How to Lose 10 Pounds in One Week

Lose 10 Pounds
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I am doing this now, trying to lose 10 pounds. I’m in the process of cutting weight this week. To achieve my goal I’ll be doing intermittent fasting, performing high-intensity interval training, drinking a bunch of water, cutting sugar to almost zero and cutting my carbs to a minimum.

Next week, I’ll update this story to let you know how it turns out. After two days I have dropped three pounds and am pretty sure I will meet my goal.

Concerning this post-one of the most dreaded topics, today among teenagers and adults is obesity, sometimes the loss of 10 pounds is all we need but a lot of times it’s more- maybe much more. People are scared of putting themselves in uncomfortable situations. Losing weight is an uncomfortable situation. Obesity can pose crave issues for personal health, it is something that people need to pay attention to for an optimal life.

In spite of the threats posed by obesity, people who are obese and can’t seem to find a way to make a change need encouragement from people who have achieved their weight loss goals.

If you are one of them, you should read this whole article, we will be going over ways to rid some of your body weight in just a week it will involve sometimes putting yourself in uncomfortable positions, as they say, no pain no gain…it’s true.

We will try to make it as comfortable, but there will be times discipline will be needed. Another thing you should know is, these tips are all medically supported with no side effects if performed within reason.

Go for Lean Proteins and Consume Fewer Calories

Ordinarily, most overweight people gain weight through the consumption of carbs and sugar. Most of these carbs and sugar come with high starch contents, and they are the basis of what causes weight gain.

It is true you need to eat carbs, especially for energy and vitality, but when doing so, you are advised to go for meals with low carbs. In these meals, you will still get enough carbs to give you the energy you require, but you also get lesser carbs that would help you in avoiding weight gain.

Examples of carbs include: whole grains, brown rice, low carb vegetables, etc. When going for proteins too, you are advised to go for lean proteins that would help in metabolism and prevent the accumulation of fat. As such, you should always consider proteins like fish, lean meats, beans, etc. when trying to lose weight fast.

Avoid Junk Food by all Means

One of the things everyone serious about losing weight fast must do is to avoid junks by all means. Wastes are so easy to get, and they are mostly cheap. Most Junk food is terrible because of the sugar in the food.

The temptation with junks most times is, they are quite sumptuous and can fill in the gap before getting a good meal. As good as that sounds, if you are very serious about losing weight and getting the perfect body you have ever desired, you have to be disciplined enough to run away from them.

Junks are so addictive, and you can eat a lot of them within the space of a short period. Now, that is not the main issue. The leading cause of concern is, these junks contain a lot of high carbs and fat that would do a lot in increasing unwanted calories in your body, and you should avoid them by all means.

Instead of relying on junk, try as much as you could not skip meals, and when they need to eat arises, go for fruits instead.

Stop Late Night Meals

One of the most significant harms you could do to yourself is to eat late meals. It is even worse if what you are eating late is junk food. The truth is, when you eat late at night, you are probably accumulating a lot of harmful carbs laying on your gut as you sleep.

Ideally, once you sleep, your system won’t be able to work the way it should, this means the digestive process will also be overworked. One of the leading causes of weight gain and obesity is unprocessed fat and carbs in the body system while sleeping.

It is even worse when what you are eating late-night junk food; these meals generally offer no nutritional value and are very hard to digest. If you can avoid eating late night meals and stay on your fitness routine, you will quickly lose as much as 10 pounds in a week, if not more.

Make it a habit to Workout

You can adhere to all the procedures giving above and still get no result if you refuse to engage in work out activities from time to time. To get rid of fats and carbs and finally get in shape, working out is something you can’t avoid.

Taking part in physical activities like running, weight lifting, swimming, and other aerobic exercises would help you in burning more calories in a day than what other activities like dieting would in three days.

If you are serious about losing weight fast, you need to register at a gym and also take part in other physical activities from time to time.

Engage in Occasional Fasting

Fasting is seen as a religious or spiritual thing, but it isn’t that way always. You can actually deny yourself of food at some point in order to get in the perfect shape you want. It is not a hidden fact that when you eat, you tend to gain some calories.

Forget it, either you are eating right or not, the truth is, you are still gaining some calories. If you can avoid food for some time or probably hours within a day, you stand a chance of cutting down on some of the calories you take in, and that would automatically lead to weight loss.

This formula is proven and has been extensively used by a lot of people to lose weight. You can also get on the bandwagon to cut down on some unwanted calories.

Be Active in Your Daily Life

The truth is, by taking part in any activity, you stand to burn a considerable amount of calories. By walking a 20 meters distance, you have cut down on some calories, it is that easy, and that is why you need to be involved in a lot of activities. High-intensity interval training is your friend

If you are serious about losing your body weight fast, you should know this is not the time to sit in front of the TV all day to see your favorite series. No, you need to be involved in a lot of things.

If you are employed, go to work, take part in as many activities as you can at work and help someone else do something if you can. Volunteer to buy lunch for friends from the nearest restaurant if you can, get busy between the sheets if you have a partner.

All of these would actually help a lot in burning a lot of calories, and you would be on your way to having a great body shape before you even realize.

Lose 7 Pounds in one week
Lose 10 pounds

Be Mindful of what You Drink

A lot of people think the only way to gain weight is through eating. No, you can learn a lot of weight through drinking, and that even includes the drinking of water. You should also understand that a lot of weight you will lose will be water weight, you will need to lose water weight.

While water is not one of the things you should be most concerned about, you have to avoid consuming drinks like energy drinks, fruit juices, beverages and a host of other drinks in that category, especially alcoholic beverages as they contain a lot of liquid calories that would most definitely lead to weight gain.

Instead of taking these said drinks, you should consider taking water (in the right proportion) for the time being or bring other healthy beverages like coffee and green teas. Coffee and green tea mainly help in improving metabolism, and they are also excellent sources of antioxidants. Coffee also contains caffeine, which would help significantly in providing the energy you need to burn the necessary calories you daily.

It may sound quite unbelievable, but by simply following all the simple steps we have provided for you above, you can be sure that cutting down as much as 10 pounds in your body fat and weight is practically possible in just a week.

Just like we said earlier, these procedures are tested and trusted as they have helped a lot of people to lose body weight within a short period.

All you would need to do is to follow the procedures to the letter by being disciplined and leaving no stones unturned in adherence. We wish you all the best in your quest to get that perfect body shape you have always dreamt of.

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