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How a Vacation Affects Our Health

Vacations and your health
Vacations help your health

Taking a vacation has a whole lot of positive effects and benefits. We all know the stress of the daily grind of work. For most the routine can become very overwhelming.

Many times, the stress from these activities can take their toll on our overall health and wellness. Studies confirm that a lot of people do not take as many days off work as their bodies require.

Apart from the fact that so many employers don’t offer days of paid leave to their employees, several workers who are privileged to get these days off do not even use all of the day’s of vacation.

Contrary to popular beliefs, many people think that taking time off work will lead to lower output and goal setting, but the opposite is true.

While it may sound counter-intuitive to say that days off work will enhance productivity, this is actually the truth and a lot of studies back this fact.

There are many reasons why taking a vacation should totally be on your to-do. As a matter of fact, most of the benefits that come with taking a vacation actually remain with you long after you have returned to work and your regular routine. This article will tell you some of the reasons you need to be planning a vacation now!

Why vacations are good for our health

As we already noted, holidays offer a lot of health benefits to the body, protecting our overall well-being. Let’s take a look at some of those benefits.

Heart health:

Good cardiovascular health is one of many benefits of taking a vacation. Extended periods of work without the vacation, especially for years on in, have been linked to heart disease.

Men and women who rarely go on vacations are at a much higher risk of developing a heart attack or die from a coronary related issue than those who take at least a week off each year.

Stress-related problems that come from too much work and not enough vacation can have very adverse effects on the heart- leading to the risk that includes death.

Vacations and your Health
Vacations either at the beach or the mountains are good for you…

Taking a vacation from time to time and resting from work will significantly reduce stress and protect the health of your heart. If you aren’t thinking about anything else, think about the fact that most of the time, the first symptom of heart disease can be deadly.

Mental Health:

Constant exposure to the stress hormone called Cortisol can cause the structure of the brain to alter. This has a very high capacity to lead to issues like depression.

Removing yourself from work and the mental and physical stress that comes with work enables proper relaxation. The serenity you feel from taking time away from the importance of practice helps your body as well as your mind to heal, reducing the risks of anxiety and depression.

Besides, removing yourself entirely from the environment of work can help your account and refocus. Besides, the anticipation of vacation and doing something fun can simply just make you happy.

The excitement that comes with looking forward to a fun time away from work releases the dopamine hormones that make you feel good. Just before you lose your mind, you should be thinking of packing a bag.

Physical Energy

Taking a break and going on a vacation can also help to heal your body. Taking time off to rest can help your body recuperate from stress and increase your energy levels by restocking.

As a vacation helps to reduce your exposure to the stress hormone, Cortisol, your body rests from all the adverse effects of stress and allows your body to recharge for vitality.

Almost every worker has undoubtedly experienced some sort of physical pain (back pain, wrist pain, shoulder pains, and even headaches) as a result of the stress of work.

Worse still, these pains could go on for a long time due to consistent physical activities at work. Some time off that job can help your body regain vitality.

Why Vacations are Important for Employees

Many people in the corporate world undermine the essence of a vacation to the economy and overall productivity.

A lot of people think that taking time off to go on a vacation is a waste of productive time. However, the reverse is actually the case. Taking time off work to vacation can have a lot of positive effects on your overall productivity at work.

Here’s why you need to pause work and get a vacation for your career’s sake.

Improved productivity levels

The truth is working for days and weeks and months on end can get anyone bogged down. If you do not take a break, from your daily routine, your body is going to get tired and soon, your mind too will.

When this happens, your capacity to be highly productive will natural dwindle. Of course, you need your mind and body alert and in good shape to be able to get good work.

What this means is that you need to honor the body and mind the well-deserved rest to recover and hence, improve your ability to be productive.

Vacation and your Health
Vacations at the beach for your health.

Creativity and a fresh perspective

When your mind gets too used to carrying out the same routine every day, we already noted that it will get tired.

This stops your ability to put in the mental effort required to come up with new ways to achieve results.
Besides, being in an entirely different environment for a while will allow you to look at things from a fresh perspective, which will, in turn, boost your creativity and input at work.

A vacation will help to improve your mood: Stress and a lot of pressure can make you very irritable without you even realizing it. Irritability can take its toll on your job and also the way you relate to clients.

Taking a break from work and throwing away all the work pressure for a while will help to significantly improve your mood and make you a more pleasant person to be around.

Why Vacations are Important for Employers

Vacations also offer a lot of economic benefits which employers should keep in mind. As we’ve mentioned before, some people might think it is counter-intuitive to expect that days off work will boost results at the company, but this isn’t the case.

On the contrary, granting leaves can have very positive results. As an employer, letting your staff get some rest has a lot of benefits for your company. Let’s take a look.

Your employees are less likely to burn out when they get needed rest. Some employers might think that keeping their employees working all of the time will bring in more productivity and income, but the opposite of this is likely to be the result of not letting your staff rest.

When your staff is overworked, they will burn because they’re human. The immediate effect of this is that their productivity levels will drop and their willingness to put in their best will naturally ebb.

When your staff is too stressed to give their best, it will tell on your returns.

Vacations reduce the risk of fraud or getting cheated by an employee. Giving every one of your staff time off allows you to carefully analyze the role of each employee when they’re away.

Typically, if anyone of your staff is carrying out an embezzlement scheme, they will resist a leave. These kinds of situations allow you to know just what is going on and who’s behind what.

Giving Your Staff Time Off

It allows you to analyze how well a particular staff has been doing on a job. With another of your team now temporarily handling the position of a current vacationer, you can measure the degree of the vacationer’s productivity as against that of the employee currently handling the office.

Granting your staff days off work generally boosts the morale at the workplace. Giving your staff days of leave allows them to spend time on themselves, which enables them to rest and refresh.

This will naturally create a workspace full of happier people who are willing to give their best. As we’ve already noted, a vacation reduces stress levels and boosts happiness and a good mood.

The truth is, the better the atmosphere around the building, the better the productivity you can expect.

Other Benefits of Having a Vacation

Apart from health benefits and work benefited, vacation comes with several other desirable benefits which we are now going to look at.
A vacation can help improve your relationship or marriage. Studies have shown that couples who take time off together tend to be more satisfied with their relationships.

The truth is, vacations provide an excellent opportunity to spend quality time together and bond. With the hassles of work getting in your way just about every other day, it can be easy to slip into that place where you no longer pay sufficient attention to your relationship.

Getting a vacation together can help you rebuild and refresh your relationship through bonding time. Also, a vacation allows you to create new memories you can always look back on.

Vacations also help to increase closeness in the family as a whole. Generally, taking time off together allows you to catch up on anything you might have missed in the life of your partner, children, or even parents.

You can easily use vacation time to make up for the days when you may not have been able to be very present for your loved ones.

Whether you’re taking time off with your parents, your partner, your kids, or your siblings, a vacation is always an excellent opportunity to rekindle relationship bonds and create fun memories.

Vacations and Health on the Mountains
Vacations and health…more than laying around…

Vacation Statistics

Compared to employees in some other nations, Americans take a lot fewer days off work for vacation. The main reason for this significant difference is the fact that American companies offer fewer days for leave or vacation.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that 76 percent of workers in the private industry get paid days of vacation. These workers make up 84.7 percent of the entire workforce. By the end of one year of being engaged, these workers had received an average of 10 days of paid vacation.

As the years of employment in a particular organization pass, this number has been noted to increase modesty. As of 2017, on the average, a worker who had been with a company for five years had been given 15 days of vacation while the worker with up to twenty years at a particular company had been granted 20 days of paid leave.

Besides, a study from the U. S Travel Association’s project, Time Off showed that 52 percent of Americans who were granted vacation days in 2017 didn’t use all of the days they had been given.

Between 1976 and 2000, the average played America took more than 20 days off work for a vacation. However, since 2000, more and more workers are taking fewer days off work. As of 2015, American employees took an average of just 16 days off work.

This goes to show that the culture of taking time off work to vacation has been slowly and consistently eroding.

In some countries, governments ensure that workers get paid time off work. Such countries as France and Asia. Austrian employees typically get 25 days of annual leave with pay in addition to 13 paid public holidays.

However, the United States happens to be one of 13 countries in the world where days of paid vacation are not guaranteed.

