10 Myths and Legends of Lemon Water

Lemon Water

Lemon water isn’t just an energizing drink to consume while in the restaurant. There are several health benefits included in a glass of lemon water.

For instance, lemon water ‘has’ helped people with their diet, but not necessarily for anything the lemon is doing, but -because the lemon made the person drink more water because they enjoyed it. Adding lemon in your water can make it a fantastic one-two punch.

Here’s what’s TRUE about the health benefits of lemon water?

Adding lemon to your water can help in keeping you hydrated. People who often find water tasteless, adding lemon can add flavor, helping in people drinking more water and avoiding dehydration.

The right hydration with lemon water can assist an individual in controlling the number of calories he/she consumes. Researchers from Sugiyama Jogokhan University have discovered that nutritional lemon polyphenols help to suppress body weight gain as well as body fat increase.

The antioxidants contained in lemon water have the capability of effectively slowing down the utilization of bad cholesterol. This reduces the level of an individual to atherosclerosis and plaque buildup within the arteries.

Furthermore, drinking enough water that contains lemon can also assist with constipation.

Getting the approved and recommended glasses of water a day (which is usually 8 glasses per day) can assist in softening the stool, thereby making removal easier.

Drinking the proper amount of water might also assist the stool in leaving the colon. Lemon water acts as a liver stimulant and assists in digesting your food by aiding the liver in producing more bile.

Also, the substances in lemon are believed to help in dissolving gallstones.

To flush these chemicals away, the kidneys need an adequate amount of water to assist in discarding waste products from your blood through urine.

For those people bothered with looking their best, adding lemon to your water can assist in making your face appear younger and your skin more vibrant.

Lemon water can also help your skin work better while using sunscreen, keeping it protected from excessive sun damages.

Antioxidants found in lemon water do not only help in decreasing blemishes but also reduce and fade wrinkles as well.

Lemon water could also be used for reducing the appearance of age spots and scars by detoxifying the blood.

Lemon Water

Other benefits of lemon water:

  1. Gives your immune system a boost
    Vitamin C is believed to be the immune system’s jumper cable, and lemon water is full of vitamin C.

The amount of vitamin C in the body is one of the initial things to drop when you are stressed, this is the reason why experts recommend consuming additional vitamin C particularly during stressful days.

  1. The Perfect source of potassium
    As mentioned earlier, lemon water is high in potassium, and potassium is superb for good health conditions, and nerve and brain function.
  2. Help digestion
    Lemon water does not only encourage healthy food digestion by releasing toxins in our digestive tracts, but it also assists in relieving other symptoms of indigestion like burping, bloating and heartburn.
  3. Purify your system
    It assists in flushing out the toxins found in your body by stimulating enzyme function and enhancing your liver.
  4. Freshen your breath

It helps in relieving gingivitis and toothaches. Its critic acid can wear away tooth enamel, either holding off on brushing the teeth after consuming lemon water or brushing your teeth before taking lemon water.

What’s Myth about the Health benefits of lemon water?

There are several other health claims and beliefs surrounding adding lemon in your water, however, most aren’t backed up by scientific evidence.

Some have even gotten disproved. Below are some myths about the health benefits of adding lemon in your water:

Myth 1: The fiber in it assists in weight lose

Lemon contains a kind of fiber known as pectin, which assists in reducing calorie intake and appetite. But, lemon water is essentially filtered, and also heavily diluted, which leaves it with just traces of pectin.

Even a complete lemon contains only 2 grams of fiber. There is no scientific evidence that lemon water can assist in weight loss than normal water.

Myth 2: It alkalizes the Body

According to advocates of the alkaline diet, good foods leave an “ash” within your body which influences the pH in the body, how alkaline or acidic it gets.

Adding lemon to your water is believed to be alkalizing. But, neither the pH within the blood nor the blood cells can get altered by what you consume


Myth 3: It Tackles Cancer

This claim is believed to have emerged from alkaline diet myths and it is built on the belief that cancer cells can’t survive in an alkaline environment.

In as much as cancer cells do prefer the cells surrounding them to be acidic, research has revealed that they can also grow in alkaline environments.

Furthermore, cancer cells generate their own acidic environment, and consuming alkalizing food does not stop it.

Myth 4: It Detoxes and Cleanses

Water assists in eliminating waste from the body via healthy bowel movements and urination. But, nothing contained in lemon water enhances this process.

In fact, most people claiming beverages or foods detoxifying or cleansing your organs are simply not true.

Myth 5: It increases your IQ

Drinking or adding lemon to your water might assist in making you feel more focused and concentrated in the morning, however, it can’t increase your IQ.

Myth 6: It has Organic Diuretic Effects

This might be true to a little extent, however, it is also misleading, thus making it worth mentioning.

Any meal that consists of potassium is known to accelerate and improve urine output, which means literally all vegetables, fruits, and dairy products. Furthermore, the more lemon water you drink, the more you may want to urinate.

Bottom Line

Adding lemon to your water is undoubtedly very beneficial to your health, however, the majority of claims are exaggerated and speculative. In most cases, these claims have been proven to be misleading and false.

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