How a Vacation Affects Our Health

Vacations and your health
Vacations help your health

Taking a vacation has a whole lot of positive effects and benefits. We all know the stress of the daily grind of work. For most the routine can become very overwhelming.

Many times, the stress from these activities can take their toll on our overall health and wellness. Studies confirm that a lot of people do not take as many days off work as their bodies require.

Apart from the fact that so many employers don’t offer days of paid leave to their employees, several workers who are privileged to get these days off do not even use all of the day’s of vacation.

Contrary to popular beliefs, many people think that taking time off work will lead to lower output and goal setting, but the opposite is true.

While it may sound counter-intuitive to say that days off work will enhance productivity, this is actually the truth and a lot of studies back this fact.

There are many reasons why taking a vacation should totally be on your to-do. As a matter of fact, most of the benefits that come with taking a vacation actually remain with you long after you have returned to work and your regular routine. This article will tell you some of the reasons you need to be planning a vacation now!

Why vacations are good for our health

As we already noted, holidays offer a lot of health benefits to the body, protecting our overall well-being. Let’s take a look at some of those benefits.

Heart health:

Good cardiovascular health is one of many benefits of taking a vacation. Extended periods of work without the vacation, especially for years on in, have been linked to heart disease.

Men and women who rarely go on vacations are at a much higher risk of developing a heart attack or die from a coronary related issue than those who take at least a week off each year.

Stress-related problems that come from too much work and not enough vacation can have very adverse effects on the heart- leading to the risk that includes death.

Vacations and your Health
Vacations either at the beach or the mountains are good for you…

Taking a vacation from time to time and resting from work will significantly reduce stress and protect the health of your heart. If you aren’t thinking about anything else, think about the fact that most of the time, the first symptom of heart disease can be deadly.

Mental Health:

Constant exposure to the stress hormone called Cortisol can cause the structure of the brain to alter. This has a very high capacity to lead to issues like depression.

Removing yourself from work and the mental and physical stress that comes with work enables proper relaxation. The serenity you feel from taking time away from the importance of practice helps your body as well as your mind to heal, reducing the risks of anxiety and depression.

Besides, removing yourself entirely from the environment of work can help your account and refocus. Besides, the anticipation of vacation and doing something fun can simply just make you happy.

The excitement that comes with looking forward to a fun time away from work releases the dopamine hormones that make you feel good. Just before you lose your mind, you should be thinking of packing a bag.

Physical Energy

Taking a break and going on a vacation can also help to heal your body. Taking time off to rest can help your body recuperate from stress and increase your energy levels by restocking.

As a vacation helps to reduce your exposure to the stress hormone, Cortisol, your body rests from all the adverse effects of stress and allows your body to recharge for vitality.

Almost every worker has undoubtedly experienced some sort of physical pain (back pain, wrist pain, shoulder pains, and even headaches) as a result of the stress of work.

Worse still, these pains could go on for a long time due to consistent physical activities at work. Some time off that job can help your body regain vitality.

Why Vacations are Important for Employees

Many people in the corporate world undermine the essence of a vacation to the economy and overall productivity.

A lot of people think that taking time off to go on a vacation is a waste of productive time. However, the reverse is actually the case. Taking time off work to vacation can have a lot of positive effects on your overall productivity at work.

Here’s why you need to pause work and get a vacation for your career’s sake.

Improved productivity levels

The truth is working for days and weeks and months on end can get anyone bogged down. If you do not take a break, from your daily routine, your body is going to get tired and soon, your mind too will.

When this happens, your capacity to be highly productive will natural dwindle. Of course, you need your mind and body alert and in good shape to be able to get good work.

What this means is that you need to honor the body and mind the well-deserved rest to recover and hence, improve your ability to be productive.

Vacation and your Health
Vacations at the beach for your health.

Creativity and a fresh perspective

When your mind gets too used to carrying out the same routine every day, we already noted that it will get tired.

This stops your ability to put in the mental effort required to come up with new ways to achieve results.
Besides, being in an entirely different environment for a while will allow you to look at things from a fresh perspective, which will, in turn, boost your creativity and input at work.

A vacation will help to improve your mood: Stress and a lot of pressure can make you very irritable without you even realizing it. Irritability can take its toll on your job and also the way you relate to clients.