It turns out the United States is the only advanced economy in the world that does not ensure its workers get paid days of vacation. So far, businesses and companies have been allowed to power to offer paid leave to their workers voluntarily.

However, this has not worked very well as so many Americans still do not get days off with paid leave.

How Social Media Plays On Your Health

Social Media and your health
Social Media and your health

Why do people turn to social media as a means of communication? Do they use it to increase business? Do they use it to develop new relationships? Do they do it because it feels good?

The answer is that they do it for all of the reasons mentioned above. It has been discovered that utilizing social media frequently is indeed good for your health.

This conclusion is based on scientific evidence and the fact that the body goes through some positive and beneficial changes as a result of using social media.

A release of the hormone- Oxytocin is the hormone that causes a pregnant woman to go into labor and to deliver a baby and which also fosters an unbreakable bond between mother and child.

When oxytocin is present, it might cause behavior, which is bonding and positive. The release of oxytocin also causes people to feel content and affectionate, thus making you more calming and loving.

Social Media and your Health
Social Media plays on your Health

Oxytocin and Social Media

Social media has, to a great extent, replaced the usual face-to-face interactions we usually have with people.

People are communicating more and more online through various social media channels than in face-to-face conversations. Several studies have concluded that oxytocin is released whenever we engage in social media activities.

People tend to become extremely happy by building and maintaining healthy online relationships, thus allowing them to enjoy good health (both mentally and physically).

The result of this is better quality and longer lifespan. All human beings have a need to communicate with other human beings, which is the main aim of social networking.

Scientific research suggests, whenever oxytocin is released within the body, the feelings of satisfaction and trust increase and discomfort and fear decrease.

Below are some of the benefits that social media plays in your health:

Longer and Happier Life

The feeling of being connected to other people generally results in longer and happier lives for all involved. Various social media websites like Twitter and Facebook create good connections among people, which may be impossible offline.

Being connected online helps in making social media users feel less personally isolated, thus allowing them to be happy, which in turn leads to a longer lifespan.

Helps in Fighting off Depression

Most times, when you are feeling down, the last thing you will want to do is communicate with friends on social media. Research from the journal of Mood, Memory & Mind reveals that connecting with other people on social media helps in improving your mood and fighting off depression.

When it concerns socializing, social media has a more impact than face-to-face interactions.

More Beauty Sleep

Are you having trouble sleeping? Studies from the University of Texas discovered that individuals who are rarely using social media platforms experience more nighttime disruptions and restlessness, even though they aren’t fully aware of their feelings of isolation. The more people connect with others via social media, the better nighttime sleep they get.

Enhances your Brain

Actively socializing via social media helps in delaying memory loss as we grow older, according to research from the U.S Journal of Human Health. Active social media relationships can help in preserving our brain health, as social media connections help in keeping us mentally engaged.


It is difficult to find an individual who isn’t on social media. Though Facebook and Instagram can indeed be fun, they could also come with some adverse health impacts on the people who use them regularly.

Specific social media habits could be harmful and dangerous for your health; thus it is essential always to ensure you use these social media platforms in a way that is beneficial to your health.

“When used for good, social media can be a wonderful tool,” says relationship expert April Masini over email. “However, it can also be used in ways that are not healthy.

For example, social media could become an element for addictions. Individuals essentially get attached to social media, and this can interfere with their health, their relationships, and their work.

Social Media effects on your health
Does Social Media effect our health?

They become extremely obsessed.” Below are some of how social media can be corrupt for your health:

Social Anxiety

We utilize social media intending to stay connected with people, but, it does not have the same properties as facial communication, which humans need. For those people who are prone to social anxiety, getting too addicted to social media could make you even more anxious, particularly when confronted with facial interactions.

As hooking up and communicating behind your computer screen gets more frequent, facial interactions may become a scary thing for most people.

It Affects Healthy Eating

Becoming addicted to social media can deprive you of good meal times. Most people always reply to tweets and go through comments on their posts, even while eating.

This can divert your attention from the food, thus decreasing your appetite. The impact of this is that you will hardly get to eat healthily because your attention is focused on social media. Poor dieting can lead to different health problems.

Could Lead to Car Accidents

Twenty-six percent of all car accidents are as a result of cell phone usage and distraction while driving, according to the American National Safety Council.

Those likes can wait, it isn’t only about texting and driving, but also being able to concentrate while doing so. Most social media addicts tend to get involved in a car, bike, and even home accidents due to spending too much time texting and conversing on social media.

It Delays the Release of Melatonin

It’s not uncommon to play on your computer or your phone before going to bed; however, the radiance from your cell phone and computer could disrupt sleep, according to a study by WebMD.

The brightness from your cellphone delays the release of melatonin, the sleep-inducing hormone, which helps in regulating your wake and sleep cycle.


Hopefully, with all the information provided in this article, we now know how to go about safely using social media. It is essential you don’t get addicted, due to the negative health impacts that come with getting addicted to social media. It is advisable you use it the right way to stay safe and healthy.

Non-Profit Work, is it Good for Your Health?

non-profits and your health
NGO's do tough work Non-profit work and your health

A non-profit organization and its volunteers live a life that helps people to change their way of life and live healthy more substantial lives. The lifestyle in most cases helps the workers to reduce stress, improve their emotional wellbeing, and physical health.

Non-profit organizations and charitable works are beneficial to your mental health in specific ways. It provides workers with a sense of belonging, reduces isolation and loneliness and gives an individual a sense of giving back to their communities and the world at large.

Making the world a better place is contagious, the more you do for others, the more you do for yourself. A non-profit worker always feels good if they enjoy helping others.

Getting involved and doing something for a good cause is hugely beneficial for your sense of wellbeing and as an achievement. Furthermore, non-profits help its workers to let go of feelings like anger, hostility, or aggression.

Engaging in random acts of kindness will definitely improve your mental health but can you make a living from non-profit work?

Non-profit businesses need money to stay afloat and advance their missions. There’s little chance of having a successful non-profit without developing income streams for staff and expenses.

Non-profits businesses legally raise tax-free cash to run their non-profits through, numerous creative ways. Non-profit workers will attest it may be challenging to make good money in the non-profit sector, however, it isn’t impossible; below are some tips and strategies non-profits can apply to increase the amount of money you receive for non-profit work or to apply to non-profit endeavors.

Non-profit and Health

Product Sales

Create and sell products that are related to your cause. The choices are uncountable and could range from clothes with animals baring your business logo, to other multimedia featuring lectures, webinars and digital products.

Shop around to keep your cost of production low, and make it known to any potential supplier that you are a non-profit organization since you might get a discount, which will assist in minimizing the rate at which you spend.

Making use of other local suppliers is also an excellent idea when it comes to saving cash when sourcing for products since your shipping cost can be lower.

Renting Property to Raise Funds

Generate good money from renting out your belongings as a non-profit. In most cases, that kind of income will be exempted from tax. For instance, in case you own the building which your headquarters is in, and you make up your mind to rent extra spaces out on the weekends for private or public social functions, that kind of revenue will be exempted from tax.

Non-profit art centers, museums, and performance groups often rent out their facilities, and that revenue is not only exempted from tax, but it is also essential to the sustainability of the organization.

For example, if you start a separate entity which only deals on rental facilities, instead of having all rentals linked to your non-profit business, then you would have to pay taxes on all the revenue you make.

What Does it Mean to Work for a Non-Profit?

If you love to spend your days assisting people, helping solve worldly problems in some cases, or working for a cause to improve the societal ills…. then working at a non-profit may be best for you.

Below are some things you need to know about working for a non-profit:

What does it mean to be a non-profit? A non-profit is an organization that works intending to improve the common good of society in different ways, generally through educational, charitable, religious, or scientific means.

Their defining features is that they do not distribute profits to single personals (like investors or owners); instead, they use their available revenues and income for serving the interest of the public in diverse ways.

Whenever you think of a non-profit, you may first think of soup kitchens and animal shelters; however, there are other types, of non-profits that include; advocacy groups, that work with trade associations for social change.

They offer services such as training, research as well as lobbying for the organization which they represent, such as temples and churches and other private foundations.

What types of jobs do non-profit hire for? Non-profits hire individuals to do all kinds of assignments, just like how-for-profit organizations do:

They hire individuals to do accounting, web design, management, research, administrative work, lobbying, communications, administrative work – all the same types of work which you are already used to seeing.

