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What Seniors Need to Know About Hearing Loss

Seniors Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a natural part of aging, and everyone experiences a partial loss of hearing to some degree or another as they enter their golden years.

A decreased ability to hear clearly does not necessarily mean that there is any cause for concern. Usually, the most pressing concern is the loss in quality of life that occurs as a result of hearing loss.

However, there are steps you can take to prevent or slow down the hearing loss. Many medical devices are available to help partially or fully restore hearing for seniors who don’t hear as well as they used to.

Here is a brief introduction to why hearing loss occurs and what can be done to treat it.

The Causes

Biologically, hearing ability is closely connected to the overall function of the nervous system, the component of your body responsible for sensing information from the environment and passing it onto the brain for processing.

So, any decline in cognitive function or health conditions that impact the nervous system can often cause hearing impairment as well. 

There are two types of hearing loss: sensorineural and conductive. Sensorineural hearing loss is due to damage to the nerve responsible for hearing or to the tiny hair-like cilia in the ear.

Conductive hearing loss means that the outer or middle ear is damaged, but not the nerves. Sensorineural hearing loss is the more common type in the elderly. 

A number of conditions can contribute to hearing loss. These include Ménière’s disease, otosclerosis, autoimmune disease, and loud noises which damage the tiny fibers in the ear.

Frequently, there are multiple causes that all contribute to hearing loss. Only a doctor can identify the exact cause of your hearing loss. This is necessary before corrective action can be taken. The correct course of action in terms of treatment depends on the root cause.

The Treatment

For seniors, taking care of your hearing is easier and more affordable than ever before. One of the most common and effective ways to restore and protect hearing is with a hearing aid.

A hearing aid is a device that amplifies the sounds that your ear picks up naturally so that everything becomes louder and clearer. There are different kinds of hearing aids, which can be more or less comfortable.

Traditional hearing aids were quite cumbersome, but their modern versions are discrete and easy to use. 

Take charge of your hearing. If you feel that your hearing is not what it used to be, consider your options.

You don’t have to be on the brink of total deafness before you need to start looking for a solution. After all, there is no need to live without the ability to hear.
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Finding the Balance: How to Make Healthy Choices When You Work a Full-Time Job

Healthy Choices

Sticking to a set diet and workout routine can be quite challenging when working over 30 hours a week. With some creative thinking and a lot of forethought, you can make being physically fit and eating healthy meals parts of your daily routine. Consider the following strategies to find balance in your personal and professional life.

Before Work

The best way to set the tone for a well-balanced day at work is to follow a consistent morning routine. This routine should include getting a few minutes of fitness and a healthy meal.

Start the day with high energy by getting your blood flowing with some stretching, jogging, or yoga. In addition to kickstarting your adrenaline, this will help to center your mind and get you focused for the long day ahead.

Likewise, eating a healthy meal before work will provide you with the fuel you need to be your best at work. Whether you eat scrambled eggs and toast or get into the habit of taking overnight oats to-go, make sure to eat in the morning. This way, you’ll be filled with energy and can avoid having to eat anything unhealthy on the way to your job.

During Work

Don’t lose track of healthy decision making throughout your workday. Work can be demanding, but you can still make healthy choices. Instead of making your way through the drive-thru, bring lunch or choose a healthier option, use a standing desk, or check to see if your company has an employee wellness program.

By adding these ideas to your daily work routine, you’ll find that you’re better able to power through the workday without feeling overly tired or having to give in to any cravings for unhealthy food.

After Work

Though some like to blow off post-work steam at a local bar or fast food joint, the best and healthiest way to work through this stress is to work out. Whether you spend half an hour at the gym after work or you do a few exercises at home, making time for physical fitness after work and getting to bed on time every night will help you to feel refreshed and regenerated for another day at work tomorrow.

If you make an intentional effort to eat properly and work out before, during, and after your workday, you’ll be able to manage your full-time career better. By paying attention to what you eat, fitting in exercises throughout the day, and getting enough rest at night, you’ll find the balance you’ve been searching for.

