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Uncomfortably Healthy-Meet David Goggins

Davis Goggins
David Goggins at The Badwater race

I think I’m late to the David Goggins bandwagon; it doesn’t bother me. I’m just glad that I came across him on Instagram. I was waisting time-cruising through Instagram, checking out the peacocks and motivators.

I follow quite a few people who move the needle, people who have done good in life and try to motivate others to do the same. It’s one of the things I like about ‘the Gram”. It’s easy to dissect people who post-Drama or who are totally about peacocking and no substance, I try to exclude those people from my Gram feed.

So I see this guy who has little to no body fat jogging talking into a camera. I usually scroll Instagram with the sound off, but I wanted to hear what this guy was saying, so I turned it up.


Goggins had a gravel voice like a drill sergeant or a pirate. He was out west someplace jogging during the heatwave the happened a couple of months back. There were tons of heat advisories in California, and the news was talking about people dying because of the heatwave. But Goggins was out jogging barking at his followers talking about STAY HARD.

This leads me to do a couple of Google Searches and look at some Youtube videos of this man David Goggins. It turns out this wasn’t a waste of time. Goggins I came to find out was the real thing. He grew up in the Midwest (Indiana) like me (Iowa).

His high school problems were the same as mine. He had decided to enter the military after high schools, like me. David Goggins became a Navy Seal, Paratrooper and Army Ranger. I went into Miltary Intelligence. By the way, no one has ever been a Navy Seal, Airforce Tactical Air Controller, and an Army Ranger. The U.S. Defence Department and numerous publications who monitor these things have called Goggins Toughest man in the world.

Goggins the Book the Legend

I was intrigued and wanted to learn more about Mr. Goggins; I found out that Goggins was a Navy Seal legend for going through Seal boot camp three times in one year. But digging deeper into his story, I found out he was also an ultramarathoner, once held the world record for pull-ups doing 4031 in an 18-hour span. But there was a lot more to Goggins than the physical feats.

He continued to push his body and mind to new levels and that was the real message of his book “You Can’t Hurt Me”. Goggins self-published autobiography, the book was No.2 behind Michelle Obama’s book “Becoming” for a couple of months when it was first released. The book has went on to sell more than a million copies and seems to have really connected with the readers.

I purchased his book and brought the book on tape to listen to during my workouts and walking my dog-Juniper. His book was compelling, he was a man that had a tough childhood, and he could have easily taken the comfortable path that most people take and lived a whole different life.

This, in my opinion, is what resonated with readers, and is also what he preaches in his YouTube videos and his “Goggin shorts” his minute-long videos he records on his runs. What I take from his message is that each of us has a lot more in the tank, a lot more, we could accomplish if we can push past that voice that says- “I’m uncomfortable and should probably quit now”. 90% of people listen to that voice and shut it down every time.

David Goggins running in the Dessert
David Goggins uncomfortably healthy

In his book, Googins faced numerous obstacles, from high school learning challenges to losing 100 pounds in three months to join the Navy. Along with having to repeat the Navy Seal Boot camp three times, and running 100-mile marathons on two bad legs and three days’ notice. During each of these challenges in his life, he ignored that voice and pushed through, to accomplish things most people dream about.

Goggins 40% Rule

Goggins showed in his book that if you can get your brain to push past that initial urge to quit when things got uncomfortable you could really surprise your self and become stronger both physically and mentally.

If there is anything that Mr. Goggins was a master at was not listening to that voice that tells you to stop. Goggins talks about how people push to about 40% of their max. To Goggins that little voice usually shows up at 40 % of max and this is when this feeling uncomfortableness sets in and people shut it down.

It’s true; I remember going through basic training when I was in the Army and being on a mountainside that was almost straight up, with a rucksack that weighed 50 pounds and a rifle in my hand and thinking about how incredibly hard it was not to make a mistake and being dead.

I was three fourth of the way up, and I wanted to stop, I was scared. But no one was coming to save me. I pushed through and made it to the top. It was one of the first times I had to go past 40% in my life. It took about 90% of me not to meltdown and maybe not be here. I that was 25 years ago, and I still think about that time all of the time and measure things in my life by that.

There were other instances in the military that got my motor up to 75-80% but nothing even close to as much effort as that mountainside took out of me to-just-not-die. Goggins did this all of the time, and he had trained his mind to push past and even enjoy the uncomfortable goals in life.