However, on top of all that, they also have other roles such as grant writers, fundraisers, community organizers, and volunteer coordinators.

Are non-profits staff paid? Apart from small organizations, typically a non-profit is staffed by already paid professionals. Most non-profit organizations employ volunteers along with their paid staff, but some do not use volunteer at all.

Does it mean staff doesn’t get paid in a non-profit organization? No. It is the organization that isn’t making any profit and not the team.

Do Non-Profits equal low-pay?

Because non-profits exist to improve and support the needy, it may seem contradictory to pay staff instead of helping the non-profit cause directly.

While staff help in keeping the organization operational for it to continuing its purpose, it is not an easy task determining a pay level that will attract qualified employees, while also not spending too many funds on paying salaries.

Non-profits pay scale is usually far from being high, particularly when compared to the pay level of other profit-making ventures.

Most times, although, organizations often get into trouble because individual staff members, usually the Executive Director or the CEO, are paid excessively high salary. Large scale pay typically occur in large institutions like universities or medical centers.

It is essential for non-profits to avoid underpaying or overpaying their staff. Underpaying staff may distort your ability to recruit good employees, and overpaying may get you into trouble.

What a Healthy Non-Profit looks like

A healthy non-profit is not only about endowment balances and reserves, a sophisticated accounting system or a large budget. These factors don’t always result in long-term success and proper management.

Just as your health depends on your behavior and movement, so does the financial health of a non-profit relies on the functioning of the administration – practices, and policies.

Non-Profits and your Health

Although there may be specific occasional deficits or tight cash flows, the following features will help you in determining if a non-profit will be healthy, i.e., generate more commission and cash flow: Board members appropriately understand the responsibilities and roles in financial matters

A well-considered and realistic budget is made and approved by the board.
Board and management are committed to non-profit management to operate a surplus every year.

Pros and Cons of a Non-Profit Work

Let’s talk about why non-profit work is beneficial, even though a non-profit doesn’t focus on making profits; it still has the following advantages:

Non-profits engage interesting individuals – it is usually a common misconception that a non-profit organization only settles for those employees who are ready to work for long hours but low pay.

On the contrary, these organizations typically get to select between the brightest and the best candidates and could afford to be quite picky about whosoever they decide to employ.

Existence of unparalleled growth opportunities – While four corporate employees might be assigned to a single project, one non-profit worker might himself be assigned to four different projects.

This could lead to rapid career development and diverse job responsibilities. Employees could learn skills sets faster – Non-profit sectors love a generalist. With lesser staff slots than needed for the work to be done, they search for employees to multi-task.

Due to this, non-profits offer employees the opportunity of learning new skills and gaining experience and expertise in those areas they are yet to tackle.

The universe becomes smaller – Workers at more giant profit-making corporations hardly get to interact with the management, to show what expertise, or learn from them or get reinvigorated regularly.

This isn’t the case in non-profit organizations. The structures are usually less hierarchical, and a non-profit employee could take advantage of smaller private communities.

Some of the disadvantages associated with non-profits include:
The burnout level is high
The stakes are higher
There is a continuous focus on grants and fundraising.


11 ways the Beach enhances health
The Beach enhances your Health

I live on Miami Beach, I literally live across the street from the beach. My desk is facing the ocean, from time to time I stop my writing and I appreciate and thank my lucky stars that my wife and I took the job offer to come to Miami Beach from Atlanta GA 10 years ago.

Health benefits of living on the Beach

In my life, I’ve been to some stunning beaches. I’ve lived on St. John in the Virgin Islands, I’ve also spent a month on the beaches of St Lucia, I’ve camped on the beaches of Big Sur and been flabbergasted by the beauty of beaches of Lake Tahoe. All of those places are stunning and most of the people living on these beaches seemed pretty happy to me.

I personally will never live any place other than the beach, it’s has grown into my wife and I’s DNA. We have done our own unscientific test and from watching people from our window walking to and from the beach 99% of the people seem extremely happy, there you go, case closed.

Whenever it involves why the Beach is useful to our psychological state, there are some essential factors at work, says Sheldon Kopp, PsyD, a psychotherapist. 

“Blue as a color has been found by a variety of people to be related to the emotions of peace and calm,” says Kopp.

“Staring at the ocean or sea changes and transforms our brain wave frequency and keeps us in a beautiful and delicate ruminative state.

” It’s been discovered that blue additionally helps our brains work quicker, therefore boosting creativeness.

The ocean breeze smell at the Beach helps in contributing to our soothed state, which may have something to do with the friendly ions within the air that we tend to inspire at the Beach.

The Beach enhances your health
Who doesn’t like the beach…

This air usually occurs in places like the ocean, Beach, and waterfalls, says Gregory.

A study printed in various medical journals suggests that IONS or positive particles may be employed in treating the symptoms and signs of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Furthermore, the consistent flowing and diminution you hear as you rest on your towel or blanket below your umbrella de-stimulates the brain.

The noises mixed with the visuals stimulate the parasympathetic system helps us calm down and decompress.

How the Beach Reprograms your Brain

The calming sound from ocean waves, along with the sensation of heated sand below your toes and the smell of salt water clicks in our brains and sends a signal of relaxation.

Because I have lived on the Beach for the last 10 years, I classified the happiness at the Beach as infectious.

Studies reveal that a beach-type atmosphere is associated with a profound impact on our brains further well-being and a pleasant psychological state. It’s the primary reason why people move to the Beach. 

Though few people deny the importance of brain health. People fail to prioritize their brains health. We tend to concentrate exclusively on our bodies.

The contradiction that shapes this thinking undermines the psychological balance needed in a body and mind as equals, which will eventually lead to damage in one of the two areas.

The reality is that we’d like to balance each- our physical and psychological states suitably. 

Is Going to the Beach Healthy?

As your mind approaches a stage of meditation, that can happen from listening to ocean waves; you appreciate the rhythms and patterns from the sounds of waves gently crashing on the Beach.

This continuous sound that was initiated from the beaches patterns and your continual breaths syncing, to create an almost super relaxation in your brain. 

Is the Beach good for Depression?

Studies have discovered that the color blue gives people a sense of calm in their lives. Blue causes an emotional, physical, and psychological change in our brains.

For example, most businesses use the color blue to calm a room and to keep their customers in a relaxed zen mood.

Health specialists have, for a long time advised people to continuously surround themselves with blue because it may help to minimize stress. 

How the Beach Benefits your Brain

When we go out on the beach sand and permit our lungs to fill with salty misty air, our brains may well be receiving immediate signals.

Those desirable ones that ions contained within the ocean air may facilitate in calming the brain. 

Positive or desirable ions are known to contain a renowned anti-depressant result.

The Beach and your health

Doctors who have been testing patients for decades; see the effects on people when enjoying themselves on the Beach. They almost always come back positive.

Benefits of Spending Time on the Beach

The goal of most families vacationing at the Beach isn’t merely to lay on the Beach, many come for the sensation that comes with Palm trees, suntan lotion and the shells on the Beach.

The attractiveness of the Beach with its blue ocean and white or brown sand- makes it almost impossible for someone to feel bored. Below are some health hacks related to great beach vacations:

Reducing the strain and fatigue of daily activities. 

The main purpose of a vacation is to eliminate fatigue and stress from our daily activities. It’s additionally the identical factor whenever you opt to travel for a vacation at the Beach.

The inartificial beauty of the beach, it is astonishing and makes us feel happier and less stressed out.

These feelings can even become more healing, particularly when playing in ocean waves. it is a good idea- when you feel exhausted and stressed, to recharge with a holiday at the beach.

Beach Therapy

Some diseases may well be helped if exposed to brine. The ocean includes a brine microorganism that helps different kinds of infections, mainly if it happens within the foot.

Brine is additionally useful at onset of some infections as in alternative treatment for different parts of the body.

Whenever you swim at the Beach, it becomes possible to cure some diseases just from being in the ocean. 

It makes respiratory simple

Beach holidays can even facilitate someone to breathe better and easier. Studies have discovered that the air at the seaboard helps in making lungs clear of congestion and the person to breath with less effort.

