The Quick Guide to Eating Healthy on Vacation

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Being on vacation does not mean you should abandon all of your healthy eating habits. Although it is tempting to live it up, you will feel better and enjoy your time more fully if you nourish your body with the right nutrients. Here are three tips to keep in mind so that you can keep your healthy eating in check even while on vacation.

Pay Attention to Portion Size

Even the best-laid plans of healthy eating can go awry when you do not pay attention to portion sizes. It is extremely easy to accidentally overeat on vacation, especially if you are on a cruise ship or vacationing at an all-inclusive resort. It is important to remember that just because the food is there, it does not mean that you have to eat it all. You will feel much better each night when you go to sleep if you have not spent the day overindulging. A good rule to follow is to allow yourself to have one treat per day but then to try to eat sensibly the rest of the time. It can also be helpful to have a guide for how to gauge proper portion sizes.

Look for Local Seafood

Many popular vacation destinations — Cabo San Lucas, Palermo, Panama City — are close to the beach, and where there’s a beach, there’s local seafood. Avoid the fried fish and butter, and opt for dishes that have been grilled, smoked, marinated, or prepared with herbs for a tasty but healthy meal. A freshly caught grilled seafood entree paired with a salad is a healthy meal that is also delicious. Add a bowl of sorbet or a dish of local tropical fruit, and you will not feel as if you are deprived of any vacation flavors or luxuries.

Visit the Local Grocery Store

Visiting the local grocery store upon arrival at your destination and stocking up on fresh foods will help you to maintain your healthy eating habits. This is especially easy to pull off if your lodging comes equipped with a kitchen so that you can prepare your own meals. As a bonus, you will also likely save money if you are not eating out for all of your meals.

You do not have to sacrifice all of the taste and fun just because you are being mindful about eating healthy. With a little planning and attention to what you order, you can successfully strike the balance between indulgence and restraint.

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