David Goggins Unreal Work Ethic

Goggins has run more than 60 Ultramarathons (over 100 miles). He has entered numerous triathlons and has built a career speaking to pro sports teams and fortune 500 companies about tapping into the 60% percent that we all leave on the table.

I’ve listened to his books a couple of times and have read the book as has my wife. I thought I was being a fanboy, because Goggins had made me think about how much I was left in the tank, in my work and my workouts. Goggins is known for doing 10-20 mile runs every day and maybe 1000 situps and pushups.

Another thing Goggins was known for his cold water training in the seals and in his training. This is just one day, so he’s showing that these large goals can be done regularly.

As he says over and over in his books and videos a person doesn’t have to do the stuff that he does, but also a person shouldn’t try to say that he some superhuman or something, he just a person that pushes through that voice in your head that says that this isn’t comfortable lets shut it down.

For example, I worked with a trainer for the last ten months. My trainer Stan is a good guy; he helped me when I need to get back into shape. But he didn’t push past tat 40% much either.

I’m in Miami; it’s very hot and humid down here in the summer rainy season. Stan had me working out in the shade. We would do 3 or 4 sets with 5 or 6 reps; he didn’t believe in setting rep totals. It was good, I would sweat through, and I guess he thought he was doing his job.

David Goggins Mental Toughness

For me after discovering Goggins -I knew that I could do more, a lot more. I stopped seeing Stan my trainer and did research on my problem areas and created my own workout. I work now in full sun, on the roof of my building, I do five sets with 12 reps.

Plus I run on the roof with a 50-pound weight vest. When I am finished with that part of the workout, I swim 20 laps, and as I get stronger, I will add more reps and more laps to this workout because I want to at least get up to 80- 90 % of myself and push past being uncomfortable.

Goggins’ message seems to resonate with a lot of people-his videos on Youtube have millions of views. If you read the comments on his social media or videos channels people love him and understand that they have been coming up short on what they can accomplish.

Being in tip-top shape-with your mind, and body is something that people will see a lot and embrace more in the future. The smart crowd is not going to want to get mixed up with our hospital system. They understand that a lot of the worst germs are in the hospitals.

Along with avoiding hospitals, people are also discovering the health benefits for your body but also you’re MIND when our in great shape. I’ve noticed that a lot of Tech titans in California and New York- Jeff Bezo’s owner of Amazon, looks like a bodybuilder, Mark Zuckerberg owner of Facebook is jacked, and in great shape. Look at your a lot of your favorite music artist and actors, these people hit the gym hard daily.

These people got the memo, Doctors have stated in numerous new health and exercise studies that they have NO MEDICINE THAT REVILIES EXERCISE. When I heard that, it told me everything that I needed to know. The future of healthy living will be people who exercise and people who don’t, it’s as simple as that, Goggins figured this out before a lot of us, but we still have time to change our ways.

11 Ways to Loss a Bunch of Weight

11 Ways to loss weight
Cutting the pounds

THE WEIGHT LOSS INDUSTRY is a multi-billion dollar money grab. Companies like Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig print money giving suggestions on how to lose weight with really no guarantees that any of it is going to work. This industry has a lot to do with our obsession with losing some weight.

But really it’s our lifestyle choices that have always posed the threat to our health. We Love food, we love sugar and after we get sick of being fat we look for the Jenny Craig website or head to Amazon to buy Garcinia Cambogia.

With the kinds of foods, a lot of us consume daily, the risk of obesity and its associated hazards are always on the rise. The health dangers of being overweight are numerous, including issues like high blood pressure, Diabetes, Stroke, and Heart Diseases.

In the face of all the negative effects of being overweight and with more people getting obese or being at the risk of obesity, lots of people are seeking healthy ways to lose weight and preserve their health.

Here are 11 healthy steps you should take if you’re looking to shed that extra weight.

Drinking-Water for Weight Loss

Numerous studies have shown that drinking water one hour before meals helps a person lose five times more weight than a person who doesn’t.
Water helps to boost metabolism by about 25% to 30% in nearly an hour or an hour and a half.
If you are a dieter, drinking half a liter an hour before your meal can help you eat fewer calories and lose 44% more weight.

Green Tea is a Great Weight Loss Helper

Drinking green tea is another excellent way to get rid of excess weight. Green tea consists of antioxidants called catechins as well as caffeine in small amounts. These catechins can work with the caffeine to help you burn the excess fat.

Sugar is one of the biggest causes of obesity. Besides the fact that it comes with the risk of other health issues like diabetes, sugar is not your friend.