The Health Benefits Of The Apple Watch

Apple Watch helps your health goals
The health aspects of a Apple Watch

I bought a Apple Watch maybe a year ago…it reminded me of the old old Dick Tracey comics. I loved that you could talk on the phone through a watch, so futuristic.

Well I still have my watch and wear it everyday. The watch tells me if I have been sitting to long. The watch tells me to stop and just take deep breaths.

All of that plus numerous health stats that are transferred to my iPhone for me to inspect. The phone tracks- Steps, KCal’s (whatever they are), your heart rate at different times of the day, plus many more things.

My researcher and I put together this blog post letting you know just the ‘health’ aspects of the Apple Watch.

The next generation Apple Watch 4 contains various health features that have caught the attention of many average Apple product fans.

As one of them, I believe these health features represent a significant leap forward in the self-monitoring our own health.

The Apple Watch has many features that help in monitoring your breathing and if necessary, reminds you to breathe.

This watch also helps in reporting your falls, and in case you do not get up at once, Siri will immediately initiate a call to 911.

This particular feature needs proper consideration because of several scenarios where 911 calls are potentially lifesaving, and also because of other situations where it merely represents an overreaction.

Although the potential for overreaction is often true for the new cardiac features, I must confess that I am pleased about them. Clinical health tracker and advanced heart rate sensors are essential self-monitoring apparatuses and tools during an exercise session.

Furthermore, the Apple Watch for the first time features a one-lead limb EKG which could recognize and also record an arrhythmia such as atrial fibrillation and potential heart damage.

Push a simple button, and your doctor immediately gets this essential information.

Considering that 2 to 7 million people are suffering from atrial fibrillation, it is clear that the Apple Watch has a huge potential of saving millions of lives, particularly when integrated with telemedicine in less-developed areas where doctors are not readily available.

Apple Watch for your health
Apple watches and health goals…

Is the Apple Watch right for your health?

In case you have been confused about purchasing an Apple Watch, then this may help you in making a decision.

A Standford University study conducted on 400,000 grown-ups who utilize the Apple Watch as well as its fitness tracker and tools has just been completed, which is one of the most extensive studies that was solely focused on behavioral technology.

Behavioral technology, in this sense, can be seen as how technology could be used to facilitate and encourage positive behavior.

In the case of the new Apple Watch, participants with Apple watches made monthly subscriptions and payments depending on their various activity levels, with nothing to pay for if their monthly exercise and fitness targets were achieved, Telegraph reports.

The Apple Watch helps in measuring and keeping track of personal and activity goals.

Below is a summary of study findings according to PR Newswire:

Participants with Apple watch’s notice an average of 36% sustained increase in exercise and activity – 4.8 additional days of action each month – across South Africa, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Activity increased among the full spectrum of all vitality participants, irrespective of age, gender, and health status.

“At risk” study participants with high BMI (Body Mass Index), although with less chances of taking up the benefits, showed considerable improvements in activity as compared with other groups, with activity increase of 250% in the United States, 170% in the United Kingdo, and 110% in South Africa.

South Africa notices the most substantial increase in extremely high-intensity exercise and activity days of 75%, followed by the U.S at 54%, and 38% in the United Kingdom.

With these constant increases in participants levels of activity.

Researchers estimate that within one year, participants that engaged in activities using the Apple Watch noticed various health benefits, like improvement in cholesterol, blood pressure as well as cardiorespiratory fitness along with reduced healthcare costs.

The findings of the study suggest that the behavioral technology in the Apple Watch if used the right way has all the potential of adding a year or two to your life.

What does the Apple Watch do for your health?

You may know an Apple Watch as a new, fancy gadget – however; for some individuals, it could provide numerous health and lifesaving functions.

Recently, Henry Heather, a 27-year old from Alabama man, was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism after his Apple Watch kept on alerting him that his resting heart rate was too high.

And although it is not likely for an Apple Watch to detect a hidden disorder like untreated or severe hyperthyroidism, it turns out there are several things your Apple Watch could tell you about your health.

The extent at which an Apple Watch can assist you with your health depends on the amount of data it gets about your body.

A mobile health data company known as Cardiogram has said that; the information and data from the heart rate sensor in an Apple Watch, when fed into the company’s learning network can assist in detecting hypertension, fibrillation, sleep apnea, and it also has an 86 percent accuracy when used in detecting diabetes.

As for what you could use the Apple Watch to track now, and see results yourself, begin with sleep – one of the fastest means of crashing your health, both mental and physical, is by not having a night of beauty sleep.

The Apple Watch presently does not have an in-built sleep tracker; however; coding experts around the world have succeeded in filling the Apple Store with other third-party applications such as AutoSleep.

Loading this app in your Apple Watch could turn it into a tracker that can give you the opportunity of seeing vital sleep statistics such as the exact time you fall asleep if you often sleep into a deep sleep and how often you are disturbed at night.

The Apple Watch as an avenue for third-party health-related applications

While most of the necessary built-in health information, your Apple Watch can provide you with is also very crucial, but not extremely specialized. Healthcare providers have generated specific applications to assist patients with different diagnosed illnesses.

Most of the in-built features in the Apple Watch include the feature which notified Heather of his strange high resting heart rate that was made for the Apple Watch 3, as reported by TechCrunch.

And of course, there are also other workout functions in the Apple Watch, which are probably some of its pre-loaded and most-developed health functions.

The watch makes use of its Workout and Activity applications for tracking your motion and fitness. “Activity is all about your movement, daily routine, wellness, and health,” TechAdvisor says, “and Workout tracks cycling, walking and tracks running.”

Apple Watch and Health
The stylish Apple watch helps you track your Health goals

Furthermore, Apple recently introduced the GymKit that allows you to synchronize your Apple Watch to different workout equipment for more fitness feedback and result.

Thus, there is a possibility that in the future, Apple might combine this newly increased potential in its Health application, where other iPhone users could store and also view their medical records and reports, with real-time updates from healthcare providers and doctors.

Together, the Apple Watch fitness trackers and in-built health functions can be integrated with a myriad of other third-party applications to transform the device into one outstanding health-tracking machine.
How to use the ECG on the apple watch

Apple has released the ECG application for the Apple Watch 4

This ECG application utilizes the watch’s digital sensors and crown along the bottom of the Apple Watch for monitoring the electrical patterns of an individual’s heartbeat and analyzing it for potential problems.

Setting up your Apple Watch for Health

Before taking your first reading with the ECG app, you will need to open the Health application on your iPhone.

You will be asked if you wish to set up the ECG feature the first time you open the Health app, which means providing your birthdate and carefully reading through a guide of what the ECG feature can and cannot do.

How to use it ECG on your Apple Watch ?

With the ECG setup compete, search for the ECG application icon on your Apple Watch grid. It is a white circle with a red line that looks like a heart rate reading; if found, tap on it.

To capture the right results, you will need to have your arms on a desk or in your lap and leave a finger on the Digital Crown for as long as the countdown lasts.

Try remaining as still as possible, because any slight movement can affect the test.

Ensure your Apple Watch is appropriately tightened on your wrist. Also, make sure that you have the right wrist location, as identified in the watch.

As soon as the test is complete, you will receive one of three different results: Atrial fibrillation (AFib), sinus rhythm or inconclusive.

AFib means your heartbeat is irregular and strange; sinus minus means your heart is beating in uniformity, while inconclusive means either the application had a hard time trying to get a reading due to too much movement and other factors, or your heart rhythm does not qualify for either AFib or sinus.

Apple Health app

After each ECG test, the Health application on your iPhone will notify you of your results.

Open the alerts to see a chart of your heart’s rhythm, and any other essential actions or advice Apple recommends for you.

In case you want to show the recording to your doctor, you could export the result to a PDF format that contains a chart of all your heart’s when viewing any particular ECG in the Apple Health app.

The Health Benefits of our Dogs

Dogs and your Health
My favorite Dog

There’s a reason why dogs are called man’s best friend. Dogs make great companions and provide several physical and mental health benefits. The above Flat Black Lab is my dog Juniper she is a girl that’s getting old. We love her even more though.

“I am a believer in most of the health benefits that come with owning a dog, and I am impressed with the ability of pets (especially dogs) to create bonds with human beings,” says psychiatrist Dr. John Greg, director of Benson Henry Institute for Body and Mind Medicine.

