Marijuana has helped many with tough exercise sessions.

I’ve always been interested in this topic, I admit that I have smoked marijuana and trained for years now. A bit of marijuana before a workout has enabled me to exercise harder and longer and maybe even enjoy the process more.

People train hard these days, and with that anxiety comes and puts a person in a sometimes uncomfortable feeling. Studies say- that marijuana takes your mind away from focusing on the pain and discomfort that comes from a strenuous workout and lets you perform better in your training session.

Do a Google search about marijuana and your workout, you will find people discussing different ways to ingest marijuana before a workout session and their feelings during and after that workout.

There’s not been a lot of clinical studies testing the various effects of marijuana on our workouts. Cruising around the internet I put together some information that could be helpful in. you pulling the trigger on a little puff before your workout.

The Effect of Marijuana on Muscle Growth?

So let’s say you have decided to make use of marijuana prior to a standard or boring weight lifting session where you accurately know the movements. Will weed or marijuana inhibit muscle growth?

Despite several adamant bloggers saying it will reduce your power output or may amplify your gains, the main answer is still unclear and uncertain. 

Marijuana and Exercise
Marijuana and exercise…

This is the same with exercises; like HITT, Yoga, long distance running or working out on exercise machines.

In case you are thinking about whether it is okay for you to smoke marijuana and work out, then the answer is quite simple – it depends. First and foremost on how do you feel when you’re high.

Does your heart beat significantly increase? What type of sport are you active in? And how well can you tolerate marijuana or cannabis in general? 

Below are some of the things you need to know about marijuana and your work out:

Marijuana could assist your workout discomfort

Smoking marijuana before a workout session can actually help you in enduring discomfort so you might be able to have more reps to keep going while on the routine.

Most times completing those remaining reps can be very brutal, but forcing yourself to work out more is actually one of those things that actually lead to the health gains you desire.

This also applies to almost anything related to fitness, whether it is muscle building, going deeper in your stretch, having endurance etc, this is the part where marijuana is helpful.

Marijuana Helps in Wiping away Pre-Workout Anxiety

Ever workout before at a gym? The thought or feeling of being discriminated and judged by all other experienced weight lifters just makes you anxious?

Well, marijuana could assist with that kind of social anxiety. Though, marijuana could make some individuals paranoid (In case this happens to you, do not worry, it will certainly wear off immediately after the high decreases), with very high cannabidiol strains you will walk into the gym house like a boss without a sign of anxiety.

This is due to the fact marijuana stops full-blown panic attacks and assists you not to overreact to the normal life surrounding you by minimizing your overall anxiety. This will give you the chance to heal yourself by socializing regularly.

Marijuana and Workouts – Your Aching Muscles

You started working out recently and your very first workout left you extremely sore. Then you wish you hadn’t gone to the gym at all. Marijuana helps that.

Fortunately for you, marijuana has proven to be effective in relieving inflammation within your body and in your muscles. Smoking marijuana after or before working out will make the aches and the soreness go away faster.

Make sure you don’t smoke too much

Considering the fact that working out could actually make you higher, with the release of dopamine that occurs during workouts naturally. You may need to smoke just a bit to have a good workout.

Let’s imagine that you already know exactly how marijuana affects you and think you will be safe using it throughout the day and getting through your daily activities.

Marijuana and exercise...what's the truth...
Exercise and marijuana what is the truth ?

Then in such a situation, just a few puffs should be enough to keep the high on a slight level for your workout. 

Smoking excessive marijuana could make you paranoid, fatigued, stoned and can end up making your workout a total mess. 

Marijuana helps in putting you in the zone

As it turns out, taking in marijuana could assist you in focusing on the workout at hand, instead of what is happening around you.

This means it helps in putting you in the workout zone, making exercise easier. That is why numerous athletes have testified to smoking before their workout sessions.

Marijuana helps you in recovering from injuries

Injuries will certainly happen, in case you are not thinking about a good recovering plan as part of your workout, you need to start now.

Most studies reveal marijuana and THC extracts could be as effective as using opiates to treat pain, but less addictive. In case the opioid method is daunting, then marijuana can become a good alternative.

Marijuana helps in preventing post-workout soreness.

It is difficult to maintain a consistent exercise routine every week when you also need to deal with post-workout soreness. But by smoking the plant beforehand, those pains and aches could be potentially avoided.

In addition to preventing soreness, marijuana also fights pain to boot.

Know your limits

Did you know that marijuana helps in boosting your heart rate by 30% to 100%? Thus, in case you are someone who has a heart condition, your best bet is to keep the pipe outside before working out.

Or else you could be making yourself more vulnerable for a heart attack as the effects that come with marijuana can last for as long as three hours. 

And for those individuals who just signed up for a workout which they have never done before, it is advisable to stay clear of marijuana in case it is too intense. However, if you find out that you can handle the effects of smoking marijuana, then blaze up. 

Finally, know your relationship with marijuana

One of the most important things you need to remember is your endurance and tolerance. It is not strange that weed has different effects on people.

While a particular amount might work for a particular individual, it may not be the best for you. Thus before deciding to smoke before working out, ensure you know how much weed is too much for you, particularly if you are a newbie to smoking. 
For more information concerning marijuana and exercise please follow this link.

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