Magnesium – The Wonder Ancient Health Mineral

Magnesium Periodic Table

Magnesium plays an essential part in more than 350 reactions in our body.
I was reading through some health articles, and Magnesium benefits kept coming up in my reading.
So I decided to give it a try I went on to Amazon and read a ton of reviews on the spray-on Magnesium.

To my surprise, people swore by the product, so I purchased a 10oz spray bottle and gave it a try. I train my body to stay healthy so from time to time I have areas on my body that I can try this new magic spray and find out for myself whether this is the real thing or just another health myth.

About this time my wife started using the Magnesium spray for leg cramps. She loves Magnesium sprays and lotions. We both use Magnesium for headaches and muscle strains.

Magnesium is vital for synthesizing proteins, RNA, and DNA. It also plays a crucial role in metabolism, and cells also utilize Magnesium for transporting potassium and calcium around the cell walls. Furthermore, healthy magnesium levels are considered as the keys to muscle contraction, nerve function, healthy bones, and heartbeat.

Does Magnesium help you sleep?

One of the numerous benefits associated with the use of magnesium spray is quality sleep – whether it is merely assisting you to fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, or fight recurring insomnia.

But, purchasers of Magnesium sprays keep asking the question, “Will using Magnesium spray help me sleep?” In order not to create unreasonable expectations we just say “Yes, magnesium sprays will help you sleep,”

That is not to say that it would totally heal whatsoever might be the leading cause of the sleep disorders, but its importance for a beauty night’s sleep is so vital that it would most certainly provide a helping hand.

How does Magnesium spray help with insomnia?

Though we have praised magnesium sprays as an unending pack of energy, with a “zing” that lasts longer than a cup of Jin, that the same bundle of energy is responsible for assisting your body transit into a peaceful and restful state.

Just like how parents would start preparing kids for bedtime with a warm bath, and with sleeping them in their pajamas to reading bedtime stories for them, Magnesium sprays also assist in triggering a series of events which start a different wind-downs in preparation and readiness for the forthcoming hours of beauty sleeps.

Magnesium rich foods

Magnesium hands are in almost every nook and cranny whenever it concerns the biological functions of your body. In the case of quality sleep, it is the main ingredient in muscle relaxation.

It has another neuroprotective effect, which is entirely essential for each and every stage when it comes to sleep. In slowing down metabolic processes and reducing brain temperature as the body tries to fix daily damages during different sleep cycles, and assist in regulating core hormones that are responsible for not just helping you to fall asleep, but also keeps you asleep.

What to know about Magnesium lotions

After a careful and thorough investigation, we were able to come up with the following good magnesium lotions:
Ancient Minerals Magnesium lotion
The sleep benefits of hydrating melatonin mixed with Magnesium, lactobacillus, ultra MSM, and Shea butter components. A skin-nourishing, fragrance-free moisturizing magnesium lotion with certified natural oils which are suitable for both men and women. Ancient Minerals lotion is skin safe, non-habit forming, and speedily absorb for use on hands, body, legs, and arms. Increased levels of Magnesium can assist in better sleep cycles, relief for a sore muscle, enhanced skin elasticity, and twitchy leg syndrome.

Life-Flo Magnesium Lotion
Life-Flo Magnesium Lotion is Magnesium gotten from unpolluted underground Zechstein seabed within the Netherlands. Message this lotion into your joints and muscles to assist in refreshing and relaxing your body after a hectic day. The Life-Flo Magnesium Lotion is also suitable for daily workout sessions, it also features maximum absorption, and its coconut oil and Shea butter allow for optimum mineral absorption.

Fast Pain Relief Magnesium Lotion
The Fast Pain Relief Magnesium Lotion can be used for muscle spasms, aches, menstrual cramps and also for calming restless legs. Most people successfully utilize this lotion for sleep disorders. This lotion also improves skin, hair, teeth, gums, nails, and also helps vital organs avoid fatigue stimulated by the body under-functioning.

What are the Magnesium Cream benefits

Whenever magnesium products are applied to your body, they search for skin oils to support absorption into the skin. For the Magnesium to be appropriately absorbed, there need to be a particular lipids proportions on the skin.

For individuals with drier skin and fewer fats, absorption might be challenging, and your magnesium cream might remain on the skin surface; thus the remedy for those people with dry skins, is a vibrant and reliable magnesium cream. A magnesium cream contains other organic ingredients to help in sinking in and contributing to the regeneration and healing of the skin.

Others benefits of Magnesium creams include:

Relieve stress – Magnesium is renowned for its ability to promoting relaxation, and magnesium lotions and creams are not exceptions. They can also help in relieving nervous tension, stress, and mild anxiety.

Reduce the occurrence of Migraines – Most times, migraines could be left uncontrolled and mismanaged; this is where a Magnesium cream will come in, as it helps in managing migraines.

Treat slight skin issues – Buy magnesium creams with all amount of confidence whenever you have scratches, wounds, abrasions, cuts, and bruises.

Allergies Management – Whether you have had allergies all through your life or they only appear at specific times, you will want to ensure they are adequately managed. Magnesium cream is an excellent tool you can use in combating allergies and relieving symptoms.

Magnesium Powders – do they work?

Magnesium powder can help in increasing magnesium levels, particularly those taking the forms of magnesium citrate, aspartate, chloride, and lactate. A 2012 study in the United States Journal of Medical Nutrition revealed that individuals who always make use of magnesium powder usually get more than the proper daily amount.

The average daily amount of magnesium intake ranges from 310 milligrams to 410 milligrams, thus with regards to gender or age. Apart from magnesium powder, a vibrant and healthy diet could also provide Magnesium. Nuts, whole grains, dark green vegetables, meat, legumes, and several fruits consist of necessary amounts of Magnesium which can also act as magnesium powder.

To provide an answer to the question, Yes! Magnesium powder work and can help in treating magnesium deficiencies; however; studies also reveal that getting Magnesium more than the essential minimum will also assist certain conditions.

Various long-term research has discovered a correlation existing between higher magnesium levels and a lower risk of heart attacks, ischemic heart attacks, and sudden cardiac deaths. Magnesium powder might also assist in preventing stroke.

Analysis from seven different studies consisting of more than 250,000 people revealed that an additional milligram of Magnesium per day could reduce an individual’s risk and vulnerability to stroke by 9 percent.
Magnesium powder also helps in lowering blood pressure; however; just a little bit.

What is Calcium Magnesium?

Calcium magnesium is a nutritious supplement that mixes calcium acid and Magnesium. Calcium magnesium is considered vital for good health since deficiencies could lead to several life-threatening health issues. Calcium magnesium supplements could be a good option for those people who do not get sufficient calcium through their usual dietary intake.

Calcium is considered essential for muscles and bones healthy. Furthermore, it supports appropriate nerve function and could assist endure blood clots suitably.

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