The Brave New World of Health, Diet and Exercise

By Brent Dixon

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Greetings Everyone… my name is Brent Dixon and I am the publisher of I started this website as a sort of legacy project for my family and friends.

You see my father was and is a accumulator of health, diet and exercise information, when I was growing up my father had a tv room next to his and my moms bedroom, and he would have his golf and health magazines come and he would cut out and save health articles. Sometimes he would send a article in a letter to one of his 5 kids, or he would be talking to on the phone and start quoting from a health magazine he had just read. So saying that, it rubbed off on me, I do it on the internet though. I am a person that loves reading about the new health discoveries that are happening almost daily. If people read they would know that exercise is better than any drug a doctor could prescribe for you, That it will postpone aging and in some cases make a person feel thirty years younger.

I’ve learned that supplements, may be a waste of time, but I still take a B-12 and Vitamin D daily. I don’t know why but I do. As I get older I feel that it is my job to explain to my family friends and to anyone else who wants to listen that you don’t have to age like that, it doesn’t have to be painful and disease ridden, if you start now, you can change the course of your aging and take control and come in for a soft landing. In my bi-weekly column I will talk about my journey as a 56 year old black man, who’s mother died of breast cancer and sister is suffering from the same affliction navigate my health through- diet, exercise, rest…and keeping a grateful attitude.

I am a person that believes we are here on this earth by sheer miracle…That the chances of you swimming upstream with a million other sperms and being the one who was  born, is like hitting the lottery once a week. I believe you believe what I believe it’s your responsibility to live your best life and squeeze all the life you can out  of it before it’s over, because it will be over in the blink of an eye.

I currently try to watch my diet, I have decided to block out 2 days a month that I can drink alcohol, the other 28 days a dry for me. I have stopped eating potatoes chips and most potatoes products. I work with my trainer Stanley McDonald outside, we do HITT training that usually run 4 to 5 sets of 5 exercises, this takes half an hour 3 times a week. We’re down on Miami Beach, so it’s warm if not hot during almost all workouts. I also monitor my sleep pretty closely, I am a six and half to seven hour sleeper every night. I am usually a sleep between 10-11pm and up at about 5:30 to 6:30a. I also a very conscious of my water intake and not drinking sugary drinks. I do put sugar in my coffee. But other than that, I don’t eat much sugar at all. My wife and I also eat pretty clean. Fruits, vegetables lots of lean turkey and chicken. salads and lots of sweet potatoes, Brussel sprouts, and spinach. We know what were eating and where it comes from. Everyone I think should start these practices, We have to wake up from mindless eating and sitting at the computer.

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