5 Health Hacks You Need to Know Now


You wake up mentally ready to conquer the day but your body begs to differ. If sore, stiff muscles and a lack of energy have become constant companions, you’re probably feeling like it’s time for a change.

You’re not alone. Research shows that Americans who consider themselves active only spend 11 hours on fitness and health, with the numbers being even lower (or zero) for people without an intentional commitment to fitness.

The good news is that it is indeed possible to feel better. And the best part? Enjoying a healthier, more vibrant lifestyle doesn’t have to be complicated.

Here’s a rundown on six health hacks you need to know now to make the rest of this year your best one yet.

1. “Smooth Out” Your Mornings

Eating more veggies and fruits is an easy way to feel better in the short and long term. And all it

takes to accomplish this is adding a morning smoothie to your morning routine. With a smoothie, you can effortlessly get in the three daily servings of vegetables and fruits that your body needs to function at its optimal level.

As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to try different colored vegetables and fruits in a smoothie. For instance, include plenty of berries and fruits, as well as superfoods, such as spinach. In addition, remember that vegetables and fruits will work for your smoothie whether they are frozen, canned, or dried. To reduce added sugars, use plain yogurt as your smoothie base.

2. Make Sour (and Tart) Sweet

Another must-know health hack involves using natural taste modifiers as an alternative to sugar artificial sweeteners

Miracle fruit tablets are a great place to start if you’ve never tried taste modifiers before. They work by tricking your brain into perceiving tart or sour fruits, foods, and drinks as sweet without any added sweeteners or sugar. Simply allow a tablet to dissolve completely on your tongue. Then, any sour or tart item you consume within the next half hour to an hour will taste sweet.

Foods that work well with these Miracle Berry tablets range from your favorite berry and green smoothies to limes and lemons, grapefruit, plain yogurt, and even apple cider vinegar or lemon water.

Grapefruit Cross Section Half – Free photo on Pixabay

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3. Get Those Zzzzzz’s Another way to keep sluggishness at bay is to make sleep a priority each day. A total of seven to nine hours of sleep per night is generally adequate to keep you from feeling tired and functioning at a subpar level. It may help to download an app to monitor your sleep. Along with that, making small lifestyle changes, such as switching off your TV 30 minutes before bed, will go a long way toward enhancing and deepening your sleep.

4. Experience Pure Joy with a Puree

Yet another smart hack for the health conscious in 2022 is to make purees a part of your diet as well. Purees are natural sources of the following vitamins and minerals:

● Fiber

● Copper

● Manganese

● Vitamin B

● Vitamin C

These treats also pair excellently with a wide range of your favorite foods and drinks, such as frozen desserts, preserves, and even libations, like seltzers, cocktails, and summer beers. That means you can add more flavor to your meals and beverages while also giving your body the healthy boost it needs each day. Pro Tip: Look for real ingredients before buying puree for sale online. This way you’re not sacrificing nutrients while making an effort to be healthier.

  • 5. Enjoy Coconut Oil Often

Finally, consider including coconut oil in your health and wellness regimen. One of the keto essentials, coconut oil is known for its metabolism-boosting potential, among other likely health benefits. For instance, it may boost your levels of good cholesterol, which improves heart health. Many people have noticed it whitens their teeth, so it may give a boost to your dental hygiene routine, too. Coconut oil has a pleasant taste, which can make it seem like a treat among the more challenging lifestyle choices you have to make to stay healthy.

For the best results, take two tablespoons of this oil each day. You can use coconut oil in cooking, too. Add coconut oil when baking or sautéing vegetables, or even to your tea or coffee, to give your food and drinks a healthy boost. Feel free to drizzle some coconut oil over popcorn that has been air popped for a yummy and (relatively) healthy family movie night treat.

Enrich Your Life with New Healthy Habits Today!

Amid the hustle and bustle of daily life, living healthy can no doubt feel like an uphill battle. The

great news is that just a few simple dietary and lifestyle changes can make you feel better than ever. Consider incorporating these 6 health hacks into your daily routine to take your health and wellness to a whole new level. These little adjustments can make a world of a difference in both your body and your overall well-being in the weeks, mon

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