10 Amazing Things to Know About Pre and Probiotics

Pre and Probiotics

Prebiotics are a kind of fiber that the human body can’t digest. They are food for probiotics. On the other hand, probiotics are small living organisms, including yeast and bacteria. They both assist the body in building and sustaining a healthy colony of bacteria as well as other microorganisms.

These food supplements help in inducing the growth of beneficial bacteria by providing food and also creating an environment where all microorganisms can flourish. Pre and Probiotic supplements like- Align, Advanced Probiotics and Mega Foods are growing and being found by people across America.

The Case for Probiotics

Probiotics are live microorganisms that can be consumed via Probiotic supplements or fermented foods. Studies have shown that the imbalance or balance of bacteria(probiotics) in your digestive system is connected to your overall health.

This means that probiotics stimulate a healthy balance of the gut, and it has been connected to a wide range of different health benefits. The benefits of probiotics include good digestive health, weight loss, immune function and many more. Below is an overview of some of the benefits of probiotics:

Probiotics assist in balancing the friendly bacteria within the digestive system

There are several live microorganisms that live in the gut. These organisms (Probiotics) induce and grow “good” bacteria that can provide several health benefits when consumed. The health benefits are believed to result from the capability of probiotics to restore the natural gut bacteria balance.

Probiotics can assist in preventing and treating diarrhea

Probiotics are universally known for their ability for preventing diarrhea and minimizing its severity. Diarrhea is a typical side effect of consuming antibiotics. It happens because antibiotics negatively affect the balance of both good and bad bacteria within the gut. Over the year’s probiotic has been known to reduce the risk of antibiotic-related diarrhea.

In one study, it was discovered that consuming probiotics reduced antibiotic-related diarrhea by 43%. Probiotics could also assist with other kinds of diarrhea which are not particularly associated with antibiotics.

Probiotics supplements enhance certain mental health conditions
Experts in the field of mental health have found out that there is a special group of probiotics called Psychobiotics. This type of bacteria helps to treat a range of mental health conditions like depression. It can also boost your overall mood.

Pre and Probiotics
Pre and Probiotics work wonders

Most Probiotic strains can help in keeping your heart healthy

Probiotics help in keeping your heart healthy by reducing LDL, blood pressure and cholesterol. A lactic acid-generating bacteria helps to reduce cholesterol by shattering bile in the gut. Bile, which is a naturally occurring body fluid, typically made of cholesterol, helps with digestion.

When bile is broken in the body, the probiotics stop the bile from being reabsorbed within the gut, where it could enter the blood in the form of cholesterol.

Probiotics might help in boosting your immune system

Probiotics assist in giving your immune system a boost and also helps in inhibiting the growth of dangerous gut bacteria. Furthermore, certain probiotics have been noted to enhance the production of organic antibodies within the body.

They may also stimulate immune cells such as the IgA-producing cells, natural killer cells, and T lymphocytes cells. It has been discovered that consuming probiotics reduced the duration and likelihood of respiratory infections. But, the facts to back up the discovery is weak.

The Case For Prebiotics

If being healthy is significant to you like it is to us, you must have heard of probiotics and all the fantastic benefits they have for your health. Prebiotics are also just as important as Probiotics? Probiotics won’t even be able to carry out their tasks properly without prebiotics. These non-digestible fiber compounds are recognized as ferment and oligosaccharides in the body.

When prebiotics is consumed, it provides the digestive system with several health benefits; including lower risk of diseases, better immune system, and weight loss. Let us take a close look at some of the great things you can enjoy by just adding prebiotics in your diet.

Pro and Prebiotics keep the gut healthy and happy

Prebiotics is known to maintain a healthy gastrointestinal body system by increasing the diversity and presence of good bacteria. The good bacteria are then able to utilize the prebiotic fibers to survive and also to generate short-chain fatty acids.

Most of these fatty acids could then be utilized to enhance the lining of the gut. Also, prebiotics help in improving overall digestion and reducing the risk of Candida virus, leaky gut syndrome, and other intestinal problems.

Pro and Prebiotics reduce your vulnerability to cancer

Proper consumption of prebiotics has shown to reduce the number of cancer cells and free radicals in the body. Precisely, colon cancer is related to increased toxins and free radicals in our bodies which are not removed quickly enough. Most studies show a drastic reduction in cancer and tumors cells in those who consume diets packed with prebiotics.

Pre and Probiotics assist your body in absorbing nutrients properly

Remember how we said probiotics won’t exist without prebiotics? Prebiotics assist probiotics recolonize within the gut. Whenever your body is incapable of absorbing nutrients, prebiotics switches off its autoimmune responses, thus helping you convert food into energy.

Furthermore, by properly absorbing nutrients, including minerals such as calcium and magnesium which are necessary for bone health. Prebiotics also helps in keeping your bones protected.

Prebiotic Supplements help in maintaining healthy hormone levels

A healthy gut is a healthy you! Recent studies have discovered links to gut health and mood regulation. Most physicians call our gut the second brain (which certainly feels true whenever you skip lunch!) Probiotics and prebiotics assist the body in absorbing essential nutrients which help in building hormone chemicals.

Some studies also link mood disorders such as depression and anxiety to imbalanced gut health.

Probiotic Supplements assist in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease

Individuals who consume diets rich in prebiotics have lower chances of experiencing cardiovascular disease. Getting the right dose of prebiotics (4-6 grams) assists in reducing glycation, a major cause of increased free radicals within the body. Prebiotics also contain what is referred to as hypo-cholesterolemic effect which assists the body in combating cardiovascular disease.

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