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3 Workouts Seniors Will Love

Senior woman lifting weights and working out at home. Mature woman sitting on couch doing hand stretching exercise using light weight dumbbells. Beautiful old lady exercising at home to stay fit.

Exercise is important for every age group, but daily activity is especially critical to maintain good health as a senior. While many workouts are high-impact and not necessarily appropriate for the aging musculoskeletal system, there are a wide variety of healthy, low-impact workouts that seniors can enjoy.

Take a look at these three popular senior workouts for some ideas on how you can start and maintain a health-promoting daily exercise habit.


According to Senior Cycling, cycling is a great low-impact, aerobic activity if you’re older and looking for safe ways to exercise. Because cycling does not involve repetitive strain or pressure on the joints, most seniors can enjoy regular bike rides.

Whether that means an indoor, stationary bike or cycling on trails around the neighborhood, both activities get your heart rate up and your blood pumping. Riding an electric bike is another great option, provided you don’t mind riding amongst traffic.

If you’re going to choose an e-bike as your form of exercise, make sure you familiarize yourself with local traffic and safety laws. And remember, never ride a non-stationary bike without a helmet!


Golfing is notorious as one of the most popular retirement activities, probably because it’s a steady, low-impact form of exercise that also allows for healthy socializing.

Regular walking across the uneven ground of a typical golf course can help improve balance and strengthen the muscles of the lower body. Plus, low-impact walking helps increase blood flow, reduces inflammation, and helps maintain mobility and flexibility. If you’re not necessarily a fan of the golf course, perhaps a home putting green may be more your style.

Artificial Greens & Lawns says that a home putting green is durable, performs like a real golf course, and requires low maintenance. Plus, when your green is in your backyard, you can easily enjoy it every day without worrying about arranging travel.


Swimming is an excellent workout for all age groups, but it is especially beneficial if you are a senior. Regular swimming sessions help strengthen your core muscles, which in turn improves balance and coordination.

Stronger core muscles help lessen your chance of suffering a fall, so you need to pay special attention to maintaining your strength. Because swimming is very low-impact, it is even appropriate for seniors who struggle with painful degenerative joint conditions or mobility issues. Plus, because the water provides natural resistance, swimming helps strengthen every muscle in your body. 

Getting a great workout as a senior is absolutely doable. You’ll need to pay special attention to taking care of your joints while exercising, but with a wide variety of low-impact activities, you should have no problem finding something you enjoy.

As you age, it is critical that you maintain strength and mobility to avoid succumbing to degenerative musculoskeletal diseases and other conditions of aging. When you practice low-impact daily exercise, you’ll maintain a strong, healthy, and functional body.

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Nutrition Matters: How Watching What You Eat Can Benefit More Than Your Physical Health

Nutrition Matters
Senior doctor giving an apple and nutrition advice to young patient - isolated on white

Throughout our lives, we’ve been continuously told that we need to eat the right things to remain healthy. Since that’s the case, why do so many in the public experience preventable issues regarding nutrition? The fact is that the benefits of proper nutrition were probably never explained to them. Therefore, the following discussion details how and why proper nutrition matters.

Recovery from Injury

Often, good nutrition is tied to simply wanting to lose weight. Although that is the motivation for many people, nutrition also benefits you when you need it most. Getting proper nutrition is always important, but it is especially vital when your body is healing from an injury.

Thus, it’s important to make smarter food choices in order to help your body recover faster. Those suffering from broken bones require key nutrients to heal properly. Some may be tempted to purchase nutritional supplements from the store. However, it is far better that you obtain nutrients from real food. Unless their doctor prescribes supplements, people should stick with consuming their nutrients from food rather than pills.

Hair Growth

Many people wish to have strong and healthy hair, especially as they grow older. Understandably, many of the factors regarding the thickness and amount of hair you have derived from your genetic makeup, but some of them rely on your nutrition.

Two nutrients that people should consume in larger amounts to promote the growth of hair are protein and biotin. These can be found in eggs, beef liver, chicken liver, and salmon, to name a few sources.