But, there are several things you need to know before you decide on adding a dog to your household.

Is Owing a Dog Good for Your Health?

Dogs are, indeed, human’s best friends. A Swedish study says dog ownership can help in reducing heart disease.

A study carried out on 3.5 million people between the ages of 50 and 75 revealed that owning a dog was associated with a 25% decrease in death caused by heart disease and a 21% lower risk of deaths from any cause over the 13 years of the study.

Furthermore, health experts have suggested that dogs help in relieving depression and social isolation, which are both connected to increased risks of heart disease and premature death.

Thus, it could be said that owning a dog has several health benefits, which will be discussed below.

The Mental Health Benefits of Owning a Dog

Pets aren’t just about fun, games, and great to cuddle with. Pets are great with helping you stay healthy, and even lower your blood pressure.

Also, people with pets like dogs are diagnosed to have fewer heart attacks and strokes. Below are some of the health benefits you can derive from owning a dog:

Yes -dogs can help in reducing nervous breakdowns

It’s as simple as this: Petting a dog can quickly lower your blood pressure. Although stroking a snake can lower your blood pressure too. This from a study that was analyzed with people who own snakes.

The study stated that petting a dog helps you stay in the present, and not dwell on the future or past, which can cause nervous breakdowns.

Research and studies have also revealed that cuddling a dog can give you a chemical boost by releasing some feel-good brain chemicals like- endorphin, oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine.

Dogs and their Health Benefits

Dog owners typically have lower levels of cholesterol and triglyceride. They help in boosting immunoglobulin A

Owning a dog could also help in raising your levels of immunoglobulin A. This is an antibody that is good at fighting off the common cold.

By owning a dog, you are indirectly helping to boost Immunoglobulin A in your body, thus enhancing your overall health

Your Dog Helps you Breath Easy

They help make breathing easy

Dogs may cause some people to sneeze, but if your children or any other people who are growing up with dogs are prone to have fewer allergies such as asthmas later on in life.

The reasoning behind this case is: when someone is exposed to dirt, pollen, and pet dander early on in life, it can give them a stronger immune system to fight these allergies.

Dogs Help you Stay Fit

Having a pet such as a dog gives you no excuses, which means you forced to go out and walk your dog on a daily stroll.

Dog owners usually are in better shape than people without a dog to walk. You could https://e-healthynews.com/how-to-lose-10-pounds-in-one-week/if you walk your dog around the neighborhood regularly.

Health Risks of Having a Dog

It is not always easy to care for dogs, and most times, having them in your home poses certain health risks for older adults.

“In case you have problems with stability and gait and your dog can get underneath your feet or can jump up and knock you down, then broken bones can be a real danger,” says Dr. Greg.

Also, there are certain sanitary risks related to dog ownership. Dogs can carry parasites that could be transferred to humans.

Dog in particular typically carries a parasite known as Toxoplasma Gondii, which could get into your brain, thus causing a condition called toxoplasmosis.

Individuals with the conceded immune system are particularly very vulnerable to this.

Dogs’ faces also carry all types of bacteria that could make you fall sick.
Dogs can also cause specific allergic reactions in pet owners.

Benefits of Having a Dog for Your Child

Dogs are one of the best pets that one can ever have. Both the young and old alike would have their share of fun having a dog for a pet.

But for kids, there are some early lessons in life that they can learn from their pet dogs. Below are a few benefits dogs could offer to your child:

Friendship and company

Stories about dogs and humans being best friends are nothing new. Your dog could be a good playmate and friend for your child.

Dogs could show your kids how wonderful it can be having friends who are always there for you.

Dogs Add a Sense of Responsibility

Pet dogs can teach children to be responsible. When your child is old enough, you can delegate the task of feeding and giving water to the dog.

These may look like small tasks; however; it is a good start for kids to learn how to take part in various household chores.

Compassion and gentleness

Most kids could be loud, heavy-handed, and overly energetic. In case dogs are not pleased with how your children are treating them, they might want to deprive the kids those play time, which they always enjoy so much.

Thus, this will make kids know that they have to be affectionate and gentle with both animals and humans if they want to build friendships.

How Do Dogs Help Your Health?

Dogs are one of the friendliest animals known to man. They are cute, cuddly, and full of fun. Dogs also can provide many health benefits to its owner.

Dogs are known to lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease, lower cholesterol lessen anxiety, and boosts immunity.

Dogs are beneficial pets for the young and the old.

 Dogs and your Health
Dogs are women best friends too…

One way to lower blood pressure in both the human and the dog is petting. In a recent study done at the University of Missouri showed that after a round of petting, both the human and the dog had a 10% decrease in blood pressure.

James D. Clarke, MD, a pediatrician at Wisconsin University, stated: “children growing up with furred animals like dogs at home with furred animals, whether it is a pet dog or cat, or on a farm and exposed to large animals – will have less risk of asthma and allergies.”

Infants who are raised in a family that owns a dog, have less of a chance of contracting the common household allergens.

Since dogs are often dirty, children can build up immunity to the common allergens.

These furry animals help relieve stress and provide social support. The antics and various tricks of these lovable animals cause many to laugh and smile.

Laughter has been known to relieve pain and increase immunity. People who laugh are generally less stressed, happy, and healthy.

Do Dogs Also Help Your Happiness?

If you are fortunate to have an excellent friend, spouse or family member that you can turn to both when times have been good to you or the opposite, then you know how meaningful those relationships can be.

Life can be lonely at times and very isolating. Being able to enjoy a walk with a friend or a meal with a sibling has the power to change your outlook or appreciate the blessings you have been given.

Not all individuals are fortunate enough to experience these kinds of relationships.

Most times, life could get in the way; an excessively active lifestyle, a lack of motivation, and busy schedules. These could affect your level of comfort of happiness.

Happiness can be defined as an emotional or mental state of well-being, which is characterized by pleasant or positive emotions ranging from intense joy to contentment.

So, how can your dog positively affect your happiness?

It has been known for many years that dog ownership can have a positive effect on your level of well-being and happiness.

Many studies over a considerable period, suggest that your relationship with your dog can result in a tremendous amount of joy and happiness.

The social nature of the daily walk, meeting and conversing with other dog walkers or neighbors can be very enjoyable and divert your attention from the more pressing issues in your life; thus increasing your level of happiness

In so many ways, your pet is dependent upon you. This dependency includes the daily needs of being fed and housed safely.

They also need and crave attention. By providing playtime, grooming, and a simple touch, the owner bonds with the pet.

A sense of companionship develops that can often grow into something much more. This can be a very satisfying experience and one that leaves the owner with a great sense of being needed.

All of which can contribute to happiness, especially for those who are lonely or feeling down.

Also, it was observed that some cancer patients were motivated to comply with their treatment requirements because of their desire to get home to their pets as soon as possible.

Exercise is Great for your Mental Health!

Mental health and Exercise
Exercise helps your mental health

I exercise…I am a strong proponent for exercise…It adds to a person’s quality of life, it makes you happy, it will also help you to focus during complicated times in your life. My wife Fairchild started me exercising with a trainer close to 10 years ago. Over the years, I’ve taken breaks from my trainer for months at a time, but have always come back after feeling out of shape.

During those trainer breaks, I would exercise on my own and stay in decent shape, but never as good as with the trainer. I learned most people will never push themselves as far as a good trainer will push them.

Exercise for a long time has been prescribed as an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, and a significant directive because 80% of U.S citizens are insufficiently active.

Past and previous research has revealed that regular workouts can help in lifting depression, and cardiovascular activities minimizing the effects of anxiety and nervousness.

Should we Substitute MH Meds for Exercise?

We already know exercise is essential for a healthy lifestyle; however, this research takes it to a whole different level.

Researchers at Vermont University believes that exercise should be appropriately prescribed for patients with mental health problems before prescribing psychiatric drugs for them.

In a study of about a hundred participants, 95% of patients with mental health issues started feeling better, while 63% reported feeling excited or very excited.

The researchers ended up suggesting that mental health facilities need to be built with equipment for exercise like gyms.

A different study at Vermont University Medical Center printed in the Journal Worldwide Advances in Medicines and Health takes that last claim a step further: Regular exercise has to be prescribed to individuals with mental health problems before prescribing psychiatric drugs to them.

