Is Marijuana as Bad For Pregnant Mothers as Cigarettes?

Marijuana, Mothers Health
Marijuana Mothers Health

When you are pregnant, everything that you do affects you and your baby. It’s no secret that smoking tobacco is bad for your health – pregnant or not.

Smoking during your pregnancy escalates the risk of your baby having a low birth weight, which in turn puts your baby at risk of developing health complications soon after birth. But what does marijuana do to babies?

Marijuana Use and Pregnancy

Research shows that using marijuana during pregnancy can impact your child’s development. The chemicals found in marijuana may be hazardous to your baby’s health.

Marijuana, Pregnant, Cigarette, Mothers

Evidence suggests that marijuana use causes health complications in newborns, such as low birth weight, anencephaly, and stillbirth. Marijuana is used in several ways, including smoking from joints or pipes, eating edibles, and dabbing. It is also reportedly the most commonly used drug during pregnancy.

Marijuana’s Connection to Premature Birth

Using marijuana is linked to premature births, as indicated by a new study that evaluated marijuana use during pregnancy and premature delivery.

Results from the study show that women who used marijuana while pregnant were five times more likely to have a preterm birth. The chemicals from marijuana may be able to pass through the placental barrier, which can cause complications both during pregnancy and after birth.

It is important to note that this study doesn’t make a distinction between edibles and smoking. However, it does indicate that researching the effects of marijuana use during pregnancy is difficult because many women who smoke marijuana potentially use other substances.

Medical Marijuana and Pregnancy

As more and more states legalize medical marijuana, pregnant women may try to use it for its purported health benefits, such as improving appetite and relieving nausea.

Although more research regarding the use of medical marijuana during pregnancy is needed, there are a few barriers to the regulation of the substance. The limited available research means that medical marijuana lacks standard dosages, delivery systems, and formulations.

Furthermore, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not have approved recommendations about using medical marijuana during pregnancy. Thus, doctors recommend avoiding marijuana use during pregnancy.

Consult with your physician to learn about alternative treatments for any symptoms that you may have.

Honesty is always the best policy. If you are pregnant or considering becoming pregnant, talk to your doctor. Conversations about your use of marijuana, or any other substance, are important in evaluating your risk for complications, not only during pregnancy but also throughout your child’s life.

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