How to Take Care of Your Health in School This Semester


When in college, health in school was easy. Now become consumed with homework and projects. It might seem like classes take up all of your time, but there’s a lot more to keep track of. Make sure you are evaluating and attending to all your health needs.

Protect your Health in School During the Pandemic

On a college campus it can be difficult to maintain social distancing. Even with the measures that have been taken, you are still likely to interact with many people. For example, if you have in person classes it’s important to take safety measures.

Health in School

Wash your hands frequently and make sure you are wearing a mask. Try to maintain six feet of distance when possible. Always sanitize where you’re sitting since you have know way of knowing how well the last person sitting there sanitized. Take precautions everywhere you go to prevent contracting or spreading COVID-19.

Don’t Forget Your Mental Health

For college students, it can be easy to overlook certain aspects of health. You already have a lot to fit into your schedule and it can be difficult to balance it all. However, it is essential that you still look after your mental health.

Your mind needs attention too and if you don’t look after it then everything else will suffer. Your brain needs adequate sleep and physical activity to perform school tasks. Set aside time in your schedule to get plenty of sleep. Keep track of your stress levels and find activities that help you relax. Take study breaks often and don’t forget to socialize (safely).

Make Sure You’re Moving

You might groan at the thought of exercise, but it can really benefit your education. When you exercise your brain releases endorphins. These endorphins are known to be relaxing and stress relieving. If you’re feeling worried about a test or overwhelmed by schoolwork, try getting your heart rate up for 30 minutes. Go for a walk or run. Do a quick dance routine.

Maybe you can take a couple of swings at a punching bag. It’s also possible to fit exercise into your schedule. Walk or bike to class. Add workout classes to your schedule or join an intramural team. Keeping your body moving can help lower stress as well as improve your mental health and sleep quality.  

Getting an education might be the main focus of college, but you shouldn’t let everything else fall to the side. Above everything else, you should be taking care of yourself. Find a good balance and make sure you address all your health needs.

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