9 Amazing Foods that Help you Lose Belly Fat

Belly Weight Loss diet

Some foods are called superfoods, the reason being, they benefit our body and mind in a number of ways apart from providing essential micronutrients. One of the advantages of including these superfoods in your everyday diet is that they aid in belly fat reduction. Super-nutrient foods along with Prebiotics and Probiotics can help to flatten your stomach but also make you a lot happier…literally.

Many new studies including this one from the National Institute of Health point to a correlation between gut health and overall happiness and wellbeing. If you have a bulging belly, you’ll probably know how tough it is to get rid of it. When you gain weight, in your stomach it is one of the last places where fat where will leave during a diet. Belly fat is considered stubborn fat so it’s going to take some patients to get rid of it totally.

Fat around your stomach (visceral fat) is generally not a good sign – apart from making you conscious and your clothes being tight, it also increases your risks of developing type 2 diabetes and suffering from the symptoms heart diseases.

However, there are superfoods that not only help you lose overall weight but also make your stomach flat and happy.

Our E-Healthy News Editors will let you what they are.

Belly Fat

Super Foods that Promote Belly Fat Reduction

Although no food has the capability to target your belly and start melting away fat, they do have the potential to improve your guts health, decrease its inflammation, and eliminate gas and bloating – all of these help in eliminating belly fat. One of the ways that surprised me, that work very well was this 21 Day smoothie I took that actually worked

Swap your regular diet for these smart supplements for belly fat reduction and you’ll see results within a few weeks. NOTE-You’ll need to match your new diet with rigorous exercise to see the best improvements, there are no magic pills.


Chickpeas are great for weight reduction around the belly. They not only taste heavenly but also are packed with immune-boosting antioxidants and anti-inflammatory minerals, dietary fiber and a high amount of protein. You can add chickpeas in the salad, stews, curries, side dishes, falafels, and soups.


Bananas are considered as a superfood for weight reduction and gut health maintenance. Bananas are packed with natural electrolytes and contain an excess amount of potassium (around 422 milligrams per fruit), a mineral that is known to regulate the amount of swelling sodium in

your body. Also, one banana can give energy up to 90 minutes, which means you can use it as a potential snack to curb your hunger.


These green little pearls have more nutrients than you can imagine. They are rich in vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, and iron. A single cup of green peas contains 8 grams of protein and other anti-inflammatory properties. The essential nutrients present in green peas counterbalance sodium in the body and improve oxygen circulation, which invariably aids in the reduction of belly fat.


Salmon is the king of fishes for it brings countless health benefits. Fit salmon in any modern diet and it will become a top reason for weight loss. Salmons contain polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamin D and vitaminB6. Vitamin D lowers the risk of chronic diseases, vitamin B6 stimulates mood and regulates stress, while good fatty acids reduce inflammation – all three are directly involved in belly fat.


Yogurt is one of the best natural sources of probiotics. Probiotics are good bacteria that fight bad bacteria and improve our gut health, immune system, insulin and leptin production, and possibly everything else. If your body is bloated, gaseous, constipated, and belly bulging all the time, it could be possible that the good bacteria count has reduced. You can also have other fermented foods, such as miso, kimchi, tempeh, and sauerkraut instead of yogurt.

Oats and Bananas’


If you are having probiotics, you need prebiotics to fuel them. Prebiotics are special kind of fibers found in fibrous foods that work as a food for good gut bacteria. Oats are great natural prebiotics that proliferates probiotics in your body.

Foods Rich in Protein

When you start losing weight by having protein-rich foods, your belly fat automatically breaks down and melts. You can say protein is the best supplement for belly fat. A diet high in protein is directly linked with weight loss, reduced belly fat, lean muscle gain, and increased metabolism. Pair protein foods, such as eggs, cheese, meat, and fish with beans, lentils, and legumes that are rich in protein as well as fiber to make your meal wholesome.

Leafy Green Vegetables

All green veggies, especially leaves and cauliflower are rich in omega-3. Omega-3 fatty acids are very important to reduce inflammation and boosting the immune system. While you get omega-3 in fish oil supplements as well, plant-based omega-3s are considered a better option for reducing belly fat.

Whole Grains

A weight-loss diet is incomplete without whole grains, such as buckwheat, oats, wheat, brown rice and bulger. They keep your body insulin levels in control and have the potential to shrink fat cells around the belly. They also provide lasting energy in comparison to refined carbs like white rice and refined flour.

Note that slim people who have excess belly fat are also at the risk of developing various health conditions. In order to boost the reaction of these superfoods in belly fat reduction, make exercise part of your daily routine. Indulge in 30 minutes of medium-intensity exercise at least five days a week. And, don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated.

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