How to Plan the Perfect Strength Training Routine for Your Body

Strength Training Routine

The perfect strength training routine varies from person to person. The components are the same across the board. What varies is specific training moves, food portions and required time set aside for recovery. Your perfect strength training routine will also be determined by what you are trying to accomplish.

Goals are going to be different for amateur and professional athletes as well as for someone who is simply trying to add length to his or her life. Here are three plan tips to consider.


Before you decide on the strength training workout routine you are going to settle on, you have to determine what your starting point is and goals are. Professionals will tell you that strength training is not necessarily about being able to lift a lot of weight.

They encourage beginners and seasoned veterans to focus on repetitions when executing deadlifts, presses, and swings. You can always increase the amount of weight after you have mastered form at each weight level. Form is important because you are less likely to injure yourself. Plus, the muscles are increasing in mass instead of tearing and not regenerating correctly.

Strength Training Routine


According to Paragon Strength and Fitness, as your body changes, so should your nutritional plan. Nutrition plays an important role. Eating the correct food helps you burn more fat than muscle.

Strength training is a great way to boost metabolism. Therefore, you want to ensure that you are correctly fueling that burn. Among the recommended food items to eat are eggs, salmon and chicken breast as well as high-protein yogurt, bananas, and oats.

A diet for this activity should consist of protein and carbohydrates in which you are eating more protein than carbs. Carbs give you energy, so you should not skip them altogether.


Though strength training is great for helping you to be healthier and reducing injury when you play sports, it’s important to remember to rest properly between workouts.

According to Berkeley Wellness, taking short rest periods of about thirty seconds to three minutes between sets will help build endurance, while longer rest periods of around two to five minutes will help you to build strength.

They also say that it’s important to take these rest periods because it allows fatigued muscles to restore the oxygen and other things they need for energy. Whether you are training for physical competition or because you want to extend your life, the perfect plan will include plenty of rest in between workouts in addition to sleeping at least eight hours per night.

Strength training offers several benefits for both men and women. The perfect plan ensures you will not injure yourself unnecessarily, includes plenty of rest, and involves a combination diet of protein and carbs.

By doing these things, you’ll be able to have a successful strength workout that will help to achieve your strength goals.



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