3 Common Winter Health Misconceptions

Winter Health

Once again, winter has come to the Northern Hemisphere. Time to avoid being sick by staying warm and no need for sunscreen, right? As a matter of fact, neither a cold nor the flu comes from cold weather, and the sun is still generating ultraviolet rays no matter the time of year.

However, these problems can be avoided with a little preparation and care. It’s even possible to avoid winter weight gain.

Causes of Diseases

Diseases work when viruses and bacteria enter your body and begin trying to replicate themselves. This is true whether it’s hot or cold outside.

Cup & Leaf recommends eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, enjoying some hot tea, and doing your best to maintain a constant temperature to keep your immune system at its best during the winter months.

You Don’t Need to Worry About Sun

While it is true that the earth is tilted away from the sun in the winter, the sun is still generating UV rays toward the earth. If you go out in the sun for long periods of time, add some sunscreen or cover your face with a mask.

TropicSport Sunscreen explains the sparkling surface of the snow is highly reflective, meaning the UV rays are actually hitting your skin twice! You need to be just as vigilant against UV rays during the winter as you would be during the summer. Many first-time skiers are shocked to discover their face is sunburned after a day out on the slopes. That can be avoided by applying sunscreen.

Winter Weight Gain Is Inevitable

Let’s face it, if it’s cold outside, you’re much less motivated to go outside and exercise. So, hit the gym. Gyms have treadmills, various weights, and other machines to help you work out.

Some gyms will even let you work out alone as long as you fill out the necessary liability paperwork and go through the necessary training. If you need motivation, a lot of gyms have professionals to help you or you can find a gym buddy.

Alternatively, if you can’t or won’t go to the gym, Beachbody On Demand says there are many video tutorials and apps that show you how to do various exercises from the comfort of your own home.

Once again, the weather outside has turned cold and possibly frightful. Don’t worry though, you can limit winter weight gain by exercising, avoid sun damage by taking year-round precautions, and prevent sickness by providing your body with proper nutrition. Now you know something about wintertime misconceptions.

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