Finding the Balance: How to Make Healthy Choices When You Work a Full-Time Job

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Sticking to a set diet and workout routine can be quite challenging when working over 30 hours a week. With some creative thinking and a lot of forethought, you can make being physically fit and eating healthy meals parts of your daily routine. Consider the following strategies to find balance in your personal and professional life.

Before Work

The best way to set the tone for a well-balanced day at work is to follow a consistent morning routine. This routine should include getting a few minutes of fitness and a healthy meal.

Start the day with high energy by getting your blood flowing with some stretching, jogging, or yoga. In addition to kickstarting your adrenaline, this will help to center your mind and get you focused for the long day ahead.

Likewise, eating a healthy meal before work will provide you with the fuel you need to be your best at work. Whether you eat scrambled eggs and toast or get into the habit of taking overnight oats to-go, make sure to eat in the morning. This way, you’ll be filled with energy and can avoid having to eat anything unhealthy on the way to your job.

During Work

Don’t lose track of healthy decision making throughout your workday. Work can be demanding, but you can still make healthy choices. Instead of making your way through the drive-thru, bring lunch or choose a healthier option, use a standing desk, or check to see if your company has an employee wellness program.

By adding these ideas to your daily work routine, you’ll find that you’re better able to power through the workday without feeling overly tired or having to give in to any cravings for unhealthy food.

After Work

Though some like to blow off post-work steam at a local bar or fast food joint, the best and healthiest way to work through this stress is to work out. Whether you spend half an hour at the gym after work or you do a few exercises at home, making time for physical fitness after work and getting to bed on time every night will help you to feel refreshed and regenerated for another day at work tomorrow.

If you make an intentional effort to eat properly and work out before, during, and after your workday, you’ll be able to manage your full-time career better. By paying attention to what you eat, fitting in exercises throughout the day, and getting enough rest at night, you’ll find the balance you’ve been searching for.

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