health effects of House plants
For 25 years, I have worked with live plants indoors and out. For years I was what you call a 'dual-talent'- I landscaped indoors and outdoors. This was done mostly with my own company-DESIGNS FOR THE ENVIRONMENT, but for a few year's I trained people on how to care for and place interior and exterior plants.
Navigating the healthcare system in the United States can definitely be a confusing proposition. Although it can be extremely disheartening, there are ways for you to get the most out of your healthcare. The key is to do your research in order to get a full understanding of the healthcare industry. Moreover, you...
Avocados have a high level of potassium than bananas and this has been proved to be essential in blood pressure regulation and crucial in the maintenance of a healthy heart.
I have detoxed a few times in my life, mostly from feeling full for days on end. The feeling of never getting all of the waste out of the body sucks. I've also detoxed to prepare for a medical procedure (Colonoscopy), not a detox I can recommend.
Pre and Probiotics
Prebiotics are a kind of fiber that the human body can't digest. They are food for probiotics. On the other hand, probiotics are small living organisms, including yeast and bacteria. They both assist the body in building and sustaining a healthy colony of bacteria as well as other microorganisms. These food supplements help...
The practice of dentistry is one of the oldest areas of healthcare. While society has come a long way since the use of manure poultices for toothaches and wooden teeth, some dental procedures and treatments are done without enough evidence to show whether or not they are a good choice for a certain patient. Evidence-based dentistry is...
A Nap is a short period of sleep usually taken during the day (mid-day). Remember how much you hated taking naps when you were younger? Well, naps are said to be a child's worst enemy but an adult's best friend. A great nap can turn your day around, making you more productive, and even improve the quality...
10 Sunburn causes and treatments
Sunburns can be referred to as a form of radiation burn which affects living tissues, like the skin, which results from excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation, mostly from the sun.
Biology of Weight Loss
As people age, they find it more difficult to keep unwanted weight off, and they choose “fad” diets to shed weight quickly. However, losing weight and keeping it off is really about making a lifestyle change that includes a healthy diet and an exercise program. Lifestyle Changes for Weight Loss Do More Than Diets