you each day.

Sugar and Diabetics

WebMD states, “if your blood sugar stays over 240, it is too high, high blood sugar usually comes on slowly. With high blood sugar, you won’t have enough insulin in your body, this will lead to Diabetes. 

There are many reasons for high blood sugar; it can happen if you miss taking your diabetes medicine, overeat, or lead a sedentary lifestyle. Sometimes, the medication you take for other problems may cause high blood sugar. Be sure to tell your doctor about the medications you take”.

If this is you, or even if you’re currently healthy. You should rethink your consumption of sugar and possibly even let it go for your own sake. There are numerous articles and blogs on the internet with people writing about giving up sugar — most if not all, with excellent results. There are more than a thousand reasons you should reduce your sugar intake, but we will discuss just a few.

 No Sugar Diet or Whole New Eating Pattern?

During a healthy lifestyle change, eating nutritious foods with an appropriate activity level, your body will start to lose fat, which is the goal.

According to Weight Watchers your body needs to burn fat while still building muscle. Your body needs to be in a calorie deficite by eating fewer calories than your burning. It’s important to be eating adequate amounts of protein.

Protein builds muscle, so make sure this is part of your daily diet. By eating protein, you won’t be losing muscle while losing weight. With careful diet management and full-body strengthening routines, you will be retaining muscle while losing fat.

This is why exercise is vitally important as part of a healthy lifestyle because muscles burn more calories than fat does; this will aid in your overall weight loss.

Reasons Sugar is Not Good for Your Health

It puts your liver at significant risks; every cell of our human body needs sugars in small doses. Our bodies break the foods we eat into two kinds of sugar: fructose and glucose. 

Glucose is the sugar that the body cells need while fructose, gets into the bloodstream, and has little importance to how our bodies function.  

The liver metabolizes fructose and converts it into glycogen which is stored and can be used at a later time by the body to fulfill energy needs. 

However, if the quantity of stored glycogen, as well as fructose, becomes too high in the blood, the liver turns these into fat. This will, in turn, inhibit or slow down the normal functioning of the liver. 

This situation can also put you at risk of fatty liver syndrome and even cardiovascular diseases as well as diabetes complications.

Sugar is always tasty

Is Sugar linked to Cancer?

Sugar is linked to weight gain, one of the leading causes of cancer in people. So it’s safe to say that there is a link between Cancer and sugar. You probably already know that insulin is very vital to the regulation of cell growth. Now, high consumption of sugar can lead to elevated insulin levels, which can, in turn, put you at the risk of breast, prostate, and pancreatic cancers.

Sugar and your Risk of Heart Disease

Sugar actually does have the power to damage your arteries and heart and increase your risk of heart disease or attack. Even fructose, the sugar found in fruits and honey can actually improve your LDL or bad cholesterol, increase insulin levels and blood glucose as well as also constrict your arteries. These can actually increase obesity at the abdomen as well as increase your risk of diabetes and heart diseases.

High levels of fructose in the blood can hinder the natural circulation of insulin and leptin, decreasing the quantity of those hormones circulated and increasing hunger levels by increasing the concentration of ghrelin which is the hunger hormone. This increase in hunger levels can, of course, increase your risk of obesity and make it more robust for you if you’re looking to lose some weight.

Sugar will make you Hungry

Eating more sugar would often mean higher levels of glucose in your blood. With higher levels of glucose, your pancreas secretes more insulin to enable the glucose to get into your cells. Now, with the higher levels of insulin being emitted, the cells of your body could become immune to insulin leading to insulin resistance. Seeing as this happens when there is high glucose in the body, it could be a starter for diabetes as well as other metabolic problems.

Sugar and Alcohol

You may have noticed that people who are deep into drugs and alcohol also have an obsession with sweet foods like and junk rich in sugar like desserts and pastries. Well, the thing is, when you consume sugar, it releases the happy hormone, dopamine. This hormone is a neurotransmitter and can increase your desire for sugar, which releases the hormone as well as other addictive substances. The link is in the fact these other addictive substances like alcohol also release dopamine, which enhances mood and enables addiction.

Sugar and your teeth

Sugar is one of the biggest causes of cavities. Besides, you or someone close to you may have had the experience of toothache after chewing sweets and having remnants in your teeth. The thing is, when you do not rinse sugar remnants out of your mouth, it provides a conducive environment for harmful bacteria to live and grow.

Sugar and Aging

Increased sugar levels can have adverse effects on the collagen in your skin. This will naturally result in wrinkles as well as cause spots that can take away the shine of your skin and make you look older than your real age. If you want to avoid fast aging, you probably also want to cut down substantially on your intake of sugar.

Sugar and your chance of Obesity?

It’s easy to link sugar and obesity. We’ve already established earlier that sugar reduces satiety and increases hunger levels. Of course, this increase in hunger levels will compel you to eat a lot more, and this can result in abdominal obesity, especially if they are carbohydrate-rich foods. This obesity can, of course, result in issues like renal disease and heart diseases.


Of course, obviously. We already noted that too much insulin in your blood could make your cells resistant to insulin. When this happens, the pancreas which secretes insulin will lose its ability to emit as much insulin as the body needs. With the less production of insulin, glucose levels get to hazardous high levels. The typical result of this situation is diabetes.

As people age, they find it more difficult to keep unwanted weight off, and they choose “fad” diets to shed weight quickly. However, losing weight and keeping it off is really about making a lifestyle change that includes a healthy diet and an exercise program.

Lifestyle Weight Loss Diets

A lifestyle change is more than a “fad” diet. For safe, effective, and long-term weight loss, you should change your overall lifestyle to incorporate a healthy diet, an exercise program, and stress management.

According to UnityPoint Health, a balanced lifestyle includes high-quality, nutritious whole foods, fruits, veggies, and whole grains, along with an exercise program of 30 minutes of exercise five days a week. “Fad” dieting leads to temporary weight loss that usually returns quickly.

With an overall lifestyle change, the effects are long term, you fill your body with foods that fuel and nurture it, and the physical activity keeps your muscles and bones strong and healthy.