Exercise on Diabetes
As of 2020, over 35 million Americans have diabetes and at least 88 million others have symptoms of pre-diabetes. The cumulative medical costs that are related to the chronic condition have exploded to 327 billion annually. The benefits of exercise on diabetes is immense and need to be taken seriously by millions of Americans and people worldwide.
Aging doesn't have to mean slowing down, especially if you maintain good mental and physical health. But, how should you go about doing that? Experts recommend focusing on three main areas to maintain optimum health and maximize your workout's effectiveness: cardio, balance and flexibility training. By gradually improving each, you'll reap numerous benefits...
Dogs and your Health
There is a reason why dogs are called man's best friend...
Exercise can go a long way toward reducing or completely eliminating stress. The physical and mental impact of sticking with an exercise routine is measurable and can be experienced pretty quickly.
HIIT Workouts
High Intensity Interval Training, easily called HIIT is the kind of training that requires you to alternate between low intensity exercises and high intensity exercises or to follow up high intensity exercises with short periods of rest.
5 Dumbell Exercises
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I've always been interested in this topic, I admit that I have smoked marijuana and trained for years now. A bit of marijuana before a workout has enabled me to exercise harder and longer and maybe even enjoy the process more. People train hard these days, and with that anxiety comes and puts a...
Exercise Can Help Recovery
If you are recovering from an illness, the recovery process can feel like an arduous one. In some cases, someone who is suffering from or recovering from a physical illness will experience depression, which can make the process more draining. As you make progress in your recovery, exercise often can lift your mood...
11 Ways to loss weight
THE WEIGHT LOSS INDUSTRY is a multi-billion dollar money grab. Companies like the Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig print money giving suggestions on how to lose weight with really no guarantees that any of it is going to work. This industry has a lot to do with our obsession with losing some weight.
Winter Health
Once again, winter has come to the Northern Hemisphere. Time to avoid being sick by staying warm and no need for sunscreen, right? As a matter of fact, neither a cold nor the flu comes from cold weather, and the sun is still generating ultraviolet rays no matter the time of year. However,...