Increase Your Energy Level

Do you often feel tired, sluggish and overly sleepy at work? This may not be burnout but poor nutrition. Understandably, many of those working 9-to-5 jobs don’t exactly have the longest lunch breaks.

Fast food and vending-machine snacks tend to be what they go for when time is a factor. Although they may wish they could eat better, many feel that it’s not practical in their current situation. The best way to go about changing this is to prepare your lunch ahead of your workday. This will allow you to eat foods that provide energy. These include bananas, brown rice, yogurt, and various nuts.

Although life tends to get in the way of proper nutrition, it does not mean that it should prevent you from making a genuine effort. It is recommended that you see your doctor or seek advice from a nutritionist in order to plan a nutritional approach that can help you get back on track. Improved nutrition will leave you feeling healthier and more alive.

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Chronic Inflammation- Causes and Treatments


What is Inflammation?

Inflammation is when the body attempts to protect or heal itself. It is the body’s defense mechanism in which the body’s immune system recognizes “strange organisms” (harmful stimuli, pathogens, and weak or damaged cells). It begins to respond to remove them.

Inflammation can either be acute or chronic.

Inflammation can either be acute or chronic.

Signs of Acute Inflammation-It is an active and rapid response of the body tissue to an injury. It is usually short-termed because it lasts between a few minutes to some hours.

The following effects can characterize Acute inflammation
• Pains
• Immobility
• Heat
• Swelling
• Redness

Diseases like acute bronchitis, sinusitis, sore throat, cut on the skin, and tonsillitis can result in acute inflammation.

Signs of Chronic inflammation -Being chronically inflamed is usually slow and long-termed with mild or severe effects lasting for a few months to years. It is a real problem because instead of the body to attack foreign materials, it begins to attack itself.

Chronic inflammation can be caused by
• Exposure to irritants or foreign materials either in the environment (lousy air) or at the place of work.
• Autoimmune disorder.
• Failure to eliminate any agent causing acute inflammation. These agents can be infectious organisms like fungi, protozoa, or any member of the genus mycobacterium that causes diseases.
• An altered gut flora (This can be a result of high-stress levels, too little sleep, smoking, excessive intake of antibiotics and alcohol, and consuming processed and high sugar foods).

Some common symptoms associated with chronic inflammation are;
• Joint pain
• Brain fog
• Fatigue
• Fever
• Headache, Chest and Abdominal pain
• Mouth sores
• Rashes
• Depression
• Anxiety

When the body continues to attack itself -over time, this can lead to tissue damage or death. Internal scarring or DNA damage can result in the development of severe diseases like Alzheimer’s, Cancer, type 2 diabetes.
Obesity, rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease, peptic ulcer, tuberculosis, periodontitis, asthma, and hepatitis have also aligned with an inflammation bi-product.

Five ways to manage inflammation

Inflammation occurs as a result of your lifestyle choices. However, it is not too late to learn several ways to manage inflammation.

• Diet
Foods, fruits, and vegetables such as Soybeans, walnuts, tuna, and sardines are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and also help protect against inflammation.
Also, adding herbs and spices like ginger, rosemary, turmeric, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, cloves, and sage in your diet can help manage inflammation. Other foods with anti-inflammatory effects include tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, leafy greens and nuts (walnut, almond).

• Exercise
Exercise shouldn’t be an option for anyone who wants to live a healthy life. Research has shown that people who are overweight are prone to experience inflammation. Therefore, exercising daily to lose and maintain a healthy weight can help reduce and prevent inflammation.

• Manage stress
Lack of proper rest and sleep is a significant cause of stress. Therefore, an afternoon nap and adequate night sleep is also an excellent way to manage inflammation.

• Reduce alcohol intake
Taking a break from alcohol isn’t a bad idea. Substitute a glass of whiskey for a cup of green tea. Green tea contains antioxidants that help subdue inflammation.

• Control antibiotics consumption.
Excessive consumption of antibiotics can alter gut flora this leading to the inflatable. It is, therefore, advisable to only consume medicines prescribed by a physician.