This study follows a growing recognition of the chronic problems related to SSRIs as well as other pharmacological interferences.

The effectiveness of antidepressants reduces over time, leaving the patients in worse conditions as they keep experiencing more side effects instead of benefits.

As recently reported by Jerome Groopman in the New Yorker, the psychiatry field has for long suffered antagonistic treatment since we don’t have any biology meant for mental sickness.

Papers on mental health are guesswork at best, more like art than science.

Exercise and Mental health
Exercise really helps your mental health

How Exercise can Benefit Mental Health

Most individuals go to the gym to enhance cardiovascular fitness, get a rocking body and of course build muscle; however, working out has other above-the-neck benefits as well.

For a while now, scientists have wondered how exercising can help in boosting brain function. Irrespective of fitness level or age, studies have revealed that making out time to exercise has some serious mental health benefits.

Get motivated to exercise more by reading these surprising ways that exercise and workouts can be beneficial to your mental health and lead to a happier and healthier life overall.

Improve Your Self-Confidence

Get on the treadmill to feel (and more importantly, look) like a million bucks. Physical fitness on a fundamental level can enhance confidence and self-esteem and also improve an individual’s positive self-image.

Irrespective of size, weight, age, or gender, exercise could rapidly elevate an individual’s perception of his/her attractiveness, i.e., self-worth.

Decreases Stress

Are you having a rough day at work? Take a walk or go to the gym for a quick workout.

One of the most typical mental health benefits of regular exercising is stress relief. Working out can assist in managing mental and physical stress.

Exercise also helps in increasing norepinephrine concentrations. Norepinephrine is a chemical which moderates the human brain’s response to stress.

Thus, it is essential you work out and get sweaty, as this will help in reducing stress and also boost the body’s capability to deal with mental tension.

Mental Health and Exercise
The Mental Health puzzle…

Increases Relaxation

For most individuals, a moderate workout could be the equivalent of a right sleeping pill, even for those people with sleeping disorders.

Moving around four to six hours before going to bed helps in raising the body’s temperature.

Whenever the body temperature drops back to normal after a few hours, it sends signals to the body, that it is time to sleep.

Avert Cognitive Decline

It is unpleasant; however, it is true – as we grow older, our brains become weak.

As degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer destroy brain cells, noggin shrinks, thus making us lose several essential brain functions.

While a healthy diet and exercise cannot cure Alzheimer, they could assist in shoring up the brain to fight against all kinds of cognitive decline, which starts after 45.

Exercising and workout (specifically between the ages of 45 and 25, stimulate the chemicals within the brain that prevent the deterioration of hippocampus degeneration, an essential part of the brain which boosts memory and learning.

Ease Anxiety

Quick question and answer: a warm bubble bath or a 30-minute jog? You may be stunned at what the answer will be.

The fuzzy and warm chemicals which are released after and during exercise could assist individuals with anxiety.

Hopping on the treadmill or tracks for some mild-to-high amount aerobic exercise can ease and decrease anxiety sensitivity.

Inspire Others

Whether it is a pick-up soccer game, a run with a workmate, or a group class at the gym, exercise hardly happens in a bubble.

And that is excellent news for all of us. Research has revealed that most individuals perform better on aerobic tests, particularly when they have a workout mate.

Pin it to good old fashioned competition or inspiration, and nobody would want to let his/her partner down.

Being a member of a workout team can raise tolerance for pain. Even fitness amateurs can as well inspire each other to keep going during an exercise session, so it is relevant you find a workout partner and get moving!

Enhances Brainpower

Those buff laboratory rats may be smarter than we think. Different studies on men and mice have revealed that cardiovascular exercises could create brand new brain cells (also called neurogenesis) and enhance general brain performance.

Prepared to apply for the Nobel Prize? Scientists believe that serious workout boosts the levels of brain-derived proteins (BDNF) within the body, which assist in decision making, higher learning, and thinking.

Sharpen Memory

Regular exercise enhances our memory and our ability to learn and discover new things.

Exercising increases the production of cells within the hippocampus, which is responsible for memory as well as learning.

It is for this reason that, research has linked kid’s brain development with the level of physical fitness they get.

However, exercise-related brainpower isn’t only meant for kids. Even though it isn’t as fun as most kid’s games, exercising can help in boosting memory among adults, as well.

A study revealed that running improved vocabulary retention in healthy grown-ups.


Impossible Burger or Beyond Meats
Impossible Burger VS Beyond Meat's Burger

I’ve had both burgers…The Impossible and Beyond Burger…I prefer one more than the other, one still has some work to do, to escape that beets and black bean fake meat taste and the other has conquered this feat with the addition of a yeast extract called HEME that actually makes plants taste like meat.

As with anything dealing with other people cooking your food, it’s really going to depend on who makes your Impossible burger or Beyond Burger.

I’ve had them fresh off of the grill at Burger King, and they were great.
But I’ve also had an Impossible burger at a restaurant, and it was overcooked and sucked. Both times that I have had Beyond burgers were at home and made by myself. BTW I’m a good cook.

The Impossible Burger and the Beyond Meat burger are two food products coming from technology companies that are focused on duplicating the taste of beef by utilizing plant-based alternatives.

The main goal or objective is plant-based meat which looks, taste, bleeds, and smells like real beef.

Beyond Meat has integrated a traditional retail or grocer model (example Target, Whole Foods) while Impossible burger, is only available in selected restaurants and now can be found in selected states at the fast-food burger joints like Burger King.

Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat are on the leading edge of technology to generate more innovative ways to make a vegan product that satisfies the desires and needs of meat-eaters.

These products are sparing the environment from the significant resource demands needed to produce beef.

From the viewpoint of environmental safety, raising livestock for the primary purpose of meat consumption is dangerous to the planet in general.

Impossible Burger Vs Beyond Burger
Veggie Burgers are HOT !

Recent research conducted by the PETA discovered that over 1/3 of the whole raw materials in the U.S are relevant for the consumption and raising of livestock.

The total amount of land committed to ranch grazing along with the massive burden of water to generate beef is an unmaintainable model if the global population keeps on growing.

One major thing to note for the two products is that these are not the veggie/soy burgers you might be used to.

The goal of each is to replace the sear, look, and flavor of a local beef burger. Both products were made using various combinations of proteins (soy, pea, heme) and several other binding agents.

Because of some crafty bio-engineering, both will eventually bleed when cut, because of the addition of particular beets that gives each the coloring necessary.

Both companies are funded and backed by some potential partners. Beyond Meat notes Bill Gates and Leonardo DiCaprio as initial seed investors.

They companies brag about other meat alternatives like chicken strips, pork sausages, and ground beef crumbles to come in the future.

These products are available at grocers around the country and have sold more than 13 million patties worldwide.

Impossible Foods isn’t a brand new entrant in the space (est. 2012) they’ve raised over $75M in 2017 through an adaptable or convertible investment structure that has recently built up a sum of $114m in venture capital funding.

Until recently Impossible burgers were available in more than 5,000 eateries around the United States. But with the Burger King chain selling Impossible Whoppers, small mom and pop eateries have been having trouble getting burgers to sell.

Impossible Foods is looking for a way to give not just a substitute to ground meat, but also plant-based meat alternatives for fish, egg, chicken, and steak. They are also planning on a replacement for cheese.

Beyond Meats Burger Pros and Cons

What exactly is it, and what is in it? The Beyond Meat burger is a 100 percent plant-based burger that looks, taste, and cooks like a real burger made with beef.

Though, the patty is 100 percent plant-based patty. It is still essential for it to get cooked before consumption. This is also a pea protein-based meat burger.

Smells/looks great! Not too different from a real burger.
Great char/sear
Bleed realistically

A little bit dry, even when prepared to a medium-well temperature
Hard to cook to get the needed result (medium-well temperature)

After texture and taste were closer to the veggie burger as compared with a real one.
We purchased two patties from a local Whole Foods. The price was around $6, and they were found in a refrigerator cooler.

We prepared one of these burgers on a nonstick pan on our stovetop. What became apparent was the sizzle that we heard upon putting the burger on a pan. It was like we were making a regular burger. We had to drop a slice of extremely sharp cheddar on top for about a minute before we felt it was ready.