Cut Down or Cut out Sugar Altogether

Significantly reducing your intake of sugar and foods containing lots of sugar is one of the most effective ways to get rid of unwanted weight.

11 Ways to Loss Weight
Your biggest obstacle the plate.

Go Low on Carbs

Commit to a low carb diet. Apart from helping you cut down on excess weight, eating low carb diets also has numerous other health benefits.

Eat Eggs (or any quality protein) for Breakfast

You probably already know that whole eggs come with tons of health benefits, and one of these is undoubtedly weight loss. One of the newer ways that people have discovered to get the protein of eggs into their diet is –egg white protein powder, they call it muscle egg.

Eating an egg or any quality protein sources for breakfast can help you consume fewer calories over the next 36 hours and of course, help you lose unnecessary fat.

Aerobic Exercises Helps you Lose Weight

There is definitely another excellent and effective way to get rid of that excess weight. Aerobic exercises are particularly effective in getting rid of belly fat, which can cause metabolic diseases. Exercise steps classes are an excellent way to get off your butt and get to it.

Aerobic exercises will not only help you burn weight but will help improve your mental and physical health.

Chew Slowly to Loss more Weight

Eating too fast, or should we say chewing your food slowly can help you eat a lot fewer calories as well as increase the production of the hormones responsible for triggering weight loss.

Chewing your food more thoroughly may also help to reduce your intake of calories at a single meal. This will definitely help you cut down on the excess weight.

Get Enough Sleep is Essential in Losing Weight

A lot of people do not even consider sleep when they think of losing weight. However, getting sufficient sleep is as important, in your weight loss journey, as eating a healthy diet.

Not getting enough sleep escalates the risk of obesity to about 89% in children and 55% in adults. If you’re going to lose that excess weight, you really should be thinking of improving your sleeping habits.

Many people are in sleep deprivation and don’t know they aren’t functioning at 100 percent.

Control Your Portions is Very Important to Cut Weight

Eat less food than you typically do, that’s it. Controlling how much food you take in per time goes a long way to help you get off the unwanted weight.

Having a food diary can make this process a lot easier for you to be disciplined with your intake of food and lose weight.

Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

There are many nutrients that fruits and vegetables contain which make them excellent food options for weight loss.

Eating just fruit before noon is excellent for weight loss and balancing your energy output in the early part of the day.

Fruits and vegetables contain a lot fewer calories and a lot more fiber, making them perfect for you if you want to lose weight.

Fruits also contain a lot of water which makes them very filling. This prevents you from getting hungry as quickly and needing to eat more unhealthy foods.

Let Go of the Carbonated and Sugary Drinks

Sugar in liquid form is just about the worst thing for you if you want to lose weight. We already noted that sugar is terrible, but sugar in liquid form is even far worse.

All soft and sugary drinks like coke and even fruit juice are bad for you if you want to lose weight.

Studies have even shown that drinks and beverages sweetened with sugar are responsible for about 60% of obesity in children. That’s how risky sugary drinks are.

Replace your fruit juice with fruits instead and make smoothies if you want a drink.

In Conclusion

On the journey to weight loss, a lot of people choose to diet as a way of getting back in shape. However, while this may bring results, the results are not sure to be lasting ones.

The truth is, when you diet, you’re still at risk of gaining unhealthy weight over time.

You should also know that, in most cases, dieting is not a habit a lot of people can maintain for a very long time.

People over the course of their lives have tried numerous ways to lose excess weight.

As an alternative to dieting which will not bring you the lasting results, you should look to make lifestyle changes.

Choose healthy eating habits because is actually the easiest way to stay at a healthy weight. A lifestyle you maintain over the course of your life is much easier than yo-yo diets.

In addition to eating healthy, developing healthy routines like exercising regularly will help keep your weight in check and keep you healthy.

13 Reasons Cold Showers and Ice Baths enhance your Health

Ice bath, Cold Shower
Ice bath

Cold showers and ice baths have numerous benefits for your health. A cold shower typically enables an improved flow of blood, which improves overall health naturally. The shock of the cold water also improves your cardiovascular health.

I have been a proponent of cold showers and ice baths for a few years now, I find that it really helps my skin complexion and overall skin tightening.This article is going to tell you just why you need to be having more cold showers and ice baths in your life.