The Impact That Serious Injuries Can Have on Your Life

Serious Injuries

Sometimes, you get hurt, and the injury is relatively small; you’re sore for a few days, but then you are back up and running and resuming your normal life. Sometimes, you aren’t that lucky.

Serious injuries can have a major impact on your life, including your ability to live in comfort, to function independently, and to make major financial decisions. Here’s a look at three types of injuries and the serious impact they can have on your life.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries affect people differently depending on the type and severity of the injury. They can cause physical, cognitive, communication, and emotional side effects.

They usually involve a blow to the head, and they can leave a permanent disability in their wake. Sometimes, that injury is something that can be worked around with relative ease. Other times, it is a permanent handicap that makes it difficult for the affected individual to function independently or ever work again.

Traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs, should be taken very seriously. If a TBI is suspected, care should be sought immediately. Immediate treatment is critical to limiting the damage.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries can leave a permanent physical handicap and make it difficult, if not impossible, for someone to ever move on his or her own again.

This damage involves an injury to the spine, which is the conduit by which all commands to move travel. Unfortunately, rehabilitation from these injuries is extraordinarily difficult, and individuals who suffer from them often never regain complete function.

Amputation Injuries

These are among the most painful and debilitating types of injuries that one can suffer because they involve the loss of a limb. Unfortunately, approximately 185,000 amputations occur in the United States each year.

Thankfully, advances in prosthetics and physical rehabilitation have made amputation injuries easier to live with. The loss of a more minor limb, like a finger or a toe, often involves some form of rehabilitation. Loss of more important limbs, like an arm or a leg, will usually require a prosthetic and extensive rehabilitation. However, with the right kind of care, it is very possible to live a normal life.

Unfortunately, serious injuries are often painful, expensive, and debilitating. The right type of care and physical, emotional, and social support are critical to the well-being of people who suffer, and, thankfully, there are plenty of agencies that are able to fulfill these needs.

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Naps are Great! Here are 7 Reasons Why


A Nap is a short period of sleep usually taken during the day (mid-day). Remember how much you hated taking naps when you were younger? Well, naps are said to be a child’s worst enemy but an adult’s best friend. A great nap can turn your day around, making you more productive, and even improve the quality of your health.

Unlike the nocturnal sleep, a nap varies. Research has shown that there are different types of naps. It is indisputably true that choosing the right nap is almost as crucial as napping because you do not want your naps interfering with your nighttime sleep; thus, throwing your sleep-wake cycle out of sync.

It is essential to know the type of nap that best suits your immediate need for rest. Just as there are different types of naps, the time frame for naps varies, and so, an inadequately timed nap can lead to insomnia.
Also, napping isn’t for everyone. People suffering from insomnia and depression aren’t advised to nap because it will undermine your nighttime sleep.

Make time for Naps

Types of naps

It is imperative to know the kind of nap that works best for you. One’s napping behavior is influenced by the presence of an opportunity and also, the napping preference. Before you nap, set the alarm to ensure you get just the right amount of sleep because you might end up feeling groggy and tired if you exceed the 10-90 minute nap time.

The Power of Naps

This is usually for those who want to rest and boost their physical and mental energy to carry out the day’s activity. It is generally between the hours of 1-3 pm. Anything more than that could lead to restlessness and insomnia.

Sports Naps

Athletes can engage in this napping style to strengthen their physical and mental state before an event. Taking a nap before participating in any sporting activity can lead to achieving high performance in that activity.

Teen’s Naps

The hormonal shift in teenagers causes a change in their sleep-wake cycle. An imbalance in this cycle may cause excessive tiredness and restlessness for them, thereby resulting in low functionality in either their school or personal activities.
A teen nap is usually between 20-30 minutes.

Do New Mom’s need Naps?

The time frame for this type of nap depends on your newborn or toddler. New parents are usually sleep-deprived and so must seize any opportunity they get to take a rest, especially when these newborns or toddlers are asleep.

What is a Coffee Nap?