We then put the cooked burger on a Sesame roll along with onions, tomatoes, sliced dill pickles, and lettuce. We added a bit of ketchup and mayo to it to complete the process. While staring at it from a far distance, it was hard to differentiate it from a real burger. When we had the first bite, we were even more stunned as the bleed and crunch were weirdly similar to that of a real burger. There were also a few areas we had issues with.

Although we cooked it to a pink middle (medium), it tasted dry, far from what we expected. Furthermore, the after taste just did not taste good. It did not taste terrible, but it did not taste quite like a real burger.

The Impossible Burger and Heme

What exactly is it, and what does it contain? The impossible burger is a 100 percent plant-based alternative beef patty that could be formed into ground “beef” crumbles and meatballs.

The ingredients in the actual patty are potato protein, wheat protein, sugars, amino acids, and heme. Heme can be seen as a molecule that carries oxygen inside the blood, which is also the primary reason why the blood is red.

Heme could be found in plants, and the Impossible Foods ferment their heme to give their patties the red color blood.

How is it related to beef? Similar to Beyond Meat Burger, the Impossible Burger developers discovered the same beef properties in plants and generated their patties.
But it also bleeds! Yes, that is true.

We discussed the bloody nature and appearance when we pointed out what it contains. They utilize plant heme to keep their patties colored.

The significant differences between beet juice and plant heme are that the heme helps in providing a deeper red color and as soon as it cooks the beef out, the color turns into that brow beef which we are all used to seeing in actual beef patties.

Impossible Burger Pros and Cons

Smells/look great! Not too different from an actual burger
Outstanding meat-like texture
The after taste is very juicy with a weirdly rich meat-like flavor.

Char/sear was just ok.”
Unavailable for retail purchase
While the Beyond Meat Burger is available in a grocer, the Impossible Burger isn’t. Presently, the Impossible Burger is only made available at selected restaurants.

To locate the nearest restaurant that serves one, you could use an online finder.

A waiter at a restaurant we once had Impossible Burger at, told us that they had initially upgraded to a brand new Impossible Burger Recipe, i.e., Version 2.

Also, we were told that several changes were made to give the burger a more realistic burger taste. We placed an order for one with the same extras/bun as the Beyond burger to keep the comparison close.

The very first thing we discovered is that the Impossible Burger passed the eye-test. It looks just like a regular burger. On the first bite, we found that the crunch and texture were astonishing.

We did not notice the bleed like how we did with the Beyond Meat Burger; however, it still was meat-like and juicy. The after-taste is what astounded us.

That delicious taste you remember with a standard burger was weirdly almost the same. This is because of the addition of heme.

To cut a long story short, the main reason why meat tastes like meat is due to the protein which you will find in all meat.

The geniuses at Impossible Burger have a way replicated this molecule though plant-based meat alternatives, and the outcome is incredible.

Like we said earlier, our main regret is the fact that the Impossible Burger isn’t available for retail purchases.

However, we have been informed that it will be made available as early as April 2019.

Impossible Burger and Beyond Burger Ingredients

Comparing ingredients
Take a close look at the packaging on an Impossible Burger and a Beyond Meat Burger, and you will see an extensive list of ingredients.

The Impossible Meat Burger consists of the following ingredients:
Coconut Oil, Soy Protein Concentrate, Sunflower Oil, Water, Natural Flavors, 1% or more of: Methylcellulose, Potato protein, Cultured Dextrose, Yeast Extract, Soy Leghemoglobin, Food Starch Modified, Salt, Soy Protein Isolate, Zinc Gluconate, Mixed Tocopherols, Sodium Ascorbate, Niacin, Thiamine Hydrochloride, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Vitamin B12 and Riboflavin.

Apart from water, the primary ingredient is soy protein concentrate. Soybeans are very healthy; however, soy protein concentrate is seriously processed, which implies that several benefits in raw food get lost.

For instance, raw soybeans are good at providing a calcium, iron, Vitamin B-6, Vitamin C, and magnesium, however Impossible Foods reinforces it’s burgers with minerals and vitamins, to make up for all the nutrients lost during processing.

The Beyond Meat Burger consists of the following ingredients:
Pea Protein Isolate, Water, Refined Coconut Oil, Expeller-Pressed Canola Oil, contains 1% or more of the following: Methylcellulose, Cellulose from bamboo, Natural Flavor, Yeast Extract, Maltodextrin, Sunflower Oil, Salt, Dried Yeast, Vegetable Glycerin, Citrus Extract (for protecting quality), Gum Arabic, Ascorbic Acid (for maintaining color), Acetic Acid, Beet Juice Extract (for color), Succinic Acid, Annatto, and Modified Food Starch.

When it comes to ingredients, the Impossible Burger and the Beyond Meat Burger are quite the same, the difference being the primary source of protein.

The Beyond Meat Burger utilizes pea protein rather than soy protein, and there is no soy Leghemoglobin, which is the key ingredient in Impossible Burger that makes this burger bleed.

Beyond Meats and Impossible Meats leading the way...
Impossible and Beyond Meats leading the way…

Furthermore, Beyond Burger’s red color is from the beet extract, instead of the heme derived from the Leghemoglobin used in the Impossible Burger.

Are Impossible and Beyond Burgers Vegan?

Yes, the Beyond Meat Burger and Impossible Burger can both be regarded as vegan – neither consist of any animal products or by-products. For what it is worth, the Beyond Meat claims all its products are vegan certified.

Also, the Impossible Burger is certified kosher and halal. Beyond Meat does not specify if their products are halal or kosher.

Is one better than the other?

The final verdict is that both companies have produced a burger in a laboratory, made from only plant-based products and intended to imitate the texture and taste of actual beef.

Your level of comfort with that depends on your stand with food engineering (and how fussy you may be about meat, in case you love eating it.)

A few things may affect your opinion on which burger is better or healthier:
The Impossible Burger has mostly organic components, whereas the Beyond Burger does not.

The Beyond Burger is mainly non-GMO, while the Impossible Meat recently had to deal with backlash for utilizing hereditarily modified ingredients that contain pesticide glyphosate.

The Impossible Burger is also invigorated with more minerals and vitamins than the Beyond Burger.

How do they taste?
The impossible Burger tastes like standard beef for grossing out vegetarians, and the food geniuses at Impossible Meat say the burger could replace ground beef in any kind of recipe.

The Beyond meat Burger is labeled as having a coconut-y after-taste; however, most of its reviews on Amazon often come from happy customers who are very impressed by its proximity with natural beef.

Both the Impossible Burger and the beyond Meat Burger are usually described as replicating beef more than other local vegetarian burger patties (such as a Boca Burger).

But, the texture and taste of both burgers might not be close enough for individual beef lovers.

In a taste test which involved an Impossible Meat Burger, a Beyond Meat Burger and a regular beef burger, all tasters were able to point out which patties were plant-based and which one was the real beef.

Bottom Line
If we were told even four years ago, that a ‘meat-like,’ realistic veggie burger existed, we would have gazed upon it with several skepticisms.

But, the Beyond Burger and the Impossible Burger have both exceeded our expectations. Although we like certain parts in the Beyond Meat Burger, we have to give our nod and acknowledgment to the impossible Burger.

What actually makes it better than the Beyond Meat Burger is the ‘heme’ protein it contains.

The after-taste is close to the main thing. If we had carried out a blind taste test, then we will honestly not have been able to spot the difference.

3 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Healthcare

Navigating the healthcare system in the United States can definitely be a confusing proposition. Although it can be extremely disheartening, there are ways for you to get the most out of your healthcare.

The key is to do your research in order to get a full understanding of the healthcare industry. Moreover, you also should consider a number of tips in order for you to feel like you are actually getting something in return when it comes to your healthcare. Take note of these:

Take Advantage of Preventative Care

The good news about preventative care is that health insurance often covers most, if not all, of it. However, one pitfall that can cause

difficulty would be in determining just what is considered to be the preventative type of medical care.Most out of your Healthcare

In this case, knowledge is power, and it usually entails such things as standard check-ups, immunizations, general health screenings, and pediatric screenings.

Utilize Online Healthcare Resources

Another way to get the most out of your healthcare would be to make use of online visits. Indeed, more and more people are realizing just how useful an online visit can be.

