6 Different Ways to Use Herbs


Gathering herbs has always been part of the human tradition. From medicine to aromatherapy to spiritual practice, these natural, organic gifts from the Earth have supported human life in a variety of ways. Alongside modern medicine, some of these traditions continue today. Some use herbs to soothe discomfort, while others turn to them to boost their mood. No matter how they are used, there is much anecdotal and scientific evidence exploring the positive effects of herbs on our wellbeing. Read on to discover a few of the ways you can use herbs to enhance your daily life.

Soothing Discomfort

The aches and pains of daily life can be incredibly overwhelming. But herbs, in conjunction with your overall wellness routine, may be able to provide support and relieve the discomfort of some minor ailments. Some research suggests that traditional or powdered herbs like kratom may be able to provide some relief for minor inflammation. More modern approaches to herbs, like CBD oil, are also popular among wellness enthusiasts for their potential to help with day-to-day pain. Hemp can be a useful tool when searching for natural ways to ease mild discomfort.


Mental Clarity

As the pressures of the day begin to pile on you, nervous, worried thoughts can creep in. For some of us, these thoughts can be all-consuming and may make the mind feel cloudy. But certain herbs, like kratom, may be able to help stimulate the senses, providing a mild mental boost to help users tackle the day ahead with ease. Other plant-based products, like hemp-derived CBD or herbal essential oils (lavender is quite popular), may also have the potential to support a calmer, more peaceful mind.

Maintains Focus

If you’ve ever had a cup of coffee or black tea in the morning, you know that herbs have the power to help you maintain focus and alertness. Like its cousin coffee, kratom’s aroma is also believed to instill these effects in the user, promoting increased attention and energy. Additionally, some individuals look to nootropic herbs, like rosemary or lemon balm, as a means of boosting cognitive functioning and promoting mental sharpness.

Mental health during Covid-19

Boosts Mood

Let’s face it: sometimes, life becomes hectic, and all of that built-up stress can lead to a dour mood. Whether you’re dealing with a significant life event or a simple change of the seasons, we all could use a pick-me-up now and then. Kratom, and other herbs, may be able to help add a little spring to your step. Combine natural herbs with mindful practices and rituals, like meditation, to elevate your mood in a holistic way. Even common herbs, like ginseng, chamomile, and lavender, are known for their potential to help with feelings of restlessness and low spirits.

Eases Tension

A long, stressful day at work can cause a lot of built-up tension to proliferate throughout your body. Even with the help of anti-inflammatories or common products like CBD cartridges, you can still feel wound up and restless at the end of the day. Thankfully, kratom and other herbs may be able to help ease you out of this tightly-wound space. Open a box of chamomile tea and let the soothing, herbaceous aroma lull you into a state of peaceful relaxation.

Skin Health

The topical application of herbs goes back generations and has been known to help soothe certain skin ailments. You’ve probably seen ingredients like lavender, echinacea, and ginger in cosmetics and body products you use in your daily routine, but more exotic or lesser-known botanicals may also have beneficial beauty applications. Black seed oil, in particular, may have the potential to ease discomfort caused by occasional blemishes, while CBD topical products are often used for post-workout muscle recovery. Regardless of which herb or method you use, the benefits of natural herbs may be able to benefit your body inside and out!

Supporting Immunity

If you’ve ever had a cup of tea to try to ward off a cold, odds are you have experience using herbs to support your immune health. Herbs like ginger, garlic, licorice, and St. John’s Wort have been used throughout history as natural immune boosters. There is even research to suggest that some components of green tea have antiviral properties, meaning a cup of tea in the evening could help stave off colds and viral infections.

Herbs and Your Wellness

Medicinal plants and herbal supplements can be part of a holistic approach to easing discomfort and promoting wellness in your day-to-day life. The right herbs in the right situations can help support other mindful and healthy choices that you make. Whether you need to relax, focus, or just want to make your skin glow, the potential of herbs is nearly endless. Kratom, CBD, and black seed oil are just a few examples of the numerous herbs with properties that can elevate your mood and prepare you for the day ahead.


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