Taking coffee before a 10-30 minute nap break can help boost energy levels.
The caffeine contained in coffee makes you less tired so that you don’t “sleep off.”

Dogs have no problem napping

What are the Benefits of your Nap?

Naps are underrated. Most people are indeed ignorant of the benefits associated with napping, and that is why they stress themselves excessively without taking little breaks to recharge their minds and bodies.
Studies have shown that the length of your nap determines the benefits derived from it.

Napping helps reduce and even eliminate stress and tension. Sticking to a regular nap schedule can help you get the most health benefits out of it.

Research has shown that napping improves mental performance, learning ability, productivity, helps your brain draws connections between something you learned, and even enables you to remember something you’ve had difficulties in retaining.
The risk of heart disease is decreased just by taking a nap.
Napping is a go-to during the day if you need your energy to be revived.
Napping has a positive influence on one’s mood.

Your rate of productivity at worked is increased when you take naps because you are stress and tension-free, and your mind is working at a refreshed and renewed state.
Other benefits of napping include improved creativity and problem-solving skills, verbal memory, logical reasoning, weight management.

Myths Associated with Napping

“Naps are for babies, not adults.”
At one point or another during the day, the body needs to rest and refresh in order to function properly. Taking a nap is always a good idea when it seems you are losing concentration, or your body is lagging.”Napping is for lazy people.” This is one myth that has stopped a lot of people from functioning effectively and efficiently. There’s no harm in taking a nap when your body needs one.

“I don’t have time to nap.”
As long as you have time to gist with your colleagues, see a movie during the day, or surf the web, you have enough time to take a nap. Try taking a nap the next time you drift off when working, take a 15-minute break to refresh your body and mind.

A Quick Nap makes all of the difference

How Long Should I Nap?

A nap time frame is usually between 10-90 minutes. Any longer than that might exact a negative influence on one’s state of mind and body for a short or long period. It is not advisable to nap later than 4 pm because this may interfere with your night sleep.

The Benefits of Napping Vary with the Time Frame.

10-20 minutes
This is usually called “power naps.” This is ideal for a boost in energy alertness and productivity.
It is easy to get up and start working immediately after a power nap.

30 minutes
Studies have shown that taking a 30-minute nap might cause the body to experience sleep inertia. It takes between 30 to 60 minutes after awakening to experiences the benefits of this nap.

60 minutes
If you need to remember facts, names, faces, places, or something that is almost slipping off your mind, the 60 minutes nap is ideal for achieving this.

90 minutes (REM nap)
REM means rapid eye movement. This is a full sleeping cycle. It is easier to wake up from naps like this because it typically avoids sleep inertia. This type of nap improves emotional and procedural memory, creativity, and skill learning.
Dreaming while taking a nap might be a sign of sleep deprivation; therefore, it is advisable to adjust your nighttime sleep schedule.

10 Amazing Things to Know About Pre and Probiotics

Pre and Probiotics

Prebiotics are a kind of fiber that the human body can’t digest. They are food for probiotics. On the other hand, probiotics are small living organisms, including yeast and bacteria. They both assist the body in building and sustaining a healthy colony of bacteria as well as other microorganisms.

These food supplements help in inducing the growth of beneficial bacteria by providing food and also creating an environment where all microorganisms can flourish. Pre and Probiotic supplements like- Align, Advanced Probiotics and Mega Foods are growing and being found by people across America.

The Case for Probiotics

Probiotics are live microorganisms that can be consumed via Probiotic supplements or fermented foods. Studies have shown that the imbalance or balance of bacteria(probiotics) in your digestive system is connected to your overall health.

This means that probiotics stimulate a healthy balance of the gut, and it has been connected to a wide range of different health benefits. The benefits of probiotics include good digestive health, weight loss, immune function and many more. Below is an overview of some of the benefits of probiotics:

Probiotics assist in balancing the friendly bacteria within the digestive system

There are several live microorganisms that live in the gut. These organisms (Probiotics) induce and grow “good” bacteria that can provide several health benefits when consumed. The health benefits are believed to result from the capability of probiotics to restore the natural gut bacteria balance.