Ice Baths for Recovery

An ice bath is believed to be a beneficial step for recovery after a workout. Here’s how an ice bath can help your recovery process after a workout:

Generally, ice baths reduce inflammation and support recovery by altering the way blood as well as other body fluids flow through the body. When you immerse yourself in cold water, it causes your blood vessels to constrict.

The blood vessels open right back up when you come up out of the water. This process helps you to get rid of the metabolic waste and lactic acid in your muscles after a workout. This works especially well in people’s lymphatic system.

Unlike your heart, which can continuously send blood to all parts of your body, the lymph nodes are void of a pump. Since ice baths can manually cause vessels to constrict and open, it enables stagnant fluids present in the lymph nodes to be transported around the body.

An increase in blood flow feeds your cells with oxygen and other nutrients which can help your body recover after a workout.

Ice baths make your body resilient and prepare you for tough situations in the future. From a mental standpoint, you’re challenging your body by being exposed to different stresses and stimuli, which makes you more resiliency. This will prepare your body for the different challenges you face in a long life.

Ice Bath Benefits

Cold water supports your central nervous system: An ice bath can be of great help to your Central Nervous System by helping you to sleep and hence, reduce tiredness and make you feel rested and ready for your next workout.

Really cold water helps to train your vagus nerve: Your vagus nerve is connected to your parasympathetic nervous system. Training this nerve can help you deal with stressful conditions a lot more easily. This is one other compelling reason to have an ice bath.

It soothes sore and aching muscles: Ice baths know precisely how to make you feel excellent. An ice bath can be your best relief after you’ve done an intense workout. Sitting in ice can soothe those sore muscles and help your body relax.

It resists inflammation: An ice bath can hinder an inflammatory response and thus reduce the level of inflammation your body could suffer. This will, in turn, help your body to recover quickly.

It reduces the impact of heat: An ice bath can significantly reduce the effect that humidity and heat can have on you. If you have an ice bath before a physical activity such as a long race in a place with higher humidity and temperature, you may experience hugely improved performance.

Cold Showers Health Benefits

Cold Showers and Ice Baths
The Proverbial Cold Shower

Here’s a list of some of the benefits of having cold showers: It enables weight loss: Cold showers stimulate the activity of the ‘good fat’ which burns calories; hence, keeping the body warm. Of course, burning calories means you’re going to lose the unwanted fat.

It enables better circulation: A cold shower allows good blood flow allowing blood to get down to organs, so they stay warm.

It reduces the risk of depression and stress: A cold shower would stimulate the blue spot of the brain, which would release the noradrenaline hormone responsible for overcoming depression.

It improves immunity: A cold shower will cause an increase in the metabolic speed rate as well as an increase in the body’s white blood cells. This will help to strengthen the immune system and resist diseases.

It supports the lymphatic system: A cold shower will support the activities of the lymphatic system, which takes the waste out of the cells. This will, in turn, help to fight infections.

It enables better sleep: Cold shower works just like tranquilizers and will help to relax you, enabling you to get better sleep at night.

It supports emotional resilience: Cold showers enable your nervous system to resist stress.

It boosts energy levels: You know that feeling when you pour cold water over your body on a cold morning, that shocking feeling that makes you nearly gasp? That’s what’s right for you.

That deep breath which a cold bath compels you to take in response to the shock increases your intake of oxygen hence, increasing your heart rate and causing blood to flow through the body. This helps to give you higher doses of energy for the day.

It improves your hair and your skin: One of the best and most natural ways to maintain got hair and skin is by having cold showers.

Coldwater will help to tighten your pores and cuticles and prevent them from getting clogged as opposed to hot water which can dry out your skin. Coldwater can also close up the pores in your scalp (as well as even your skin) to prevent dirt from going in.

Cold showers can also protect your skin from losing its natural oils too fast and can flatten your hair follicles to make your hair look stronger and shinier.

Cold Showers After Workout

Do you know that soreness that happens at your muscles after you’ve worked out? Cold showers have their way of dealing with that efficiently.

A cold shower after a workout will help to relieve your muscles after a workout and of course, help to relax even your whole body.

Typically, exercise inflames your muscles, tendons, and joints, and it is unhealthy for them to remain inflamed for long periods. A cold shower will help to get rid of inflammation, stiffen your joints and muscles, and get rid of the pain.

A cold water shower is an essential step for quick recovery after a workout.

Is Marijuana as Bad For Pregnant Mothers as Cigarettes?

