Naps are Great! Here are 7 Reasons Why


A Nap is a short period of sleep usually taken during the day (mid-day). Remember how much you hated taking naps when you were younger? Well, naps are said to be a child’s worst enemy but an adult’s best friend. A great nap can turn your day around, making you more productive, and even improve the quality of your health.

Unlike the nocturnal sleep, a nap varies. Research has shown that there are different types of naps. It is indisputably true that choosing the right nap is almost as crucial as napping because you do not want your naps interfering with your nighttime sleep; thus, throwing your sleep-wake cycle out of sync.

It is essential to know the type of nap that best suits your immediate need for rest. Just as there are different types of naps, the time frame for naps varies, and so, an inadequately timed nap can lead to insomnia.
Also, napping isn’t for everyone. People suffering from insomnia and depression aren’t advised to nap because it will undermine your nighttime sleep.

Make time for Naps

Types of naps

It is imperative to know the kind of nap that works best for you. One’s napping behavior is influenced by the presence of an opportunity and also, the napping preference. Before you nap, set the alarm to ensure you get just the right amount of sleep because you might end up feeling groggy and tired if you exceed the 10-90 minute nap time.

The Power of Naps

This is usually for those who want to rest and boost their physical and mental energy to carry out the day’s activity. It is generally between the hours of 1-3 pm. Anything more than that could lead to restlessness and insomnia.

Sports Naps

Athletes can engage in this napping style to strengthen their physical and mental state before an event. Taking a nap before participating in any sporting activity can lead to achieving high performance in that activity.

Teen’s Naps

The hormonal shift in teenagers causes a change in their sleep-wake cycle. An imbalance in this cycle may cause excessive tiredness and restlessness for them, thereby resulting in low functionality in either their school or personal activities.
A teen nap is usually between 20-30 minutes.

Do New Mom’s need Naps?

The time frame for this type of nap depends on your newborn or toddler. New parents are usually sleep-deprived and so must seize any opportunity they get to take a rest, especially when these newborns or toddlers are asleep.

What is a Coffee Nap?

Taking coffee before a 10-30 minute nap break can help boost energy levels.
The caffeine contained in coffee makes you less tired so that you don’t “sleep off.”

Dogs have no problem napping

What are the Benefits of your Nap?

Naps are underrated. Most people are indeed ignorant of the benefits associated with napping, and that is why they stress themselves excessively without taking little breaks to recharge their minds and bodies.
Studies have shown that the length of your nap determines the benefits derived from it.

Napping helps reduce and even eliminate stress and tension. Sticking to a regular nap schedule can help you get the most health benefits out of it.

Research has shown that napping improves mental performance, learning ability, productivity, helps your brain draws connections between something you learned, and even enables you to remember something you’ve had difficulties in retaining.
The risk of heart disease is decreased just by taking a nap.
Napping is a go-to during the day if you need your energy to be revived.
Napping has a positive influence on one’s mood.

Your rate of productivity at worked is increased when you take naps because you are stress and tension-free, and your mind is working at a refreshed and renewed state.
Other benefits of napping include improved creativity and problem-solving skills, verbal memory, logical reasoning, weight management.

Myths Associated with Napping

“Naps are for babies, not adults.”
At one point or another during the day, the body needs to rest and refresh in order to function properly. Taking a nap is always a good idea when it seems you are losing concentration, or your body is lagging.”Napping is for lazy people.” This is one myth that has stopped a lot of people from functioning effectively and efficiently. There’s no harm in taking a nap when your body needs one.

“I don’t have time to nap.”
As long as you have time to gist with your colleagues, see a movie during the day, or surf the web, you have enough time to take a nap. Try taking a nap the next time you drift off when working, take a 15-minute break to refresh your body and mind.

A Quick Nap makes all of the difference

How Long Should I Nap?

A nap time frame is usually between 10-90 minutes. Any longer than that might exact a negative influence on one’s state of mind and body for a short or long period. It is not advisable to nap later than 4 pm because this may interfere with your night sleep.

The Benefits of Napping Vary with the Time Frame.

10-20 minutes
This is usually called “power naps.” This is ideal for a boost in energy alertness and productivity.
It is easy to get up and start working immediately after a power nap.

30 minutes
Studies have shown that taking a 30-minute nap might cause the body to experience sleep inertia. It takes between 30 to 60 minutes after awakening to experiences the benefits of this nap.

60 minutes
If you need to remember facts, names, faces, places, or something that is almost slipping off your mind, the 60 minutes nap is ideal for achieving this.

90 minutes (REM nap)
REM means rapid eye movement. This is a full sleeping cycle. It is easier to wake up from naps like this because it typically avoids sleep inertia. This type of nap improves emotional and procedural memory, creativity, and skill learning.
Dreaming while taking a nap might be a sign of sleep deprivation; therefore, it is advisable to adjust your nighttime sleep schedule.

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