Probiotics can assist in preventing and treating diarrhea

Probiotics are universally known for their ability for preventing diarrhea and minimizing its severity. Diarrhea is a typical side effect of consuming antibiotics. It happens because antibiotics negatively affect the balance of both good and bad bacteria within the gut. Over the year’s probiotic has been known to reduce the risk of antibiotic-related diarrhea.

In one study, it was discovered that consuming probiotics reduced antibiotic-related diarrhea by 43%. Probiotics could also assist with other kinds of diarrhea which are not particularly associated with antibiotics.

Probiotics supplements enhance certain mental health conditions
Experts in the field of mental health have found out that there is a special group of probiotics called Psychobiotics. This type of bacteria helps to treat a range of mental health conditions like depression. It can also boost your overall mood.

Pre and Probiotics
Pre and Probiotics work wonders

Most Probiotic strains can help in keeping your heart healthy

Probiotics help in keeping your heart healthy by reducing LDL, blood pressure and cholesterol. A lactic acid-generating bacteria helps to reduce cholesterol by shattering bile in the gut. Bile, which is a naturally occurring body fluid, typically made of cholesterol, helps with digestion.

When bile is broken in the body, the probiotics stop the bile from being reabsorbed within the gut, where it could enter the blood in the form of cholesterol.

Probiotics might help in boosting your immune system

Probiotics assist in giving your immune system a boost and also helps in inhibiting the growth of dangerous gut bacteria. Furthermore, certain probiotics have been noted to enhance the production of organic antibodies within the body.

They may also stimulate immune cells such as the IgA-producing cells, natural killer cells, and T lymphocytes cells. It has been discovered that consuming probiotics reduced the duration and likelihood of respiratory infections. But, the facts to back up the discovery is weak.

The Case For Prebiotics

If being healthy is significant to you like it is to us, you must have heard of probiotics and all the fantastic benefits they have for your health. Prebiotics are also just as important as Probiotics? Probiotics won’t even be able to carry out their tasks properly without prebiotics. These non-digestible fiber compounds are recognized as ferment and oligosaccharides in the body.

When prebiotics is consumed, it provides the digestive system with several health benefits; including lower risk of diseases, better immune system, and weight loss. Let us take a close look at some of the great things you can enjoy by just adding prebiotics in your diet.

Pro and Prebiotics keep the gut healthy and happy

Prebiotics is known to maintain a healthy gastrointestinal body system by increasing the diversity and presence of good bacteria. The good bacteria are then able to utilize the prebiotic fibers to survive and also to generate short-chain fatty acids.

Most of these fatty acids could then be utilized to enhance the lining of the gut. Also, prebiotics help in improving overall digestion and reducing the risk of Candida virus, leaky gut syndrome, and other intestinal problems.

Pro and Prebiotics reduce your vulnerability to cancer

Proper consumption of prebiotics has shown to reduce the number of cancer cells and free radicals in the body. Precisely, colon cancer is related to increased toxins and free radicals in our bodies which are not removed quickly enough. Most studies show a drastic reduction in cancer and tumors cells in those who consume diets packed with prebiotics.

Pre and Probiotics assist your body in absorbing nutrients properly

Remember how we said probiotics won’t exist without prebiotics? Prebiotics assist probiotics recolonize within the gut. Whenever your body is incapable of absorbing nutrients, prebiotics switches off its autoimmune responses, thus helping you convert food into energy.

Furthermore, by properly absorbing nutrients, including minerals such as calcium and magnesium which are necessary for bone health. Prebiotics also helps in keeping your bones protected.

Prebiotic Supplements help in maintaining healthy hormone levels

A healthy gut is a healthy you! Recent studies have discovered links to gut health and mood regulation. Most physicians call our gut the second brain (which certainly feels true whenever you skip lunch!) Probiotics and prebiotics assist the body in absorbing essential nutrients which help in building hormone chemicals.

Some studies also link mood disorders such as depression and anxiety to imbalanced gut health.

