Diabetes Is More Dangerous Than You Think

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Diabetes may seem like a common occurrence, but that doesn’t mean this condition isn’t serious. The CDC reports as of 2017 that 9.7% of US citizens have diabetes. Fortunately, the number of new cases is going down as people are becoming aware of the dangers and causes of diabetes. If you’re not familiar with the way that diabetes can harm the entire human body, keep reading.

Diabetes Can Be Fatal

You don’t often hear about people dying from diabetes. It’s true that it is not directly fatal, but that doesn’t mean it can’t kill. Diabetes is linked to heart failure, kidney failure, and respiratory issues, all of which can end life prematurely.

Diabetes can also damage your nerves and blood vessels as well as cause a coma. If you are diagnosed with diabetes, managing the condition is important. Diabetes that is not well controlled can cause complications that have a fatal impact.

It Affects Every Part of Your Body

Diabetes lasts for a lifetime and this makes it easy for the disease to affect every part of your body. People who suffer from diabetes may have a problem with blood flow, and this can lead to the amputation of their feet.

Your pancreas and bladder can be affected, and even your skin doesn’t go unharmed. Losing fluids quickly, which high blood sugar causes, can leave your skin painfully dry. Cataracts and glaucoma, two conditions that affect the eyes, are more likely to occur if you suffer from diabetes.

The signs of diabetic eye disease can be difficult to differentiate from other eye problems. It’s important to let your eye doctor know if you have diabetes so she will be on the watch for diabetes-related eye issues.

It Can Develop Quietly

Uncontrolled diabetes is truly dangerous. When diabetes is not well managed, it wrecks your body and impacts your major organs. The problem is you can’t control diabetes if you don’t know you have it.

Though many people are under the misguided assumption that diabetes appears with a ton of symptoms, there are people who don’t experience noticeable symptoms at all. It’s important to have blood work performed on a regular basis to check for diabetes, especially if you have a family history. 

Knowing how to manage diabetes is the first step to taking control before the disease threatens your entire body. Diabetes is not an innocuous condition. However, it can be managed if you do suffer from it. Take the diagnosis seriously and do everything you can to avoid the serious consequences of uncontrolled diabetes.


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