How Healthcare is Changing to Meet Consumer Needs

Healthcare is Changing

The focus of healthcare in America is under fire now more than ever; companies are criticized for prioritizing profit over wellness, and the entry cost for reasonable care keeps many people underinsured or uninsured.

Those who have coverage might be reluctant to see a doctor because they’re worried about having to pay a high deductible. The good news is that as more Americans are recognizing that health care needs to be about patients, not profit, new policies are arising and making big changes that will redirect the focus of healthcare to the consumer. Here are some ways healthcare is changing for the better.

Healthcare Savings Account

A Healthcare Savings Account (HSA) is designed to help patients whose insurance has a high deductible and out-of-pocket costs. With an HSA, consumers can save tax-free dollars to put toward medical expenses.

HSAs for retirement can help you plan ahead and ensure that your healthcare needs are addressed without anxiety in the future. HSAs can be a good choice long before you’re ready for retirement, too. You never know when you’ll need a higher level of care, and saving money on taxes while you build a nest egg for medical bills can bring you reassurance.

Cost-Cutting Services

Many insurance providers now offer personalized healthcare services that can provide cost-saving measures to consumers. Lowering the costs of many outside services, like lab work and screenings, can help providers give patients better treatment for less money.

Greater focus is being placed on care management plans, which are incorporating better treatment for aging patients with chronic conditions. The ultimate goal of value-based healthcare is to give patients effective treatment while integrating preventative care. Alleviating symptoms and reducing risk factors is key.


The global telemedicine industry is expected to surpass $130 billion by 2025. In addition to expanding access to larger populations, telemedicine provides consumers with an unmatched level of personalized care that is often difficult to replicate in a high-volume clinic.

On-demand doctors and nurses will make it easier for patients to get medical advice without facing expensive medical bills for an office visit. Reduced care coupled with greater choice for consumers will put telemedicine at the forefront of modern healthcare in the coming years.

If you worry about medical bills, you aren’t alone. The good news is that healthcare in America is changing, and more people will be able to afford care going forward than they probably ever have.

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