Marijuana, Mothers Health
Marijuana Mothers Health

When you are pregnant, everything that you do affects you and your baby. It’s no secret that smoking tobacco is bad for your health – pregnant or not.

Smoking during your pregnancy escalates the risk of your baby having a low birth weight, which in turn puts your baby at risk of developing health complications soon after birth. But what does marijuana do to babies?

Marijuana Use and Pregnancy

Research shows that using marijuana during pregnancy can impact your child’s development. The chemicals found in marijuana may be hazardous to your baby’s health.

Marijuana, Pregnant, Cigarette, Mothers

Evidence suggests that marijuana use causes health complications in newborns, such as low birth weight, anencephaly, and stillbirth. Marijuana is used in several ways, including smoking from joints or pipes, eating edibles, and dabbing. It is also reportedly the most commonly used drug during pregnancy.

Marijuana’s Connection to Premature Birth

Using marijuana is linked to premature births, as indicated by a new study that evaluated marijuana use during pregnancy and premature delivery.

Results from the study show that women who used marijuana while pregnant were five times more likely to have a preterm birth. The chemicals from marijuana may be able to pass through the placental barrier, which can cause complications both during pregnancy and after birth.

It is important to note that this study doesn’t make a distinction between edibles and smoking. However, it does indicate that researching the effects of marijuana use during pregnancy is difficult because many women who smoke marijuana potentially use other substances.

Medical Marijuana and Pregnancy

As more and more states legalize medical marijuana, pregnant women may try to use it for its purported health benefits, such as improving appetite and relieving nausea.

Although more research regarding the use of medical marijuana during pregnancy is needed, there are a few barriers to the regulation of the substance. The limited available research means that medical marijuana lacks standard dosages, delivery systems, and formulations.

Furthermore, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not have approved recommendations about using medical marijuana during pregnancy. Thus, doctors recommend avoiding marijuana use during pregnancy.

Consult with your physician to learn about alternative treatments for any symptoms that you may have.

Honesty is always the best policy. If you are pregnant or considering becoming pregnant, talk to your doctor. Conversations about your use of marijuana, or any other substance, are important in evaluating your risk for complications, not only during pregnancy but also throughout your child’s life.

Do you have more questions about marijuana and how it may affect you? Check out this article about using marijuana while working out.

How Are Migraines Different from Headaches?

Migrane's Hurt
Man with the dreaded Migraine headache

Migraine headaches are painful headaches that occur on a regular basis. Besides the pain of the headache, some people have a variety of uncomfortable symptoms, including personality changes, nausea, vomiting. and photosensitivity. Some migraine sufferers even find sounds, smells, and touch painful.


The recurrence of a migraine is different for different people. Some women, for example, have migraines around the time of their menstrual period. Migraines afflict other people after they’ve eaten hard cheeses or salty foods, when they don’t get enough sleep, when the weather abruptly changes and if they take certain medicines such as birth control pills. Migraines can last hours or even days.


Migraines are notoriously painful. Some people describe the pain as an axe or a power drill against one side of their head. Some people even feel the pain on both sides of their head. The pain is often described as throbbing and is sometimes resistant to treatment. Long-term migraines can be considered a disability.

Types of Migraine

There are actually different types of migraines with somewhat different symptoms. They include having a migraine with an aura, a phenomenon when the person sees zig-zag lights, goes numb on one side of their body and suffers from aphasia. There are migraines without an aura, which are called classic migraines. People can also experience a migraine without the pain. Though migraine sufferers may long for a migraine without pain, this is a very scary type of headache. It comes with an aura, nausea and vomiting.

The hemiplegic migraine may make a person believe they’re actually having a stroke,  because they go weak on one side of their body and experience the aura. This type of migraine is also free of head pain.

In a retinal migraine the person goes temporarily blind in one eye, which is terrifying for someone who is experiencing it for the first time. A person with chronic migraine has the headache for more than half of the month.

Migraine Treatment

Fortunately, there are many ways to treat migraine. One newer way is through Botox injections. Botox paralyzes the muscles in the head that many doctors believe lead to migraine when they contract. Medicines can either relieve the pain when it’s happening or prevent it altogether. Doctors also prescribe anti-nausea drugs to help with the nausea and vomiting of some types of migraines.

Migraine headaches suck...
Migraine Headaches suck

Migraine headaches can be ghastly. The pain and other symptoms can be severe enough to make the person think they have a brain tumor or are having a stroke. The good news is that migraine headaches can be treated, and they’re actually not life-threatening. 

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