3 Workouts Seniors Will Love

Senior woman lifting weights and working out at home. Mature woman sitting on couch doing hand stretching exercise using light weight dumbbells. Beautiful old lady exercising at home to stay fit.

Exercise is important for every age group, but daily activity is especially critical to maintain good health as a senior. While many workouts are high-impact and not necessarily appropriate for the aging musculoskeletal system, there are a wide variety of healthy, low-impact workouts that seniors can enjoy.

Take a look at these three popular senior workouts for some ideas on how you can start and maintain a health-promoting daily exercise habit.


According to Senior Cycling, cycling is a great low-impact, aerobic activity if you’re older and looking for safe ways to exercise. Because cycling does not involve repetitive strain or pressure on the joints, most seniors can enjoy regular bike rides.

Whether that means an indoor, stationary bike or cycling on trails around the neighborhood, both activities get your heart rate up and your blood pumping. Riding an electric bike is another great option, provided you don’t mind riding amongst traffic.

If you’re going to choose an e-bike as your form of exercise, make sure you familiarize yourself with local traffic and safety laws. And remember, never ride a non-stationary bike without a helmet!


Golfing is notorious as one of the most popular retirement activities, probably because it’s a steady, low-impact form of exercise that also allows for healthy socializing.

Regular walking across the uneven ground of a typical golf course can help improve balance and strengthen the muscles of the lower body. Plus, low-impact walking helps increase blood flow, reduces inflammation, and helps maintain mobility and flexibility. If you’re not necessarily a fan of the golf course, perhaps a home putting green may be more your style.

Artificial Greens & Lawns says that a home putting green is durable, performs like a real golf course, and requires low maintenance. Plus, when your green is in your backyard, you can easily enjoy it every day without worrying about arranging travel.


Swimming is an excellent workout for all age groups, but it is especially beneficial if you are a senior. Regular swimming sessions help strengthen your core muscles, which in turn improves balance and coordination.

Stronger core muscles help lessen your chance of suffering a fall, so you need to pay special attention to maintaining your strength. Because swimming is very low-impact, it is even appropriate for seniors who struggle with painful degenerative joint conditions or mobility issues. Plus, because the water provides natural resistance, swimming helps strengthen every muscle in your body. 

Getting a great workout as a senior is absolutely doable. You’ll need to pay special attention to taking care of your joints while exercising, but with a wide variety of low-impact activities, you should have no problem finding something you enjoy.

As you age, it is critical that you maintain strength and mobility to avoid succumbing to degenerative musculoskeletal diseases and other conditions of aging. When you practice low-impact daily exercise, you’ll maintain a strong, healthy, and functional body.

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