Probiotic Supplements assist in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease

Individuals who consume diets rich in prebiotics have lower chances of experiencing cardiovascular disease. Getting the right dose of prebiotics (4-6 grams) assists in reducing glycation, a major cause of increased free radicals within the body. Prebiotics also contain what is referred to as hypo-cholesterolemic effect which assists the body in combating cardiovascular disease.

3 Natural Ways to Alleviate Menstrual Cramps

Natural Menstrual Cramps

Many women are all too familiar with the pain and discomfort that can coincide with the beginning of their monthly menstrual cycles. This pain and discomfort can range from a mild annoyance to debilitating cramps that may even leave you bedridden. Fortunately, relief can be gained from a variety of home remedies.

Drink Lots of Water

This remedy may sound a bit odd to some people, but drinking water will prevent water retention and allow you to avoid the painful bloating that can accompany your monthly cycle.

Warmer water is most effective because it will increase the flow of blood to your skin and help to relax the muscles that are cramping. You can also eat water-based foods to increase hydration levels. Some of these foods include watermelon, cucumbers, lettuce, and celery.


Ginger can be grated into a warm glass of water to provide yourself with a homemade cramp-reducing drink. Ginger can help relieve menstrual pain for women and may be able to perform as well as ibuprofen does.

In fact, one study demonstrated that four 250 mg servings of ginger powder for three days worked even better than ibuprofen for some sufferers of menstrual cramps. Ginger can act as a blood thinner, so it is important for women who are taking other medications that might thin the blood to speak to their physician before using ginger to relieve menstrual pain.


A heating pad, hot water bottle, or buckwheat heating pad against the abdomen can provide a lot of relief to women fighting off menstrual cramps. Heat is capable of relaxing the muscle of the uterus as well as helping surrounding muscles relax.

You can also expose your abdomen to the warm water that will ease the symptoms associated with menstrual cramps by soaking in a warm tub of water. In addition to relaxing the muscles of the abdomen, you will gain relief for the muscles of the back and legs.

This can work from the inside out also as drinking a warm glass of tea, water, or other beverage can also ease the pain associated with menstrual cramps.

Too many women dread the pain of their monthly cycle. This is because the pain and discomfort that accompanies this cycle cause them to suffer in silence and also affects their quality of life.

The methods detailed above can be used at home to provide yourself with relief from monthly menstrual cramps.
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The Health Benefits of Air Fryers

Air Fryer

What is an Air Fryer?

Air fryers are countertop appliances that work like mini convection ovens. The suspended basket and inner chamber make it possible for hot air to flow around the food.

Making for even cooking, and quick crunchy perfection, says Laura White Angelo, RD, author of the Magical Air Fryer Manual and Cookbook. You can also put other well-sized pans and dishes inside for baking, Laura adds.

Air fryers have recently become the most trending thing since crockpots. But, can you replace your ancient oil fryer with air as a good and healthy alternative?

Contrary to its name, an air fryer does not technically fry food. Air fryers are compact kitchen appliances that help in circulating hot air around your food. The hot air cooks the food and provides it with a browned color and a crispy taste.

To cook the food, you will place the food in a basket-like basin, and the air fryer cooks it, and all excess fat drops down to a pan.

Cooking with the help of an air fryer might take longer than thorough frying, but not too much.

When comparing different recipes, French fries normally take about six (6) minutes to deep fry, while an air fryer would take about twelve (12) minutes.

Deep frying chicken can take between 15 to 20 minutes, but it could take 25 minutes or more when using an air fryer.

Air fryers are marketed as a healthier means of cooking foods such as fries and chicken wings and spring rolls. This, with little to no oil, while maintaining that crispiness and fried flavor that people love.

Sales figures show that consumers are purchasing into the newest fad, with over 4,000,000 units sold over a recent 9-month period.

In case you are in the market for a good air fryer, we encourage you to take a closer look at the 3 top Cuisinart Air Fryers discussed below:

Cuisinart TOA-60 Convection Toaster Air Fryer

This exceptional kitchen workhorse is a premium full-size oven toaster with an inbuilt air fryer. Meaning it doesn’t only bake, toast, and broil; it also allows you air fry inside the toaster oven.