Taking a break from work and throwing away all the work pressure for a while will help to significantly improve your mood and make you a more pleasant person to be around.

Why Vacations are Important for Employers

Vacations also offer a lot of economic benefits which employers should keep in mind. As we’ve mentioned before, some people might think it is counter-intuitive to expect that days off work will boost results at the company, but this isn’t the case.

On the contrary, granting leaves can have very positive results. As an employer, letting your staff get some rest has a lot of benefits for your company. Let’s take a look.

Your employees are less likely to burn out when they get needed rest. Some employers might think that keeping their employees working all of the time will bring in more productivity and income, but the opposite of this is likely to be the result of not letting your staff rest.

When your staff is overworked, they will burn because they’re human. The immediate effect of this is that their productivity levels will drop and their willingness to put in their best will naturally ebb.

When your staff is too stressed to give their best, it will tell on your returns.

Vacations reduce the risk of fraud or getting cheated by an employee. Giving every one of your staff time off allows you to carefully analyze the role of each employee when they’re away.

Typically, if anyone of your staff is carrying out an embezzlement scheme, they will resist a leave. These kinds of situations allow you to know just what is going on and who’s behind what.

Giving Your Staff Time Off

It allows you to analyze how well a particular staff has been doing on a job. With another of your team now temporarily handling the position of a current vacationer, you can measure the degree of the vacationer’s productivity as against that of the employee currently handling the office.

Granting your staff days off work generally boosts the morale at the workplace. Giving your staff days of leave allows them to spend time on themselves, which enables them to rest and refresh.

This will naturally create a workspace full of happier people who are willing to give their best. As we’ve already noted, a vacation reduces stress levels and boosts happiness and a good mood.

The truth is, the better the atmosphere around the building, the better the productivity you can expect.

Other Benefits of Having a Vacation

Apart from health benefits and work benefited, vacation comes with several other desirable benefits which we are now going to look at.
A vacation can help improve your relationship or marriage. Studies have shown that couples who take time off together tend to be more satisfied with their relationships.

The truth is, vacations provide an excellent opportunity to spend quality time together and bond. With the hassles of work getting in your way just about every other day, it can be easy to slip into that place where you no longer pay sufficient attention to your relationship.

Getting a vacation together can help you rebuild and refresh your relationship through bonding time. Also, a vacation allows you to create new memories you can always look back on.

Vacations also help to increase closeness in the family as a whole. Generally, taking time off together allows you to catch up on anything you might have missed in the life of your partner, children, or even parents.

You can easily use vacation time to make up for the days when you may not have been able to be very present for your loved ones.

Whether you’re taking time off with your parents, your partner, your kids, or your siblings, a vacation is always an excellent opportunity to rekindle relationship bonds and create fun memories.

Vacations and Health on the Mountains
Vacations and health…more than laying around…

Vacation Statistics

Compared to employees in some other nations, Americans take a lot fewer days off work for vacation. The main reason for this significant difference is the fact that American companies offer fewer days for leave or vacation.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that 76 percent of workers in the private industry get paid days of vacation. These workers make up 84.7 percent of the entire workforce. By the end of one year of being engaged, these workers had received an average of 10 days of paid vacation.

As the years of employment in a particular organization pass, this number has been noted to increase modesty. As of 2017, on the average, a worker who had been with a company for five years had been given 15 days of vacation while the worker with up to twenty years at a particular company had been granted 20 days of paid leave.

Besides, a study from the U. S Travel Association’s project, Time Off showed that 52 percent of Americans who were granted vacation days in 2017 didn’t use all of the days they had been given.

Between 1976 and 2000, the average played America took more than 20 days off work for a vacation. However, since 2000, more and more workers are taking fewer days off work. As of 2015, American employees took an average of just 16 days off work.

This goes to show that the culture of taking time off work to vacation has been slowly and consistently eroding.

In some countries, governments ensure that workers get paid time off work. Such countries as France and Asia. Austrian employees typically get 25 days of annual leave with pay in addition to 13 paid public holidays.

However, the United States happens to be one of 13 countries in the world where days of paid vacation are not guaranteed.

It turns out the United States is the only advanced economy in the world that does not ensure its workers get paid days of vacation. So far, businesses and companies have been allowed to power to offer paid leave to their workers voluntarily.

However, this has not worked very well as so many Americans still do not get days off with paid leave.

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