First of all, one aspect of online healthcare would be the fact that the doctor visits are usually much cheaper than a visit to a typical brick-and-mortar medical organization.

Moreover, online healthcare services often have the ability to get online prescriptions as well. Finally, no one can question the convenience of going to a doctor visit from the comfort of your own home. Online prescriptions can be obtained for minor conditions from some healthcare services.

Be Your Own Healthcare Advocate

One of the most interesting aspects of this topic would be the fact that we are more than willing to be healthcare advocates for others, such as our aging parents or our young children; however, when it comes to our own health, we might get just a little bit too cavalier about our own medical needs. First of all, be as proactive as possible.

If your doctor advises you to do something, do it. Moreover, don’t be afraid to tell your doctor all of your symptoms even if it seems a bit embarrassing.

In conclusion, getting the most bang for your healthcare activities takes a lot of work. However, it is well worth it if it keeps you happy and healthy for decades to come!

Healthcare isn’t only found in a doctor’s office; rather, the earth has provided us with many resources to improve our health. Click here for three easy-to-find plants with medicinal abilities.  

21 Foods That Will Help You Poop

Poop constipation
Your Poop canal

Constipation can be a terrible experience for anyone, it’s prevalent for lots of people today because of our changing diets and our bad processed foods habits. With “21 foods that will help you Poop”, I wanted to let people know that it doesn’t have to be hard to stay regular.
People have different bathroom habits, experts say that a person would need to poo at least three times a week, to stay healthy.

Anything less than this is typically a cause for worry. Many factors can contribute to constipation, these factors include medical conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease and hypothyroidism as well as medications like antidepressants and painkillers.

Our diets are the major contributing factors when we become constipated, this mostly has to do with the things that we’re not eating or eating right. Diets like the KETO Diet if done wrong can make constipation a real problem.
There’s are foods we need to include in our diets and in at least a certain quantity to be able to prevent situations of constipation.

Here’s a list of 21 foods that will help to keep you regular. But if you want to know the worst foods for making you poop follow this link.


Water is first on our list; the importance of it could not be more critical in keeping you regular.
Drinking enough water is an essential step in stopping constipation. Water will help to enable your stool to get through the colon whose primary function is to reabsorb water.
Dehydration can make stooling a challenging endeavor, and the obvious way to deal with this situation is to drink enough water. 8 – 10 glasses of water a day alongside fibrous foods and foods with high water content are recommended.


You probably already knew this even; oranges are the go-to for most people dealing with constipation even though they may not know the real reason orange is excellent for constipation.
Orange is a citrus fruit containing a flavonoid called naringenin which can work as a laxative to prevent constipated.


A single prune has about 1 gram of fiber and will undoubtedly be a great addition to your diet if you’re looking to overcome constipation. Prunes also contain sorbitol, fructans, and fermentable sugars, which could have laxative effects.


Apples are an excellent source of fiber containing a kind of soluble fiber called Paxton, which has unique laxative effects.

One small apple typically includes up to 4 grams of fiber and might be what you need to kick that constipation out.
The thread will pass through your bowels and help to form stool as well as ensure regular bowel movements.

You can use apple as a topping for foods like oatmeal and yogurt. You can, of course, also eat it.


Yogurt mostly contain probiotics or active and live bacterial cultures. It helps to ensure proper bacteria in your gut. Probiotics will help to improve bowel movements and encourage stooling.


Fruits with higher fiber and lower sugar quantities will be some of your best bets if you want to beat constipation.
Most fruits contain a lot of fructose the sugar found in fruits) which can cause gas.
Unlike those fruits, the sugar and fiber content of kiwi is a great way to prevent an over the bloating of your stomach.
A cup of kiwi will give you about 5 grams of fiber, and that’s apart from the vitamin C content it offers.

Kiwi a great form of Fiber and helps you poop


Only a single ounce of Chia seeds contains 11 grams of fiber. Now that’s much fiber, and you can bet it would go a very long way to tackle constipation. Chia seeds are one of the most fiber-rich foods you will find. This food is rich in soluble fiber, which typically absorbs water to form a gel. The seeds will help to soften your stool and make for easy passage. Chia seeds are said to be capable of absorbing water up to 12 times their weight.

Black Chia seeds will make the elimination of your stool a lot easier. You can mix chia seeds into yogurts, smoothies or puddings to get that extra fiber your body so needs.


Oatmeal offers both soluble and insoluble fiber, and this is what makes it an excellent deal.
Half a cup of dry oats contains 2 grams of soluble fiber as well as 2 grams of insoluble fiber.
Insoluble fiber will help give bulk to your stool and enable easy passage of food through the intestines and the stomach.

The soluble fiber, on the other hand, will dissolve in water and form a gel-like material and working with the insoluble fiber, it’ll help make your stool easier.


Pears are high in fiber, and we already know fiber works excellent for constipation.
One medium pear contains about 6 grams of fiber, which makes it an excellent choice if you want to treat constipation.

Pears also contain high levels of sorbitol, a sugar alcohol that serves as an agent of osmosis pulling water into the intestines and stimulating bowel movement.
Additionally, pears also contain fructose which, when unabsorbed, can act as a laxative bringing water into the intestines.


Popcorn is a straightforward way to add fiber to the equation. Having plain popcorn for a snack can help you deal with that severe constipation and in good time too.


Kefir is a fermented milk beverage that contains probiotics which can help to deal with constipation.
Probiotics by themselves can be very useful in getting rid of constipation.

The probiotics in kefir will help to increase the frequency of your stool as well as its consistency.
They will also help to speed up bowel movements by reducing intestinal transit time.
You can use this for your smoothies or salad dressings and watch your stooling improve.


Just a single cup of cooked Osinachi contains a whole 3 grams of fiber.

Besides, spinach is an excellent source of magnesium, which helps contraction in the colon and enables easy flushing. Generally, magnesium-rich foods can be a great addition to your diet if you have constipation.


First of all, sweet potatoes are a great source of many of the vitamins and minerals that your body needs.
They also contain suitable quantities of fiber that can support regularity. One medium sized potato will provide 4 grams of fiber.
It means that sweet potatoes can help improve bowel movements and help you regain normal stooling.


Coffee helps you digest and poop

Coffee too can help trigger muscle contractions in the colon.
A cup of coffee in the morning can help enable bowel movements and encourage stooling.
Apart from the fact that it has other health benefits like improving circulation and memory.


Adding figs to your diet would be a great way to get more fiber in your diet. Figs will also help to encourage bowel movement hence, encourage stooling.

Dried figs are a vibrant source of concentrated fiber with half a cup containing up to 7.5 grams of fiber. Figs will help to reduce intestinal transit time and improve the weight of your stool.
It will also speed up transit in the colon and enhance stool consistency as well as mild abdominal discomforts.


A tablespoon of blended flaxseeds contains 2 grams of fiber. It’s so easy to throw this into your meals and get your needed dose of fiber.
Remember not to eat flaxseeds whole because your body won’t be able to digest it and you won’t get the benefits.
Mixing with smoothies or a salad sounds a great way to do it.
Both rhubarb’s fiber content and natural laxative properties encourage regularity.


A stalk of rhubarb contains 1 gram of fiber. Rhubarb additionally contains the compound- Sennoside A which can act as a laxative.
Sennoside A decreases the levels of AQP3, a protein that controls the transport of water in the intestines.
Lower levels of this protein will increase water absorbed, softening the stool, and promoting bowel movement.


Rice is suitable for your gut and will significantly reduce your chances of suffering from constipation. Brown rice is more abundant in fiber than white, so if you’re looking to get rid of the illness, a bowl of brown rice might be one of your best bets.


Aloe Vera can very well pass for a miracle plant with all the benefits that it comes with for many different health issues, and constipated is not left out. Aloe Vera can function as a laxative and help you get rid of any problems of constipation.


Traditional beans contain fiber like starch called resistant starch, which acts as a laxative and enhances transit time in the colon.
This food also helps to balance the bacteria in your GI tract. Even though this food may cause bloating and gas, a gradual increase of foods rich in fiber will you get better as time passes?


Half a cup of boiled lentils will provide a whole 8 grams of fiber. You know what that means. Besides, lentils can enhance the production of butyric acid, a short chain fatty acid that lives in the colon.
Lentils improve movements in the digestive tract to promote change in the bowels.