Air frying, which utilizes prevailing ultra-hot air, is known to be a healthier way for preparing delicious and tasty fried favorites, from fritters to wings to shrimp to fries.

Toaster oven stays on the countertop, this air fryer does not have to move from one spot to another, or from the counter to the cupboard. Enjoy the crispiness without the messy cleanup and calories, with the Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven!

Cuisinart TOA-60BKS Convection Toaster Oven Air Fryer

This incomparable kitchen toiler is a first-class full-size oven toaster with an intrinsic air fryer. This means that it does not only overheats, breads and broils, it also enables you air fry within the toaster oven. Air frying, which employs predominant ultra-hot air, is well-known to be a better way for making enjoyable and tasty cooked favorites, from squanders to wings to shrimp to fries. Enjoy the crunch without the untidy cleanup and calories, with the Cuisinart TOA-60BKS Air Fryer Toaster Oven.


1800 watts7 Functions:
Air Fry, Convection Broil, Convection Bake, Bake, Toast, Warm, Broil.
0.6 Cubic Foot Inside with light big enough to Air Fry up to 4 lb., toast 5 slices of bread, bake a 5 lb. chicken or 12″ pizza
Adjustable Thermostat
60 Minute Timer/Auto Shutoff
Toast Shade Selector-Timer
Nonstick Easy-Clean Interior

Cuisinart AFR-25 Air Fryer – One Size Silver

The Cuisinart AFR-25 Air Fryer is a unique kitchen appliance and a top-class large oven toaster with an inbuilt air fryer in it. This air fryer does not only toast, broil or bakes, it also gives users the opportunity of air frying right inside their cooker. Air frying is a healthy way of cooking tasty fried foods, ranging from fritters to wings to shrimp and fries. And since the toaster oven stays on the countertop, the Cuisinart AFR-25 Air Fryer doesn’t have to move around too much, from counter to cupboard.

What are the Health Benefits of Using Air Fryers?

Most sources believe that air fryers provide users with numerous health-related benefits for cooking fried foods. When used the right way, air fryers offer the following health benefits.

Utilizing Air Fryers can enhance Weight Loss

An intensive intake of fried foods is believed to have direct links with higher obesity risk. Why? This is due to the fact that deep-fried foods are always high in calories and fat. Switching from deep-fried foods to air fried foods and minimizing regular intakes of unhealthy oils can help in promoting weight loss.

Air Fryers are Safer than Deep Fryers

Deep-fried foods often involve heating a big container filled with scalding oil. This can end up posing a safety risk. While a good air fryer does get hot, there’s no risk of splashing, spilling, or unconsciously touching hot or warm oil. It is advisable that people should always utilize air frying machines carefully and abide by the instructions to ensure their safety.

Air Fryers Minimize Vulnerability to Toxic Acrylamide Formation

Frying your food in oil could lead to the development of dangerous compounds, like acrylamide. Acrylamide forms in most foods during high-heat cooking approaches, like deep frying. According to the National Cancer Institute in the USA, acrylamide might have connections to the development of certain cancers, including ovarian, breast, endometrial, as well as oesophageal cancer. There are also other studies that suggest a link between dietary acrylamide and ovarian cancers, kidney or endometrial, although the results are still uncertain.

Less Intake of Deep-Fried Foods Decreases Disease Risk.

Eating traditional deep-fried foods and cooking with oil continuously has links to several negative health conditions. Substituting deep frying with other less risky cooking methods like air frying can decrease an individual’s risk and vulnerability to these complications.

In Conclusion

The major reason people prefer air frying is that, compared with other cooking methods, like deep frying, air frying significantly decreases the overall intake of calories. In fact, most individuals decrease their intake of calories by 75 to 85%, on average, when utilizing air fryers.

Yes, air fryers assist you in making delicious fried foods in a better and healthier way. However, it is essential to still consume air-fried foods in moderation in order to maintain a balanced diet.