Cardio on the Treadmill
'Cardio' is a term used to refer generally to exercise that increase and improve cardiovascular indexes like heart rate and blood pressure. Aside from the fact that cardio activities help to achieve good body fitness count, medics also regularly recommend Cardio for people living with heart-related health conditions. I do it most days,...
Carbohydrates are not the Problem
Are Carbohydrates good for us- YES!. For years, my father read heavily about how to stay healthy for himself and his family. My mother had been diagnosed with cancer, and I'm sure this had something to do with it. Back then, about 15 years ago, the argument was being made that Carbohydrates were...
HIIT Workouts
High Intensity Interval Training, easily called HIIT is the kind of training that requires you to alternate between low intensity exercises and high intensity exercises or to follow up high intensity exercises with short periods of rest.
Marijuana, Mothers Health
When you are pregnant, everything that you do affects you and your baby. It’s no secret that smoking tobacco is bad for your health – pregnant or not. Smoking during your pregnancy escalates the risk of your baby having a low birth weight, which in turn puts your baby at risk of developing...
Full-Body Workout
Full-body workouts come with lots and lots of benefits for both men and women. From building your muscles to enabling an increase in your strength to help you gain better flexibility and balance as well as burning excess calories and fat. Recent studies talk about how full-body workouts are a crucial part of getting...
Poop constipation
Constipation can be a terrible experience for anyone, it's prevalent for lots of people today because of our changing diets and our bad processed foods habits. With "21 foods that will help you Poop", I wanted to let people know that it doesn't have to be hard to stay regular.People have different bathroom habits, experts say that...
Avocados have a high level of potassium than bananas and this has been proved to be essential in blood pressure regulation and crucial in the maintenance of a healthy heart.
health effects of House plants
For 25 years, I have worked with live plants indoors and out. For years I was what you call a 'dual-talent'- I landscaped indoors and outdoors. This was done mostly with my own company-DESIGNS FOR THE ENVIRONMENT, but for a few year's I trained people on how to care for and place interior and exterior plants.
Sugar is the Enemy
We've all been lied too…Sugar is the enemy…For years, decades or longer health officials, the government, and so-called independent researchers have told people to avoid fats to avoid carbs.This led to a new industry of low-fat foods and drinks. Also 0 Carb food and beverages, but we are finally figuring out with new research that the culprit...
Apple Watch helps your health goals
Findings of the study suggest that the behavioral technology in the Apple Watch if used the right way has all the potential of adding a year or two to your life.